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What I'm about to share with you is what I have experienced a

Couple of weeks ago on my way home from work.

My home is located in a mountain village 9 kilometers away from the nearest highway. It's really a remote area where you need to pass through an abandoned Commercial building.

One night from work, I went to fetch my fiance from her school in Downtown area of Cebu. It already 8pm by then, she's a Law Student so that's pretty normal for us. Then we grab some fast-food on the way. We also bought food for her Truck driver (she owns a dump truck).

So, we decided to hitch a ride on her dump truck on its way home from delivering sand. It's already 10pm at that time. So we are still in the city and we have to travel 15km to the South to reach our town (Minglanilla). From the highway, we need to travel 7-8km to reach the village in which she lives. But she and I don't live near with each other. I still need to walk a 1km or more to reach my house, so they just dropped me off at the vantage point near the abandoned building I was talking about, and I started walking down the road, its 11pm by then.

First, let me describe the road I'm walking on. It's a well maintained road where you can notice some cracks on the cement. When I'm walking home, to my left would be the compound of the abandoned commercial Building which now has several roaming guards (theft is common), also to my right would be wilderness. As in trees, bushes and a river down the cliff. There would be light from guard outpost but most of the way would be dark. As you approached the near end of the road you would go through beneath gigantic trees of Acacia and Camachile rowed along the road, this would be pitch black even if there's moonlight, and here will be the subject of my experience.

As I walked along the road, I passed 3 guard outpost already, all of which has no lights (odd!). Almost near the 4th guard post, its lit but no one is on the watch (odd again). After that would be the pass beneath the trees in which I caught a unusual scent, a burnt candle.

Now, when you smell a burnt candle out of nowhere it's always associated to spirits. So I smelled burnt candles as I walked past those trees then this creature suddenly screamed, startled me. Mind you, I was sweating already from the walking and also by the fact that I'm not ALONE. You can't imagine how afraid I am that night, but I didn't show it. I flashed my cellphone's light towards the bushes, I can't see it but it's moving away from me (I guess). It's rustling the leaves but I can't seem to catch a glimpse of it. Its growl sounded like a BOAR, yes a BOAR. It sounded quite big and I feel it's close but I really can't see it.

I did walk fast, no turning back what's behind me, I know something is behind me, observing. I got home, drenched in sweat but safe.

I always walk down that road whenever me and my fiance hitch-hiked.

That place was also associated with a dog which turned into a human, a neighbor of mine witnessed it when he passed through that one time.

He just yelled at it "way unay silingan" which is a local dialect that means "No neighbors included" then sprint out. When we say "no neighbors included" means that we kind of suspected who that was and remind them to bother someone else or not bother someone at all.

Now, if that was indeed a normal boar, I can't imagine how can it move away so fast? And is the smell of candle associates to that creature? I'm quite doubtful whether or not what I have experience was related to my neighbor. A lot of people already saw that BOAR, they described it as big, with red eyes, and seems to be hairy.

There's a lot of unanswered experience and this one is the least of it.

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majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-06)
[at] jabond99,
That I am sure is what we call the famous lechon.:) high in cholesterol but when you started eating it, there's no stopping:))

[at] Lady-glow, I affirm the statement that superstitions here in the Philippines usually associate the smell of burnt candles to spirits especially when no one has lit any candles in the nearby area.

[at] ax10s, you mentioned that you live in a mountainous village. I am not invalidating your claim to have seen a suspected shape shifter in your village but you see, I have been in a place where gossiping is a hobby between neighbors and they tend to exaggerate stories. What if the "boar" is really a boar? How sad for an innocent boar to have been judged as a beast: (
As for the human who shape shifted as a dog, what happened to that person? Was their (your neighbors) suspicions proved correct?

It's just that, I am a bit skeptical with this. I guess unless you have seen with your naked eyes how the dog or the boar went back to human form, then I will believe in the phenomenon.

silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-02)
I focused on the one aspect of your story involving humans that turn into animals and vice-versa. Do they have skinwalkers in the Phillipines?
jabond99 (3 stories) (61 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-30)
A few years ago I went with my son to the Philippines for a baseball tournament. After it finished, there was a huge banquet and the guest of honor was a whole pig roasted to perfection in tasty Filipino BBQ style.

I don't normally volunteer to go ghost hunting, but in this case, I think I just might. Then I could taste that great Filipino BBQ again.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-28)
Unpopular opinion - are you sure this was a paranormal encounter?

Just few points that make me wonder the nature of your experience:

1) "3 guard outpost already, all of which has no lights... I caught a unusual scent, a burnt candle."
2) "Its growl sounded like a BOAR"
3) "A lot of people already saw that BOAR, they described it as big, with red eyes, and seems to be hairy"

Would it be possible that the guards have lit a candle and the breeze carry the smell your way?
I would need the help from our Filipino members, if I remember correctly, this is the first time I hear/read about "when you smell a burnt candle out of nowhere it's always associated to spirits"

If it sounds like a boar and people have reported seen a boar in that area, - what are the chances of this being a real boar? Could the red eyes be only the pig's eyes reflecting the light?
Are wild pigs part of the fauna of the area? Could it be a domestic pig roaming about during the night?
Has anyone investigated/looked for the evidence that a normal pig would leave behind like fecal matter, hair, etc?

Regardless, a face to face encounter with a wild boar would be terrifying, they can be very dangerous. It's a good thing that it avoids contact with humans.

"That place was also associated with a dog which turned into a human, a neighbor of mine witnessed it when he passed through that one time."

How reliable is the neighbour? Did he recognize the person in their human shape?
I have always wonder if shape-shifters turning from animal to human form are naked... And what happens to the clothes they are wearing when going from human to animal. Sorry, I digress.

Please don't take me wrong, though I would have to see one to believe, I'm not denying the possibility of the existence of shape-shifters but, in my opinion, you are jumping too fast to accept this like a paranormal encounter without even considering all the possible mundane explanations for this encounter.

In my opinion it is hard to say if this was a encounter with a spirit being or if it was only your fear making monsters out of a sound in the darkness?

Thanks for sharing.

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