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After The New Year


This is the first time I've ever written a story. So pardon me if I'm not creative enough for your expectations.

I'm not really sure if this is scary or spooky or creepy for you. This is based on my cousin's recount on what happened while we were having a night out in our vacation home. Let's just call her LA.

Our cousin's house is a two-storey house. On the first floor, just upon entering the door is the living room. Then straight ahead is the kitchen. Separating the two rooms is the stairs which is facing the living room door. On the second floor are two bedrooms, the first one is the computer room which is directly above the living room, and the second one is where my cousins and aunt sleep which is directly above the kitchen. Both rooms have wood flooring so you will really hear when someone's walking above.

It was the night after New Year and we decided to sleep over to one of our cousin's house (let's call him KA). However, he was out with his friends that night. The only people left in the house was our Aunt and the youngest sister, which were already asleep in the second bedroom upstairs. So we set-up a made up bed in the living room and wait for KA to come home. However, I was so groggy at the time because of lack of sleep due to the celebration of the New Year in our house the night before. So I told LA that I will take a nap and just wake me up once KA arrives. My nap turned to sleep and it was so deep that LA had a hard time waking me up.

However, I was woken up by a loud thumping sounds coming from the computer room above us. It was like a sound of some heavy man in a leather shoes, pacing fast, here and there. You know that part where you're not really fully awake yet, your eyes are still closed yet you're already hearing the sound but is not yet that much to bother for you to wake up until you're fully aware that it is really noisy? That's what happened to me. So when I became aware of it, I raised my head to look around and found that my cousin is nowhere to be found. Thinking that she might be outside, I returned to sleep.

I was woken up again because of some noise outside. KA and his friends are already in the house talking about something. Then LA told me, "Haven't you heard a while ago the loud thumping sounds above us? I was waking you up but you're so deep in your sleep!" I told her yes I heard it, but I thought it was just Auntie or the younger sister. Then KA told me that when they got home, they found LA on the floor, covered with blankets and pillows, crying and scared. I can't think of any response to that but we decided to just ask our Auntie in the morning if they woken up that night, just to confirm that it's nothing really spooky.

So we called it a night and we went back to sleep. We haven't experienced anything more that night.

When morning came, we asked Auntie if they were awake that night. And she said, she was so tired because of the New Year and that's the only time she can really sleep so she can't be awake in the middle of the night. Same with the youngest sister. They also claimed that they did not hear any loud thumping sounds from the other room. Come to think of it, should they not hear it, they should at least feel it because of the vibration of the thumping. But no, they did not hear or feel anything. That's when I realized that I have experienced something supernatural, and I was unaware of it.

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Amor (5 stories) (64 posts)
3 years ago (2018-10-17)
It's weird that you were awaken and couldn't find your cousin. Where did she go?

Do you think your cousins were trying to scare you and connived on their version? Just for fun, though. Some of my cousins are that crazy. But in the end, they would spill it out.

If not, you know after New Year's celeb, when people are either too tired or too drunk to bother, intruders strike. I'm glad you're okay. Did they check if anything was missing?

Your writing's okay, don't worry. As long as you follow the basic rules here, you don't need to be a Stephen King;) 💚

RCRuskin (8 stories) (695 posts)
3 years ago (2018-10-16)
Hi, Pessi.

If I wanted some creative horror writing, I'd pick up a book by Steven King. He scares me.

I rather agree with Lady Glow. It may just be imagination. It may be something, but hard to say from just one happening.

Any situation you get out alive from is a good situation.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2878 posts)
3 years ago (2018-10-16)
Hello pessi_mystique and welcome to YGS.

Is there a chance either your aunt or your little cousin sleep walked that night?
You know how it goes when a person is very tired, some people can sleep through the loudest noise.

If paranormal activity wasn't a common problem in that house, it's possible that LA's imagination got the best of her while staying at a strange place.

Are you aware if any member of KA's family ever heard those sounds before or after that night?

Thanks for sharing.

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