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Ghost House From My Childhood


I use to live in this house when I was a kid, until I was 14. Strange things would happen in the house and I rarely wanted to go upstairs by myself. One time my niece, who was 4 at the time, described a figure she was seeing that was in mother's closet. "He's funny looking," and described him like a clown. She never said a clown but the way she described it made me know that's what she meant. Another time I was sitting in the front room and someone yanked the back of my ponytail and when I turned around no one was there.

The one thing that scared me the most was when I was sleeping and felt like someone was poking me. I woke up and this dark figure was standing over me and they had no facial features or anything descriptive about them. It was just a black shadow. As soon as the light was on it was gone. I remember telling my sister about this and she explained that my other sister was a Wicca, and she cast out her demon in that room.

Another time that freaked me out was I was in the restroom and I hear my sister scream from the room, next thing I know she yells out. "F*** you ghost" and puts salt around the border of the room. She swears she saw a ghost standing by the foot of the bed.

My mother also had many experiences one relating to a little girl playing in her room, she could hear her giggle and running around. This was the same room my niece said she saw the clown like ghost. Another time she pulled into the driveway and saw an old man in old time clothes and held a rake.

Our house used to be a cornfield and I don't know if it's true or not but our neighbors said 15 years ago a little girl used to stand near the corn to wait for the bus and one day the road was so icy that the little girl got ran over by the bus. I no longer live in the house, but I have plenty of more stories that happened to me, or my siblings.

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CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-28)
Greetings Alspaugh,

Interesting account. I'm curious as to how your niece actually described the figure that you think sounds like a clown. Do you remember what words she used when telling you? Perhaps she was seeing the little girl that your mother saw?

I've experienced pokes and a few mild yanks of my hair. To me, it felt more playful or done to snap my attention away from the computer. 😜 Just thought I would give you a different perspective on that.

You didn't know your sister was a wiccan? Have you ever spoken to her about that or what you've experienced? I'm sure it would be beneficial to you to confide in someone who believes you and understands. 😊

I would suggest doing some research on the area to find out if the rumors of the little girl being struck by a bus are true. I'm sure you'll find something quite easily if it happened 15 years ago. That's fairly recent.

Keep us updated. Thanks for sharing ❤

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