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Ghost Girl And The Mysterious Whispers


Quite a while back, around 5 years ago, I was in my house, my bedroom, I was in my bed faced to the right side of the wall. I turned around to where the entrance of my bedroom is and in the corner of the room was a full body apparition of a young girl, she had black wavy hair, and had a white puffy dress on, which looked rather Victorian.

She was standing near the door, I was frozen. I was fully awake, but it quite scared me. I quickly hid under my covers (I was young at the time) and then peeked out again to see that she was gone.

Quite recently, and way back I have been hearing whispers (conversational whispers), footsteps, and slight banging at night while everyone is asleep.

I do have a old dollhouse, so maybe the girl who owned it previously followed me back here. And I do feel a presence everywhere I go. I have also seen a face of a man while I was in the bathroom washing my teeth when the door was partly closed, I saw a older male's face peeking in. I am aware this house has been here since the 30's, so there might be some kind of activity.

If there's some way, I am hoping to collect voice phenomenons using a EVP soon as I get the specific recorder. I wonder what exactly this house was back in the day.

Sometimes, by the corner of my eye I see black masses or white masses flashing quite vividly from time to time. It seems they are quite active to a extent, but I do feel it's more of a positive energy then a negative one.

But all in all, I hope to investigate further.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-20)
Journal, Journal, Journal...

Details, Details, Details...

Even the smallest detail could have an effect/mean something when it comes to an investigation.

Air Temp, Humidity, things you normally would not think of... What mood are you in during the 'experience' what mood were you in just before the 'experience' began.

Research, Research, Research...

You mentioned wondering what the property was 'before' local library, historical society and town (city) records office should have the answers you seek. Check old news articles as well, see what happened NEAR your home.

Thanks for sharing, Please keep s updated.



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