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I have no idea what I could possibly be experiencing and barely know where to start. I just turned 20, on the 11th. Ever since I was a boy, my mother always told me I got my "intuitiveness" from her and I started understanding what she meant as I had my first visual experience down in Florida when I was around six years old. I have always been a curious kid to say the least.

When I was around 13 to 14, me and a buddy of mine we're out in the backwoods of Kentucky probably on some land we shouldn't have been on - but you know how kids are. He knew the location of an Indian burial ground, and man was I excited. Well off the trails, on a fair incline, laid large limestone rocks forming over an obvious mound. Being a bit reckless, some would say, we attempted to unearth to see what we could find.

Anyways, I figure I may need to throw that in there as a bit of a background and possible reason for why I have experienced some of what I have... I've also had another experience about a seance in Plainfield, IL. About a year ago, me and my sisters were conducting a seance in a graveyard near my grandmother's. We had brought candles, my great grandmother's cross and a phone to record; another to play static "white noise". We had placed everything on an obelisk-type gravestone in which it had a fancy looking support on each corner. After asking our questions, we decided it was a good idea to just go for a small walk and to leave my phone recording as well as static playing.

I'd say not any longer than ten minutes later we returned to find that the youtube video, a 10 hour loop, had shut off. My sister's phone was fully charged, and if youtube is up on any device and running it should not shut off. Fairly spooked and finished, we picked up the necklace and everything else to return to my truck where we could listen to the audio loudly. I'm saddened that I do not have the evidence any longer - long story, but my sisters and I are living proof. Not only had I heard my name spoken in the recording (?) from a female voice, you could hear one of the fancy supports clacking up against the gravestone after we walked away. When we walked away is when the white noise had stopped as well.

Absolutely spooked at that point, my sister grabbed for the necklace to discover the cross was missing... It held meaning so we immediately searched my truck, the graveyard with flashlights as well as the next morning - nothing, it was gone. That being said I feel like I'm sensitive, more so than others yet not the most!

Getting to literally two nights ago... My mother comes home from work at around 11:45 PM at the latest. The time read somewhere between 10:40P.M. & 10:50P.M... My music was playing at a pretty decent volume and an ad came on so I decided to head to the bathroom right across the hall. My dog Jack jumped up with me as usual to follow me! As soon as I turned the light on to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, I distinctly heard a slightly distorted female voice speaking near my mothers tone of "Hey Bryce!" It took me but a second to put together what I'd heard. Mind you I have been off antidepressants since I was 12 or so, was fully awake and I'm not ever under the influence of anything.

Thinking my music went to an ad, and my mom went to the counter to set her lunchbox down, that was the reason I didn't hear the glass door shut as she came in. Jacks ears shot up immediately as his tail curled in excitement and he took off to go see who had gotten home as he always does. Not trying to be rude, I acknowledged with, "Hey Mom, its a bit early for you to be getting home. Is everything alright?" Knowing I heard what I heard with my best bud acknowledging as well and taking off for the front door, he skipped around the house and as soon as it was clear he came back to me. I was standing in the hall right outside my bedroom and bathroom, immediately I knew something was very off. Jack wouldn't leave his beloved mother without jumping around in more excitement on the wooden floors - quite a distinct noise since he is about 50 pounds. We gave eachother a look and I darted for the front door so I could sit until someone got home and try to calm down with a cigarette.

This is the first time I have audibly heard words, aside from experiencing doors closing in the past (not in this house, only been here a month and a half) and knocking when no ones there. Would this have something to do with the spirit that said my name in the recording mentioned earlier? I'm spooked because I have known - at least believed - that spirit can imitate close or loved ones and that you are NOT supposed to acknowledge the presence if called upon, as it can lead to worse things. I'm looking for others thoughts and input...

I am an aspiring Pilot with around 15 hours under my belt so far and ground school finished. Aerospace Engineering is my major, and I'm currently in school for my Associates in Science staying at the top of my class. I'm not the most knowledgeable on this field and am most grateful for whoever takes the time to read all of this and give me their two cents! Not sure how much it matters, I was raised Christian but am agnostic in my beliefs. Thank you again for your time and knowledge in advance.

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Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
6 years ago (2018-09-08)
Hello Abhorred,

I'm so sorry for your losses. Please accept my condolences. My thoughts are with you.

