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She Came To Let Me Know


I have a Facebook account I use for family out of state. One late night in June of 2014 I logged on to find a message from my cousin I grew up with back home in North Carolina. She told me my aunt died. She was the last of the sisters on our moms' side. I was so surprised and, of course, sad. I started remembering things she had shared with me: favorite recipes, her favorite flowers, and how to make your own hummingbird food. I loved her, I will forever love her.

In deep thought of memories about her from my last trip back home, I was listening to music and playing a few songs of my own when I realized how hot it was inside the house. I got up to open all the windows to air out the place. When I went into the spare bedroom to open that window (it's never closed in the summer) I happened to look down on the hardwood floor. To my total shock there lay two perfect locks of red hair?! Of course I immediately thought of my aunt, she had red hair.

I turned all the lights on and held those locks of hair in my hand, staring at them in amazement! It's so hard to tell anyone if you have "happenings" or paranormal events, because there's usually no proof of it. My boyfriend also never sees anything like I do, so I couldn't wait for him to wake up and show him what I found!

The thing that really gets me about this is my aunt wasn't religious and had a cousin back home in North Carolina that was a preacher. My aunt's heart had become hardened because of her youngest son's death.

I was back home visiting her and all my cousins one summer years ago when we got invited to a potluck at the church where her cousin preaches. My aunt Katie said she was only going because we were there visiting and for the food, ha! When we got there her cousin went on and on about how wonderful it was to see her there in church. She said "I'm only here for the food!" When he left our side I said, "But what if it's true, what if there is an afterlife?" She thought a while and then turned to look me in the eye saying, "I"ll let you know when I die."

It's been 5 years now since she died, and it crosses my mind from time to time about what she said. I have that red hair in a little box. I was a little girl the last time I saw my aunt with her natural red hair. She was in her 80's with grey hair when she died, but I know it was her letting me know there IS something more than just this life.

I nor my boyfriend has ever had any family locks of red hair. Later I was vacuuming the floor when the vacuum started making a funny noise. I turned it off and flipped it over. There in the middle of the brush rollers was a clump of red hair!? It was so thick I had to get a pair of scissors to cut it out?!

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Cherubim (14 stories) (245 posts)
5 years ago (2019-12-14)
Thanks Daz. 😊 Yes, I've always heard everyone is 30 years old on the other side! As far as having things materialize, that's been happening before anyone I ever knew died. Then sometimes as long as 4 years it reappears again. 😲
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
5 years ago (2019-12-13)
Hi Cherubim

Your account is actually not that unusual it falls under the umbrella of a spiritual apport where the deceased transport materials into the rooms of those they love. It can be jewellery, flowers even photo's so I guess your aunt found away to send her hair.

I also know we have the ability to appear what ever age we like on the other side unless we are stuck here in the moment with unfinished business? Your aunt made it home no doubt about that.

Nice story thank you for sharing it.

Regards Daz
Cherubim (14 stories) (245 posts)
5 years ago (2019-12-03)
Thank you silverthane61, 😊 I KNOW it was her because there is just no other explanation! I have favorite pictures of my aunt, and best of all, no one can ever take away our memories. ❀
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-12-02)
That story was so good that it left me with a warm heart! I really do want to believe that your Aunt was communicating a message to you because it makes life so much more wonderful. I hope she continues to possess a special place in your memories!
Cherubim (14 stories) (245 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-29)
Thank you Jubeele, it's a first for me having REAL evidence of a loved one that's passed on. I have thought of having that hair tested too! When I found it the hair looked freshly cut, and it was damp. I put it in a little box. Later when I looked at it the hair "plumped up" thick and curly. Everyone in my family has curly hair. 😊

DarriuxDarkk, I appreciate you sharing with me about your brother so much. My brother died of a drug overdose over 20 years ago. Someone told me he would not go to "heaven" because of the way he died. It upset me so much and I cried a lot over it until I had a dream of him! I remember it like it was yesterday, he was happy and never looked better. I kept saying his name in surprise to see him over and over. He never said a word, he just stood there smiling at me, he was healthy and dressed very nicely. Then I woke up. I've never worried about where he is again. I KNOW he came to me in a dream to let me know he was okay. God bless you too, I believe we will see our brothers again. ❀ I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you did too. We truly do have things to be thankful for if we look for them.

