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First off, thank you so much for all the wonderful stories that I'd been reading for almost every day on this page & thought of submitting an experience of my own.

These stories happened way back between the years of 2000 - 2009 when we are still residing in our old house in Manila. Our house used to be a hangout place for my brother's colleague (which turns out as my colleague as well eventually) since our parents are strict about going out the streets at night. Instead they allowed us to have our friends stay in the house at night until the wee hours. Stories I kept on hearing about are the ones from my brother's friends wherein they always have blurry spots on images whenever they took photos (groupie nowadays) at our house, and take note, this is not the usual blurred wherein your fingers might be blocking a corner of the camera but instead, the blurry part is actually right in the middle of the picture which is impossible since they are using a camera and a tripod at that time. Some famous haunting at our house as well is the old couple that usually stares at my brother's friend from the staircase whenever they drink or smoke at the living room.

There was even a time wherein one friend of my brother asks permission to go to the bathroom however after some time that friend of ours comes back saying that our father is in the bathroom for about some time "tol, ung utol mo nsa cr knina pa, tagal eh d ko na matiis" and they were taken aback when my brother stated that we a have a bathroom at the second floor so dad won't come down just to pee or even take a bath "me CR kame sa taas kaya dun at dun iihi o dudumi o maliligo erpat ko" and when they unlock the CR downstairs with a spare key, to their surprise the lights are on, water is running however no one is around.

Some are personal experience and two of the remarkable experiences that I had first is when I saw my brother's doppelganger 3x. I came from school that day and right after I opened our gate I bumped into my brother who is at that time is going out of the house, I greeted him however he just gave me cold shoulder, it seems odd to me but then again I just pay no attention to it. However as soon as I open our door I immediately saw my brother entering our dirty kitchen's bathroom and at this point I already knew that this is a doppelganger case and to prove it, I went to the bathroom and saw the light and the faucet open so I turn them off both and rushed immediately to my room. As soon as I get inside my room, I saw my brother right there playing with our PS2 (my room serves as the entertainment room for the two of us since it is bigger than his) and right there I cried and told my brother about what happened.

The second case that I have let me give you a picture of my room, my bed is at the corner of the room directly facing a small window which enables me to see the outside, I was sleeping and dreaming one night where in my dream, I am sitting at the corner of my bed talking to someone from the outside of the window. My room is at the 3rd floor of our house so clearly whoever I was talking to is floating in midair. In my dream we are at first talking and laughing with each other until it seems like that the apparition shouted at me, which woke me up & to my surprise I have my brother in my room waking me up since he mentioned that I kept on talking and laughing in my sleep & that I woke up sitting at the corner of my bed facing the window outside.

I hope you enjoyed my story even though it is long & hopefully I get to write another story for you guys.

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valkricry (49 stories) (3276 posts) mod
5 years ago (2019-06-26)
Jak_Mangan, I highly suggest you read our Comments Guidelines (link found at the bottom of the page), so that I don't need to delete more of your comments.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-17)
Hi, Zetroc.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Seeing your brother's doppelganger twice seems scary. Your second experience does not seem to be paranormal. It seems as if you were just dreaming. There has been times when I wake up with a soar throat because I dream I've been screaming or yelling. Or I'll wake up and there are tears on my face and pillow because I've been crying in my dream. I have dreamt that I get hit on a certain area of my body and when I wake that area is sore. I once had a dream that I was holding on to something really tight and when I woke I was clenching my sheets. A friend of mine told me she had a dream she had fallen off a cliff and when she hit the ground she woke up on the floor in her bedroom.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-15)
Greetings, zetroc.

In your story, you wrote, "I saw my brother's doppelgänger 3x." You describe "after I opened our gate I bumped into my brother" (that's 1), then "immediately saw my brother entering our dirty kitchen's bathroom" (that's 2), and you inform us "I saw my brother right there playing with our PS2" so you "told my brother about what happened." I understood this to be your real-life brother, relaxing by playing a video game, to whom you told the story of what you'd seen. This, however, leaves out doppelgänger 3. Was the version in your room was doppelgänger number three? If not, where was the third sighting?

I am genuinely confused by this.

The second point of confusion is your reaction to seeing the second apparition was that you "already knew that this is a doppelgänger case..." How did you know this? How did you know this was not your brother who had been in the kitchen and suddenly needed to relieve himself? There must be a point of clarification that you did not include in your story. How would your brother have reacted if he had genuinely entered that bathroom & you burst in to turn off the faucet and the light in pursuit of a doppelgänger? If my little brother had done that to me, I would have been **furious** with him!

Please clarify these details, as I hate when descriptions of settings and behavior give me an incomplete mental picture. Usually, as I read, I can "see" what is being described; in each of the above paragraphs, there are blank spaces in my mind where the details should be.


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