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The house that I grew up in, is kind of like a farm house. It has the main house (which me, my mom, my dad and brother lived in), a barn, and another house (which my grandmother and grandfather lived in). It was in build in 1927, so it was an old house. We moved in in 2000.

From the moment we moved in, there has been some weird stuff going around. I remember it started with simple stuff, like doors would open and close. Which we wouldn't think much about, since it was an old house and it might be the wind. Then the light would start turning on and off at random times. Again we just thought that it was somewhat normal.

But then thing started to heat up a little. Stuff would be going missing and showing up days, weeks or even months after in weird location. I would always feel like someone was in the room with me, like someone was watching me, and I had that feeling all the time. The only time I didn't had that feeling, was when I wasn't near the house. I would begin to see shadows, the temperature would drop massively just to turn back up again, I would hear noises and footstep. I had a cat that would sit right in front of my window and just stare out into nothing, and you couldn't get in contact with the cat. A few years later and my cat had passed away, I've got a new dog. And it would sit at the exact same place as my cat and stare into nothing. Sometimes it would even go crazy and start barking and growling at whatever it was, that was standing at that place.

When we were on our way home from school and work, my grandmother would always go over to our house and make some coffee and tea for when we came home. Se told me, that everyday she would hear footsteps upstairs and specifically in my room. She would go up to my room to see who it was, but never found anyone.

It got to a point where it wasn't only me and my family, who would hear and see this stuff. I remember one time, when my friends where coming over one evening for a sleepover. They had to go past the barn in order to go in the house. And I was wondering what took them so long to get inside. Suddenly they all came bursting through my bedroom door totally pale and had a fear in their eyes, that I have never seen before. They told me, that the light in the barn suddenly turned on, and through the windows, they could see a girl walking back and forth. We were so scared, that we didn't sleep that night. After that, it was almost as if it didn't care, that there were friends in the house, is would still make noises and all that stuff.

A few days later in the evening, I was playing WII, when I suddenly heard a scream from a girl or a woman. I looked out of my window, it was pitch dark and the only light there was, was coming from the lights hanging on the wall of the house. I looked down and I'm not kidding! I saw a silhouette of a girl, standing in the backyard. I ran downstairs and told my mom what I saw, but she didn't exactly believed me. I couldn't sleep that night.

I was also around then, that I began having sleep paralysis. I would have it at least once per week, and it scared the living sh*t out of me. My grandmother decided to have a friend over, who also has some kind of clairvoyant powers. They were sitting at the dining table in our house, when the friend said to my grandmother ''There is a girl standing right behind you. But don't worry she won't hurt you, she just wants to be here because she used to live here.'' My grandmother then talked with some of the older people from the town, and they confirmed that there had indeed lived a little girl on our ground. But she died a very young age. She was hit by her dad's tractor and died on the ground.

We were relieved to find out, that the little girl didn't want to hurt us, and had never done anything to hurt us. But the stuff that happened there and still does happens there is still creepy as hell.

I moved out of the house, and the sleep paralysis, had almost stopped, it's rare that I have one now. But whenever I go to visit my parents, I get the feeling that I'm being watched again, and that someone is in the room with me.

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-16)
I've heard of an account (mind you, it could have been on a TV show 🙊 but still a decent notion) where a woman found herself in a similar situation where the home was haunted by a fairly benign little girl (who may actually have passed in a very similar fashion if I remember correctly). In order to keep her from mischief and making off with things, she bought her a few toys of her own, placed them in a designated spot and explained to her that they were hers and that she was to play with them but leave other things alone. It seems like a reasonable idea to me, anyway ☺
LightMight (4 stories) (137 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-11)
Hi CamillaHenriksen,

I really enjoyed reading about your account of your childhood home. I think it's fascinating that not only did you, your family and friends have this experience of seeing a young girl, but that people from your town could validate what you were seeing!

On a positive note, it seems as though this girl who has made her presence known to your family since 2000, doesn't pose a threat to anyone. Do you feel that this young girl is possibly looking for help, or do you feel that she remains at your home because she is comfortable there? 🤔

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