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I don't share much of my experience online, truth be told this is my first time. I have been reading a lot of stories in your site whenever I'm at work so I'm sharing one of my own.

This experience of mine happened when I was working on a small call center company (it's more like an internet cafe style of a unit with like 20 or less agents). I am not the scaredy cat type of person, though I have a weird sense of imagination. I do believe that you should have your faith bigger than your fears.

Our work place is located in a 2 storey commercial building with coffee shops/salons/food shops downstairs and a lot of tenants on the 2nd floor and that includes us. At night, it would be so eerie since we are the only tenant open and the rest closes at 5pm (normal business hours for offices). You can imagine the dim lights at the hallways with few benches you could sit on. By the way, the building is an old one, somehow surrounded with trees, plants and bushes. So imagine our building at night with big trees and bushes plus the dim light with just us alone at night.

I forgot what our schedule was like, but I didn't forget that lunch time is at 3am (fave time of the not like ours thing). I haven't seen any creatures before but I do believe I can hear some of them. It was lunch time when I decided to sleep, my seatmates did as well. My seatmate G, from the right slept on her cubicle and so as my seatmate K. We turned off the lights every time we catch some sleep.

I was asleep when I had this nightmare (that was the first time I experienced nightmare). I was asleep on my cubicle, same position, head on desk with arms as my pillow, then a deep low tone voice whispered on my very ear. His voice sounded like a demon to me. He spoke a language I don't understand. His voice scared me to death. I tried moving, kicking, but I can't. Is it sleep paralysis? I don't know. I shouted to G who was sleeping next to me but she can't hear me. I didn't lose hope, I was able to wake up, Thank God. Looked at my surroundings but everybody was asleep except I can't find K. She moved to the training room beside our tiny production floor.

When I told them what happened to me, seems like everybody experienced nightmare the same thing that happened to me. Another nightmare happened to me the next day, when I slept same time. But this time its not a whisper anymore, but a black smoke heading towards me. From then on, I promised myself not to sleep during lunch time. Don't want to hear it again.

I don't know if they're trying to send me a message or anything. I just don't want to hear that creepy voice again.

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angrybird (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-26)
To AugustaM

Really? I didn't know such thing exist (EMF). But I could use a little experiment. Thanks.

To CuriousDee

Thank you! I am a big fan of faith. Stress? Yeah, you could say that. Considering the effects of work to us people.

Thank you.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-21)
Given that you are working in an environment with a great deal of electronics, you are likely exposed to a high EMF levels. EMFs can have physical and psychological effects - including creating false feelings of unease, anxiety and depression. Here is a link to a World Health Organization article on the topic (
Here is an article detailing common sources of EMFs (

Whereas you may be able to overcome those psychological effects while you are awake, when asleep your conscious mind can't do that. I am thinking that you and your coworkers were effected by electro magnetic fields more than paranormal force.

Perhaps an experiment would help shed a bit of light on the situation. Is there a room in your office where there are little to no electronics or computers? The training room where K slept, perhaps? If you can manage to sleep there without interruption, then EMFs are to blame. If you have another bad dream, then maybe its time for some sort of a blessing or cleansing according to your beliefs.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-17)

I love your statement: "I do believe that you should have your faith bigger than your fears". Well said. 😊

It does sound like you experienced sleep paralysis. Have you been under any stress? Experiencing lack of sleep (I'm assuming yes if you're sleeping at work)? I'm not sure about your coworkers having the same nightmare or dream though.

All the best,

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