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Three Nights At The Haunted Hotel Room


As the title suggests, this story is about the three night stay of my maternal uncle at a haunted hotel room where he risked his life and witnessed some paranormal encounters. First of all, I want to express my gratitude to all of YGS readers. As, this is my first post here, in this website, So I request you to please forgive me for all grammatical errors!

Now coming to the story, this story is about an incident which happened to my maternal uncle. He is currently working as a food and beverage manager at Vivanta, Taj hotel, Pune, India. He has served at Taj hotels Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru so far.

When this incident happened, he was in his training years. At that time, he was sent to Guwahati for one week training where all this happened, with his team. That day, they were working until late night and hence, each of them were really tired, so, they went to their respective rooms which were allotted to them. But the room which was given to my uncle was locked from outside and nobody had any information about the keys of that room. However, my uncle managed to break the lock and finally entered the room.

One of his colleague friend told him that this was an abandoned room and was locked from long time. He also warned my uncle to not enter the room as it was believed to be a haunted room. But my uncle was extremely tired, he just entered the room and told his friends that there is no need to worry about him. He also told them if something would happen, then he would call them by his cellphone. They agreed and went back to their rooms. Everything was fine, he went to sleep peacefully, he had kept the lights on and left the door unlocked as he remembered the warning of his friend. Now, he was asleep, but, he suddenly woke up and found himself in a sleep paralysis. He could not move his body, even he was not able to utter a single word from his mouth. His body was full of sweat and his heart was beating like a drum. He noticed that the lights were switched off and the door was locked from inside by itself (as he clearly remembered that he had turned on the lights and had also kept the door unlocked). But, the worst thing was, that he was feeling that someone was continuously moving around his bed. He was trying very hard to hold his cellphone, but he was completely paralyzed.

After that, don't know how, but he found himself awakened and the sun had also rose. He saw the door was now unlocked by itself. He immediately rushed to his friends and narrated his experience to them. Then, they decided to meet the manager, who told him that this is a haunted room where a group of tourists died a month ago. This was enough to frighten them all. But my uncle was not frightened at all, as he decided to stay one more night in that room! His friends were shocked and wanted to know the reason for his decision. To which, he said, that he was in doubt whether it was his imagination or something real. His friends told him that it's not really that important to clear those doubts and better he should find another room or probably another hotel for sake of safety. But he refused and just decided to spend another night at that room!

Now, he slept at that same room and after some time, he again found himself in the same situation. Nevertheless, this time, he also had a sensation that someone was sitting over his chest and he had a nightmare in which some men were telling him not to dare to come back to that room again. They also warned him (through his dream) that if he would come back again then, they will kill him next time.

The next day he was also very much shocked and afraid. But he was not an ordinary man! He decided to spend another, the third night at that room! His friends were completely shocked and asked him why he was going to make to the third time. To which he said, "this is our last night here in this Guwahati tour, and I can't go back with a confusion and an uncertainty in my mind! They all tried to explain him, but he again didn't listened to any of them. Now, at the final night, he again turned the lights on and kept the door unlocked and slept on the same bed. Again, everything went wrong and the disaster came again. He again had a nightmare in which those same men (who warned him not to come back to the room) started shouting, "we had already warned you to not come back here again, but you still managed to come back again! Now as per as our warning we are going to kill you this time, now we're going to kill you! The dream broke, and he found himself in a Sleep paralysis and all the lights were switched off and the door was automatically locked from inside. This time he was feeling much more pressure on his chest, like someone was trying to press his chest harder. This time, he was also feeling that someone was choking his neck. He was completely helpless. Somehow he managed to close his eyes and recite the holy Hanuman Chalisa (for those of you who don't know about Hanuman Chalisa, it is simply a traditional Hindu hymn devoted to Lord Hanuman) After reciting Hanuman Chalisa, he could feel those pressures were fading away from his body and he got back in control of his body and rushed away from that room.

Hopefully this was his last stay at that unlucky place and he never tried to get back there again. So, that's it... Again, please forgive me for my grammatical errors and spelling mistakes! Hope you not find this boring! Did you? Let me also know in comments

Take Care


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2nd1st (1 stories) (113 posts)
2 days ago (2019-06-15)
Hi Lady glow, just to anecdotally chip in

"I just can not understand that someone would tell him something on the line of "your room is number 'X' but there's no key for it, do whatever is necessary to open it" and that anyone would accept such ludicrous situation."

