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This story I'm going to tell happened December 2011. I am an intern at one of the hotel in Makati (I'm not going to tell what hotel but I'm going to tell the location for you to guess... This is located at Chino Roces Ave. Makati, near the Walter Mart and a school. I don't know if the hotel is newly built but it seems so since there are floors under construction at that time. If some of you would asked why I am an intern in that hotel, it's because I am a BSHRM graduate. After I graduate I just realize that it's not what I want. Anyway that's another story.

I spent my OJT together with my 5 classmates and they're from different schools too. Our time of work was shifting also. But this story happened during my morning shift. We have rounds of work. This day you will be in the kitchen and mini restaurant, the other day you do housekeeping. When I was assigned at housekeeping, there's no eerie feelings. Sometimes I was alone in a big room and nothing. The hotel staffs often scared us that there are ghost in the hotel. Like there's a mother and daughter roaming on hotel floors and a headless man... Stuff like that, but I didn't take it seriously.

One day of December 2011, We are three (together with my classmate and other from different school) roving each floors to collect the dishes and garbage on each room. Guests will just drop their dirty dishes and garbage in front of their door so we just get it. I just don't remember how many floor does the hotel have, but all I know was that when we reached the last operational floor, meaning the next floor still under construction this was the scary experience happened.

So we are three, pushing the cart with heavy plates and other stuff, we travel each floor. When we reached the last floor and elevator opened we decided not to go on because some of the lights are off. We remember that this floor are rarely occupied to guests because there are construction above so we guess maybe there are no guests on that floor, so we didn't leave the elevator. When we were about to close it, we heard someone loud and clear like he was just steps away from us saying, "Excuse me, can you hear me?... Excuse me..." The voice was a man and had accent so we pertain maybe he's a foreigner. We looked to each other with awkward expressions.

One of my co-intern (male) who came from different school, went-out the elevator and check the floor. I and my classmate stayed at the elevator and I tell you my heart beating so fast... I suddenly felt nervousness and cold sweat. He went back and told us no one was on the floor and he shout "Where are you Sir?". We said to him let's go already and I was about to cry that time. We reached the kitchen and place the dishes we collected and we told the story to our superiors. They confirmed that no one occupied the floor that day and there is really as ghost on that floor and on other floors too.

That was the first time I encountered this ghost experience... Until now I don't experience another and I don't think I can.

Anyway, thank you for this opportunity to share my first ever experience. Have fun reading everyone!

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MrsRizzo2429 (4 stories) (93 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-18)
Thank you for sharing your story! Very creepy experience. Have a great day!

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