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Curlew Job Corps In Washington State Is Haunted


Yes Curlew job corps in Washington State is haunted!

I was there from 1974 to 1976 and the time I was there, I saw many of Times lights shining into the windows of the dorm. Back then it was an opened dorm with beds and lockers not that far apart with beds One after the other. One night in 1975 I saw a black figure, it looked more like a demon then a ghost to me, I felt the cold from this Black figure and I just laid there and watched him while he was watching me, He was standing at the end of my bed he was in the Hallway.

One night a bunch of us guys, because that's all that was there back in those days were guys, we were going out at night to go tubing up the road going to the TV antenna and we were tubing braking lots of Rules of the job corps that night doing this too. This happened also in 1975. Anyway we saw lights coming out of the sky and down all around us. I got scarred and run down the hill and I saw another Black figure near the cattle guard. So I run back up the hill and everyone was scarred half to death from the lights going on still so we all got to together and walked down the hill and on the snow covered road out. We got away with the tubing off of Curlew job corps. But what a night that was!

A black guy was working near me and we were cleaning paint brushes and he saw a white ghost jump behind a tree and he wasn't the kind of Guy to make up stories, so I believed him. Back in these days there were lots of stories of the place being haunted, some people never saw anything others like myself saw a lot or heard a lot, I was in dorm 4. Which is now called old dorm 4.

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Lucian_Erebus (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-06)
As someone who attended the Curlew Job Corps centre, I can confirm that is in fact haunted. One time while I was trying to sleep I looked out the window and saw a small bright orb of light. One of my friends swears that one time before afternoon attendance he saw a black shadowy figure on the other side of the bay and none of his bay mates were in the room at the time so it could not have been them.
khymeade (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-23)
the deamon/ghost of the man is the lil girls father. Way before it was a job corps that man and lil girl stayed in the building known as old dorm 4. All I know bout them is that one day that man killd his whole family (drowning that lil girl down at the river near the bridge and then he shot or hung himself in old dorm 4).
Caddysbaby (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-07)
Dear Walter. My name is Heather and I'm a 17 year old stuident of curlew job corps trade painting. I have news to say that that dark shadow is still there. Many of us there now have seen and felt him. As you said old dorm 4 is closed down but you see new dorm 4 is next to it now. There have been many sighting of all so a little girl. I have seen her. She's attached to one of the guys here in dorm 4 but she likes dorm 4 also. I've heard story's of wired noises at night when a friend in 4 was in the restroom thinking his room mates were messing with him. He heard foot steps coming to the door then a small knock on the door with a loude bang. Freaking out he ran to see if it was them but they were a sleep. And a nother friend of mine in 4 was laying down then all of a sudden his room mate who wasn't there IPod started to play music for no resone. Many others have heard this little girl run up and down the halls laughing. And as for the lights they are there. It's not just job corps that's haunted... But that whole town is. Trust me I was born and raised there.
Walter_R (1 stories) (81 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-25)
First I want to say that I already knew what it would be like if a demon came around, because my sister-in-law had told me about the cold feeling and how to get rid of a demon by praying to God to have the demon removed in Jesus name. So even before I saw the demon I already knew what it was, the demon had been on the right side of my bed because I could feel the cold on that side, but when I went to look at him I had already known he had moved to the end of my bed. So when I opened my eyes that is where he was.
I had been sleeping with a cross around my neck, not because I knew the Job corps was haunted, but because I'm a Christian and I felt safer with the cross on. After about a week later I started to talk about seeing a demon at the end of my bed and in the hallway and I then found out that the dorm was haunted because others had also seen the same demon, near their beds too. Other thing I had forgotten to say was the hallway had blue lights on, but on that night I saw the demon the hallway blue lights were not on. How ever the exit sign was still on and it put a lot of light in the back part of the dorm anyway. But I found that odd that the blue lights weren't on that night.
I would have been only 3 beds away from the exit
Light. After that night I put my cross back on to sleep and the demon never did bother me in the dorm again. But I did see him again on the night of the off limits tubing. I'm pretty sure that was the same demon too.

A guy down about the middle of the dorm, he had been reading his bible before he went to sleep and after some time his bed lifted off the floor and about 3 or 4 guys saw this happening, I didn't see this happen but I was told about the guy, the guy called his parents and they came to pick him up and he left the Job Corps right away after that happened.

Take care,


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