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Goodbye Through Free Falling


A day before my birthday, my ex boyfriend from middle school/high school passed away suddenly. He was murdered for reasons we still don't know, or at least the media doesn't. (The murderer has been arrested). When I found out, I was shaken but not completely surprised as I heard he had gotten into drugs.

Anyway, a couple days later, I spoke with my meditation class leader who is very in tune with spirits, energies, etc. I told her about how I felt we had tons of unfinished business and things left unsaid. He was always the type to pop back into my life unexpectedly every other year or so. He had even just added me as a friend again on Facebook. As I was telling her about my grief on losing him and about spirits, I heard an odd noise coming from the ceiling, but I dismissed it. Then, I heard a heavy "thud" sound come from the next room (her house is very small and it was just us). I felt the floor vibrate. I asked her, "Okay, you heard that, right?" I sensed it was a man who had come in the front door. She said no. I began to feel very "heavy" like someone was with us. (I've felt energies before).

She asked me if I felt like my ex was with us. I said I didn't know but I felt that way- she then began to feel heavy and got goosebumps and said she thought it was him. We acknowledged it may or may not be him, but she told me to speak to it as though it was and to tell him to go to the light with God. This didn't last long and soon the heaviness feeling passed. She told me to stay aware as his spirit may still have a lot of unfinished business. I was skeptical but a little creeped out.

Right after, I went to our tiny pharmacy to pick up my birth control pills. I felt drained and very out of it, however the song "Free Falling" was playing in the background. It was an acoustic cover that seemed to repeat "free falling" over and over. Normally I don't take notice of songs but there was something that drew me to it. It felt eerie yet calming... I later looked up the lyrics since I never heard the song before, and to my surprise, it fit incredibly well with the situation with my ex boyfriend. What gave me chills was the last verse that he's going to "leave this world for awhile."

Again, I felt eerie but I still wasn't "sold" that it was him since I can be skeptical. The next morning, I told my coworker who is very open minded on this subject. When I was explaining it to her, I started feeling heavy again and tiny tapping noises started to come from her office window. At one point, she left the room and I said, " (Ex's name) you'll have to do better than that to get my attention."

Well, that moment came that afternoon. My coworker friend came back from lunch and ran after me to get my attention. She had met up with someone for lunch that coincidentally knew my husband. As they made that connection, my friend started talking about me - and as soon as she said my name a few times, "Free Falling" started playing on the radio.

I was shocked. To this day, I can't say with certainty that it was him but I feel completely satisfied with this conclusion. I no longer feel as though we have unfinished business... I feel at peace and I believe that if it was him, he is as well.

What are your thoughts? Thank you for reading.

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Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-06)
brierose - You posted this story almost a year ago, so you probably won't read my comment.

I am very sad to hear that your ex's life was taken, possibly due to his having taken the wrong path.

It seems that there was a strong bond between you and he although you weren't in constant contact. You also say that there was unfinished business and things left unsaid. It's always unsettling to leave a relationship when there are so many questions which cannot be answered.

I'm not a big believer in coincidence, especially under the circumstances which you describe. Many people who are quick to dismiss an occurrence as coincidence, unfortunately completely overlook an event which could be very important to them.

Well I certainly believe that your ex was trying to make contact with you, as he is obviously quite often in your thoughts and you seem to have shared a strong connection. He was more than likely trying to let you know that he's still around.

I haven't listened to the song but "leaving this world for awhile" is very telling.

As I said I don't know whether you'll see this comment but if you do, please let us know whether you have had any further contact with him, or who you suspect might be your ex.

Regards, Melda

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