๐Ÿ˜˜ โค ๐Ÿ˜˜
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (321 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-08)
Abhorred, I'm sorry to hear about you losing your grandfather. This past September 4th, marked 19 years since I lost my brother. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. As for your experience, I'm not sure if I missed you mentioning it or not, but with activities happening in your home, did you say that it all started happening after you did the seance, and messed with the Indian burial ground? I'm curious if what's happening in your home is something that followed you, or if it's something different, and is apart of your home ๐Ÿ˜• I think Rook and Jubeele gave you really great advice, and hope that you'll soon have an update to give on any changes that may happen. Thank you for sharing your experience, and hope to hear more stories from you soon ๐Ÿ˜Š
Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-07)
Sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfathers and father too. But it's good to hear from you, Bryce. You've got an interesting family background and it could be the reason why you're sensitive to such things. From what you've described about the man you saw when you were six, it sounded like a figure in formal evening attire from the period of Abraham Lincoln. Or it could be someone going to a fancy dress at the time?

It would be interesting if you can get your mother to share more details about her experiences. You can note if there are any similarities and if you both had seen or felt anything in the same place, around the same period.

If you're returning to that graveyard, perhaps you can offer a simple apology if you had offended in the past. Seeing as you heard a woman's voice on the recording, have a look at the other gravestones nearby. But maybe you should shield before and cleanse afterwards, so as to avoid having anything unwanted coming home with you. Just in case. ๐Ÿค”

My family taught us that we should always mind our manners, especially with the spirits. Because you just never know who or what might be around. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Abhorred (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-07)
*Jubeele, sorry. Has been a very long week as I lost my grandfather to a heart attack the 4th this month. My father passed back in 08' when I was 10 and his father in 12' all of which has led to a difficult life. I always try to pull positive from negative. I like to say I wouldn't be the person I am today without experiencing everything I have been through. I'm sure you are aware of the good-bad paradox as there can't be good if there is no such thing as bad.
Abhorred (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-07)
Jebeele, my mother had always told me quite a while ago that she has had personal experiences with spirit - although never went too in depth with her storier. She does seem to have a sort of connection to spirit and is more spiritual rather than religious. I do know my great grandfather was full blooded Cherokee Indian. My heritage is that, plus Hungarian for what it is worth.

Getting to my experience in Seminole, FL when I was six; I walked down the street to our friends house. There was gates to their driveway in which I'd always walked up to their house to go knock on their door and play with Hawkin, a boy around my age. Keep in mind that I was raised with manners. I would never do something like this, even at that age, unless truly spooked. Walking up the driveway, I looked towards where they typically parked their vehicles to see a man standing there. He was fairly tall, and I had never seen someone dress the way he dressed. He was standing with a black top hat on, full black suit with a white collard undershirt plus a black tie. Also, he was not looking off into the distance, nor turned any which way. He and I were facing eachother. His beard was one I'd imagine a lumberjack to have. Totally spooked, I ran inside their house as we were in a nice neighborhood and they left their house unlocked. From seeing that, I can't remember much else of what happened that day other than sharing the experience with my family as well as his. Their family spirtiual I'd say, and they were against shots/western medicine. I suppose you could say all natural.

As for Rook - I do believe it was a burial mound due to how old the limestone rock looked to be and also with how deep off into the woods it layed. Here in Kentucky, near the Ohio Valley, there once was a large presence of: Cherokee, Shawnee, and Iroquois tribes in the general region. Furthermore, me and my buddy tired quickly and never replaced the stones. We had only left after around a hour. We were young, but they were fairly large and too heavy to really pick up. It took the both of us to move them, and I wouldn't have a clue to how long they'd been there. Again, I hold much gratitude for you both taking the time to hear me out and give great replies!

Prior to the seance in Plainfield, we had experienced a few minor things such as when I was playing with my girlfriends hair lying in bed. She was in the state of not yet fully asleep, but she wasn't conscious. I felt a fairly large bang under our bed - not from the basement but from directly under the matress. I tried to tell her but she was extremely tired and wrote it off as nothing. The lady whom owned the home claimed it to me her father as he was a jokester. I was also in the bathroom another time, literally the next room in the hallway containing our bedroom. I was brushing my teeth as she was already tucked in bed. According to her, the covers were pulled off of her and id never heard a yelp and saw her move so quickly to the bathroom with me.

