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Blue Pale Figure


Greetings to all I'm from Delhi, India. I'd like to share my experience with y'all today, this is my personal experience and this happened few months ago. Probably in December. Let's hop in.

I'd like you to provide little details of my house for your better understanding, my house is 3bhk with a big hall area and a spare area which connects with the kitchen and on the left side we've bathroom and if you'll pass through the spare area you'll reach a bedroom and on the right of the bedroom (we've division in between obviously) there's my room, although we also have different doors for both the rooms.

My cousin's (9 including me) were celebrating the birthday of our youngest cousin who was turning 5, my parents were sleeping and it was around 12:10 AM. We celebrate his birthday by cutting cake, playing loud music (not that loud if we would then my parents would scold me lol) after that all my cousins went to my room to sleep.

I was closing all the doors in the hall and suddenly I felt kind of uneasy like I wanted to do this quickly and go to sleep. I was also cleaning all the mess my cousin's did by spewing all the cake on floor. I went in kitchen to get the mop I felt like I was being watched, but I ignored it and went to hall. To my horror there was a pale blue coloured body, like a human was standing there. I felt like I was frozen, I threw the mop and ran to my room. I explained all this to my cousins; obviously they trolled me, but after this incident I was having fever for 2 days.

I still don't know what was this thing. Your comments are appreciated.

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_Wraith_ (8 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-29)
Yeah, blue people are becoming a menace everywhere. That's why I hate the Blue Man Group and Na'vis. 😕
freakedoutfreddy (1 stories) (77 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-18)
Dude, that sounds like a a bash... Nobody sent the 5 year-old birthday boy to bed before midnight! 🤔 😁

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