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Someone Kissed My Hand


Female - 15 - Buenos Aires

(9:00 am) I was at school, walking down the hallway to get to the area where we have recess. It was pretty cold so I had a scarf on, which made my neck itch. I decided to try and scratch in hopes to relief the annoying feeling, but as my hand was making its way behind my neck I felt something "kiss" it. Something slightly pressed against it and it was really REALLY warm, as warm as your forehead gets when you're sick.

Later on, while on the same hallway ready to go to my second break (11:00 am), I felt something grab my shoulder, maybe even give it a slight squeeze. These are the two things I can confirm did happen and wasn't my mind making stuff up or overthinking. I wasn't really scared about these, rather surprised.

While walking to my house (2:05 pm), I thought about this and even personified the ghost (who I named Julie/Julie today) and engaged in a very silly small talk with this ghost, just talking about what had happened and some other stuff I can't really remember, sorry.

When I got home, I sat on my sister's bed and started to hear very low (in pitch), subtle vibrations in my ear, which seemed to go away as soon as I looked at the wall next to me. I tried covering my ears and try a different spot but I couldn't hear the vibration anymore, only happened when I sat down on the bed (no matter where I sat).

When the night arrived, I was kind of scared 'cause I read some ghost stuff online, and it might have influenced what I'll tell you next: When I got to bed (around 23:20 pm) I felt something grab my lower leg, when I attempted to sleep I felt as if the blankets were heavy. Can't really describe it, they just felt h e a v y. My heart was pounding, I could hear it perfectly. Outta nowhere, I do not know how 'cause I was freaking out, I fell asleep. First thing that comes to mind when I wake up is this ghost related experience and my personification of them.

Some side notes:

-My mom said that when her grandpa passed away she could feel someone sitting on the bed or poking her, just as her pops did. It made me wonder if this was a familiar, but I don't recognize their behavior.

-I was enjoying the company so I told them to stay, later on while I was scared on my bed I told them to go away twice.

-I can't really tell if they're here with me right now for some reason, even tho I'm leaning more towards a yes.

I want some thoughts as to what you think this could be, should I be careful? Maybe the school and night entities were not the same? What should I avoid doing? Is it safe to ask how they look like or info like name, age or gender?

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-17)
Bienvenida a YGS.

Lemonie - it seems like someone is trying to get your attention but, if it is making you feel uncomfortable you should tell them to stop in the same way you would do to a living person.

Though so far you haven't experienced anything 'too bad', the best thing to do is to remind them that they do not belong on this plane anymore and it is time to go.

In my experience, when a departed person wants to communicate with a loved one, it's common for them to do it through a dream or you 'feel' the need to think about this particular person, or a persistent involuntary thought starts hammering your brain.
It would be better if you do not try any further communication nor encourage them to stick around.

Wish them luck and say a prayer sending them to the light.

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