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Hunted By A Child Soul After I Witnessed His Death


It was a cold night of November, I stayed up late studying for my exams, I was only 16 and I made my own private room at the balcony of our home at 5th floor.

In front of us there was 2 buildings and a famous hotel with swimming pool just in its 4th floor where parties held every night and people there keep dancing, screaming and laughing until dawn which I was used to it.

But in that night, about 4 am I heard a different scream...

It started with a noise, I noticed that all lights of 3rd floor apartment were turned on and off so fast (at one of the buildings in front of my room). And shadows of people moving fast, from my room view I could see most of their rooms, so I guessed there was some kind of domestic disturbance or something.

I went back to study when I kept hearing a woman scream, I told myself damn this hotel parties it never ends,

When I suddenly remembered that I saw it finished 1 hour later,

Another scream: " heeelp, anyone call the police please! ", I didn't know what I do then, I was confused and couldn't think straight. So I just stood there...

Two minutes after I felt a big shiver when I heard again this woman scream with a huge pain: " my sooooon "

In a way made my heart stopped!

Everything stopped after that... Just silence... No more screaming... No noise.

Later I knew that she and her husband found their only 3 years old son choked to death and wrapped on his own blanket and dropped behind the living room sofa.

15 minutes and police were all over in our street, closed it until 7 am investigating everyone. All they knew that a thief broke in while they were asleep, during his robbery the little kid wake up, saw him and screams, the thief hold his breath and wrapped him tight to his blanket. Then went to the parents bedroom where they waked up already after hearing sounds, and threatened them to give him all precious things they had including their personal mobile phones or he will kill their child.

After giving him all he asked for they kept asking him where is the kid was, he just ran away quickly, no one could catch or identify him.

They spread his description photos and stuff.

The night after, studying late as usual, I suddenly saw a fire on the floor just close to my feet like a small flame came out of nowhere. I cried for help and quickly spilled my big bottle of on it and it didn't go out, it just kept flaming for 2 minute and vanished... Just like that.

The weirdest thing was that it didn't leave any burned effects after it!

The curtains was just too close to it and the carpet also... Didn't even get darker from its smoke.

This strange flame kept appearing in my room every night at 4 am for 2 minutes and vanishing itself with no harm to me or any of my things even I didn't feel its heat at all. I felt like it was sort of "reproach" for me... That I didn't do anything to rescue him.

I was so sad, so sad that I kept wait for this flame every night for whole week and didn't tell any one and didn't even try to put it out.

After a week, suddenly the flame stopped appearing, I knew later that the police caught the killer by tracing the phones he took from parents.

The parents moved away after the accident and I moved my room from the balcony.

For a whole 12 years after, no one could stay at this apartment where he died. Every morning I look at it and see how

Abandoned,dark, sad their apartment appear and wonder just what if...?

Some times I hear her scream again late at night, some times I see lights on and off again,

But I know its just my head...


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aartis (1 stories) (10 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-05)
Hi Risoli

Being a mother myself its heart wrenching to imagine what the mother who lost her little one so brutally must be going through.
But you can't blame yourself for what happened. Clearly the little child was gone even before you could begin to understand what was happening.

I hope and pray the parents of the little boy found peace in their lives and the boy's soul is at peace.
Aporetic (5 stories) (125 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-28)
Hi Risoli

I'm so sorry you experienced such terror. The first step is to forgive yourself, then tell that innocent soul that you're sorry you didn't/couldn't help. Also encourage it to move on and be at peace?

My two cents worth. Forgiving oneself is difficult and asking for forgiveness is a humbling experience.

Take good care.
Zaruje (15 stories) (182 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-25)
Guilt can be our biggest enemy. It can pretty much consume you.

I hope the little boy is at peace now.

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