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Her Father Says Goodbye


This didn't happen to me, but it happened to my mother.

Here's what happened:

My grandfather was a strong man, he was a firefighter.

But slowly he got weaker. It turned out that he was ill.

They tried everything, all kinds of tests and everything they could think of, both related to him being a firefighter and other things.

But no matter what they tried and how many times they tried, it wasn't that.

They even thought he might have been accidentally infected with HIV or AIDS, but it wasn't that either.

They didn't know what to try next, but then someone suggested they should try testing him for a very rare type cancer.

And that's when they - unfortunately - hit the jackpot. He was dying from a very rare kind of cancer.

In April 1984 my grandfather was very close to his death.

A couple of days later my mother woke up in the middle of the night and saw my grandfather standing at the end of her bed.

He was smiling and laughing and in perfect health. She said he was even kind of glowing.

She thought it was very weird, as he was on his last legs.

He then slowly faded away with a smile on his face.

My mother knew immediately what it meant, and at that moment the phone rang; my grandfather died about half a minute before.

That experience helped my mother to cope with the fact that her father died.

She was sad of course, but also kind of "happy" that he let her know that he's in a much better place now.

It also helped her deal with the ghost (not my grandfather) in our apartment years later.

But that's another story.

I hope you like the story.

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-14)
It is such a lovely gift when our loved ones are able to grant us such peace when faces with the grief of their passing. My grandparents came to say goodbye to me - I wrote about it in my first story on this site - I'll always be grateful.

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