Thanks Bibliothecarius, I LOVE all shades of red hair. My aunt, grandmother, and sister all had auburn red hair. My oldest sister is a strawberry blonde, the lightest shade of red there is. By the way, all three of them passed away before I ever moved in this house and had never been here. I was dumbfounded to find the locks of hair in the bedroom, then in the vacuum cleaner like that! 😳 But YES it was comforting to know she came back to tell me like she said she would. I've been so busy with a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope yours was too.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-28)
Greetings, Cherubim.

I have over 2 decades of experience finding long red hair in the tub, on the carpet, clogging the vacuum, wrapped around the inside of clean laundry, and glued into art projects that I know my wife has not even approached. Natural reds (Mrs. Biblio is a copper-red) are very hard to mistake for anything else.

Your aunt made good on her promise to you, which should demonstrate not only how much she missed her son, but also the sincere depth of her feelings for you. It is very, very comforting to know that she cared to return and give you just enough unmistakable evidence that there is more to life than our mortal life-spans, and that she was able to reassure you of this.

Best wishes and a happy Thanksgiving,
DarriuxDarkk (6 stories) (80 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-28)
I'm sorry for your lose Cherubim. My sincere condolences. It is always hard especially if a loved one passes away. It is good to know though that somehow your aunt is maybe making her presence know that she is alright and likewise think of you as you think of her. Maybe she is letting you know not to be sad whenever you think of her.

My brother passed away at 2014. Just recently I sometimes have dreams about him. Mostly the dream would show that he is smiling and happy, then I will wake up. I come to believe that maybe my brother comes into my dream and making me know that he is ok and happy now. He is deaf mute and I was the one who learned in the family signed language so I can communicate with him. I guess he still does want to communicate with me but now on a dream.

Anyway hope all is well with you and God Bless.

Happy Thanksgiving 😊

There are always a lot of things to be thankful for.
Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-28)
Hi Cherubim,

I got a warm glow when I read this. It all fits together from the way the events transpired. You got the message on FB, your loving connection with your aunt and how she said she'd let you know about the afterlife.

The more scientific-minded (or a CSI aficionado) might ask whether the hair was a DNA match with your aunt.πŸ˜‰ But no matter where that red hair came from, I think the main purpose was to remind you of her. It was most likely a sign that she came to let you know about the afterlife.

Our loved ones do send us messages from beyond. Many on YGS have received our share of such things, even from our furred friends. Thanks for sharing your experience about your Aunt Katie.❀
Cherubim (14 stories) (245 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-27)
Thank you Lealeigh. 😊 Yes lady-glow, I DO believe she is with her son now and came back to let me know. It blew my mind the way the whole thing unfolded, finding the hair as soon as I found out she died. I believe she is with her son and came to tell me. ❀
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-27)
Hello Cherubim ❀

It makes me sad to think about how your aunt felt in her grief.

I read a book years ago that had a line in it that said: "Grief is a hone to a hard mind." That was just one of the lines in that book ('The Children of HΓΊrin') that stuck with me.

I really enjoyed your story. I am sorry for your loss.

- Maria ❀


I smiled when you said you found the whisker. Years ago, after my cat was killed, I found a whisker under the keys of my laptop. She used to sleep there when she was alive.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-27)

I find it easy, in a way, to relate to this experience since once I found a whisker from my dead cat tangled in the carpet three months after his passing, - I know for sure that I had vacuumed that spot several times during those months!

I guess this was your aunt letting you know that there's an afterlife and that she's young again or, at least, without grays on her head.
I hope she is with her son again.

Thanks for sharing.

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