As for the small graveyard seance, it was a quite spontaneous idea that formed and we immediately went out. I can't fully remember time, but it was after midnight. I had nust moved back to town and was staying at my grandmothers assisted-living/retirement home. There was never really kids out that way as it was on the edge of the suburbs nearer to the country. The graveyard was tiny, so when we walked in wasn't but for a couple of minutes in which we did at points have our backs turned but were never out of sight of the gravestone. I wouldn't be able to tell you either what exactly held the cross to the necklace, but I do know it was a gentlemans gravestone we had used. I would have to ask my sister what my grandmother said about the necklace when she told her. I do know she didn't tell her why we used it, and that she waited until we searched everywhere with flashlights as wrll as the following morning in the light. It was nowhere to be found - my vehicle included. It was not a tiny cross, I'd say about the size of my palm in height. As for my name being the only thing audible that was not my family saying it, as we never used our names plus I know the distinct sound of my family, we did hear that "clacking". That sound started and you heard it about 10 or so times not even more than 30 seconds after we had walked away. Right after we walked away is when the phone had stopped playing the audio. I only included the "fancy supports" because upon further investigation of where the noise came from I had noticed that it was loose. I pulled back the support closest to where my phone layed, and when released it made the same exact stone on stone "clacking" noise I had heard in the recording!

I'm currently on college and working on getting my vehicle fixed, as the drive from the city to where my buddys family owns a few plots of land is over a hour away and about 20 minutes removed from a small town containing one gas station as well as one tiny grocery. On top of that its over a hour hike into the woods, but we will be able to find it and get some pictures. Those suggestions are lovely, and I will look into them further!
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-04)
Jubeele has asked some terrific questions and made solid suggestions.

Now, for myself, being an empath I have to admit the FIRST thing that came to mind when I read about your most recent experience was what we have refereed to here on YGS as a 'living residual'. This is basically what a residual haunting is, a recording of an event from the past that plays back when conditions are right, but rather than being from someone deceased the event/voice that 'plays back' is that of a living person... I back up my gut feeling with the way you describe your dogs reaction... He totally reacted as if your mom was home and had said something... Then was confused and even a bit nervous when she was not where he expected her to be.

The 'Indian burial ground' sure are you that your friend 'KNEW' it was an actual burial mound? Did you find anything that might support that claim?

Graveyard seance... If you still have the phones, check the settings... I know mine can be set to 'shut down' after so much 'inactivity' (it also, despite my 'lock' being set) will turn on in my pocket and try to do random things. Not saying its what happened with the phone but its something to consider. The voice that was recorded... Did it just say your name, or were more things recorded? As far as the cross on the necklace goes... How was it connected? It 'could have ' just fallen of... Or maybe your 'great grandma' was trying to tell you something... Was the cross ever found/ if not did you get in trouble for it being missing?

Thanks for sharing.


Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-04)
Hi Bryce, you certainly had quite a few experiences. What was your "first visual experience" in Florida when you were six and how did that define your "intuitiveness" you got from your mother? Does she have similar experiences as well?

Regarding the Indian burial ground, I honestly feel that the incident shouldn't be brushed aside as "you know how kids are". There are boundaries that must always be respected. I do hope you didn't remove anything from the site. Did you at least replace the stones on the mound?

Did you experience anything prior to the sรฉance in Plainfield? Whose gravestone did you perform the sรฉance on? Did it belong to a man or a woman? I'm wondering if that could have any relevance to the female voice on that recording. A pity you don't have the recording any more. Is it possible that someone else knew what you and your sisters were planning at the graveyard and decided to prank you? They could have followed you there, waited for you to walk off and turned off the YouTube video and stolen the cross. Either that or some ghostie was annoyed at your disturbing their peace and took the cross as 'payment'.

I know that some cultures believe it isn't advisable to answer when you hear your name being called by someone/something unknown. There are many accounts where people have heard voices mimicking people they know. I've had my name called a number of times in different places and have answered, thinking it was my parents/sisters/husband. But nothing untoward has happened as a result of that.

Which native American tribe did the burial ground belong to? Perhaps you can contact a tribal elder and offer some reparation for your past actions. You can offer a donation or some token of goodwill to show you regret the disrespect.

I'd suggest you try Rook's cleansing for your home just to be on the safe side.

As you were raised a Christian, you always ask the Church for a house blessing too. I'm sure they will help with prayer and advice, whether you belong to their church or are an agnostic.

I'm rather concerned you were on antidepressants before you were 12. That's serious medication. I hope you're feeling much better now. Take care of yourself. Be well.

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