I had such a situation on a recent business trip. The room they gave me had a lock malfunction so the key wouldn't work. Rather than giving me another room, the concierge gave me a screwdriver and a butter knife and left me to it
sushantkar (16 stories) (522 posts)
2 days ago (2019-06-15)
I often try to keep myself away from commenting on those stories / experiences which are written by juvenile writers. Mainly because of the stories written by them often do not have any sence and they are far from realities.
The word paranormal itself is not only a serious subject, but it's interpretation requires a specially contemplative mind that can distinguish between real and paradoxical worlds. Juvenile mind doesn't have that contemplative compatibility, sence and strength. Unless the person is god gifted.
The author probably does not understand the seriousness of ygs. It is not merely a medium to publish literary articles. This is a platform through which the world maintains the spirit of a global family, while sharing their experiences on the supernatural subject, also helps the peoples in need.

Poojabose (1 posts)
3 days ago (2019-06-15)
This is so Scaring
Did u faced any paranormal activity ever? 😨
bandet888 (80 posts)
3 days ago (2019-06-15)
Another thing, couldn't your uncle just simply unlocked the door from the inside as most locks you don't need a key for the inside, however some do. In any case the lock would have to be working which it couldn't have been since you said your uncle broke it. Did your uncle repair the lock after he broke it but still decided to leave it unlocked after it got repaired?
bandet888 (80 posts)
3 days ago (2019-06-15)
May I ask one question? How did the door lock itself if your uncle had broken the lock to get in? Did the lock repair itself?
lady-glow (11 stories) (2355 posts)
5 days ago (2019-06-13)
Hello again!

Ayush - sorry to bother you but, could you ask your uncle if he still remembers the conversation he had with the person attending the front desk that night?

I just can not understand that someone would tell him something on the line of "your room is number 'X' but there's no key for it, do whatever is necessary to open it" and that anyone would accept such ludicrous situation.

Also, it would be helpful to know the circumstances of the tourists' deaths. Do you know if they committed suicide or if it was a murder/suicide case, or if someone else enter their room and kill them, or if all of them perished from illness or some other unfortunate event like carbon monoxide poisoning (to say something)?

I'm asking because, based on your narrative, it seems like your uncle had a visitation from a group of tugs during his dreams rather that witnessing the final moments of some unlucky casualty/es.
If this was a residual haunting, what your uncle seems to have encounter in his dreams was a violent confrontation/homicide more than seeing the last moments of one or more victims.
Do you know if any 'bad guys' died in the room

Are the events in the following link by any chance related to your uncle's experience?

lady-glow (11 stories) (2355 posts)
5 days ago (2019-06-12)
Hello Ayush - to be honest, there are few points I don't understand about your story and would appreciate if you could clarify them.

So, your uncle and a group of friends/colleagues were taking a training course at one of the hotels of a chain for which they would later work, - right?

"the room which was given to my uncle was locked from outside and nobody had any information about the keys of that room. However, my uncle managed to break the lock and finally entered the room."

Is that an acceptable behavior, to vandalize the property of ones potential employers and still expect to be hired?
If nobody knew where the key was, why would they send a guest to such room?

"One of his colleague friend told him that this was an abandoned room and was locked from long time"

How did this guy knew such information? I mean, IF "this is a haunted room where a group of tourists died a month ago", was your uncle able to corroborate if this crime really happen? Do you think one month can be considered a "long time"?

I wouldn't be surprised if the hotel began renting the room after being the scene of a gruesome and gory crime, business is business and life goes on; but based on your narrative it seems like this particular hotel had stopped renting the room ("this was an abandoned room").

When your uncle entered the room, was it in disarray and still showing evidence of the crime or was it clean?

My point is, I find these events contradictory and confusing: the room was known to be haunted and had been closed?abandoned, there was no key to be found but they placed your uncle there.

Anyway, I'm glad your uncle didn't get hurt during this ordeal.

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