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Over the years I have had many random ghostly occurrences, But what happened with my alarm clock has to be one of the strangest.

I have a digital alarm clock/radio A few years back I removed the back up battery because it had gone dead. Since then the clock has worked fine while plugged in.

Until a couple weeks ago. When all of sudden at 3:21 pm the clock alarm went off for 1 beep then it stopped, then it went off for about a half a minute until I got up to go shut it off. It stopped when I got about a foot away from it, then it went to the alarm set screen for about 20 second then back to clock.

Normally the alarm going off wouldn't be strange except that this clock has 2 alarms neither were set and even if they were set the last times they were set for was 5 pm and 11 am, So there was no reason for it to go off at 3:21.

The other weirdness about it is the clock going to the alarm set screen you have to press and hold the alarm set button for about 10 seconds to get it to that screen and when the alarm is set and goes off it goes off for 1 hour before shutting off not only about 30 seconds.

So I went upstairs to tell my dad about it because we have had some ghostly experiences before in our house and in truth I was bit freaked out so I stayed up there for about 5 minutes

When I finally got the courage to go downstairs again I checked the clock and it was on the normal time screen. But as soon as I started watching the clock it went again to the alarm set screen again and then back to normal time.

So I watched the clock for about 10 minutes nothing was happening. Finally I said "if your still here make it go back to the alarm set screen" and within 30 seconds it went back to the alarm set screen. I have asked a few times since then but since then it hasn't done anything unusual.

At first I thought well maybe my clock is starting to go out but seeing as this has not ever happened before this and hasn't happened since then it seems like it could be a spirit and the time chosen of 3:21 is my mom's birth-date and she recently died in August. So I am hoping it is my mom's spirit coming and visiting me. My mom believed in spirits and we were talking about it one day long before she passed away. I told her if you ever can contact me from the other side use the electronics because knocking things over in a house this chaotic would go unnoticed. Looks like she might have remembered.

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silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-07)
As a little experiment, change out the alarm clocks in your Father's room and yours and see if the activity continues. That is, put your clock in your Father's room and his clock in yours. I really do hope it is your mother coming back to remind you of her birthday.
MrsRamsay (guest)
4 years ago (2020-02-06)
HI, M.E.
You're probably right about your mom. In my limited experience (and I suppose my belief, based not on reading a bunch of literature of the supernatural, but personal experience) our loved ones can and do come and visit us periodically. When these things happen, listening to your intuition is the very best way to interpret them. Whether it might be your mom, or another perhaps stronger spirit-relative who is communicating through your clock on her behalf (probably trying to let you know she's ok). I doubt you have much to fear. I loved the part about the house and how knocking things over wouldn't be effective. That's my house... Which has caused my family members to get really creative when they communicate/visit. (phone call, wedding visit, pulling daughter's veil off and even letters forming on my shower door that meant something to me). My mom also knew that I believed in this prior to her death and though she never had experiences, I think knows that I can feel her. Please never think you are merely existing. It's such a CHOICE in life: you can exist or you can choose to move HAPPILY through your precious time, making the most of it. Sometimes it's finding that path and sometimes others try and get in the way because of their own shortcomings. Don't ever let that happen. Find your joy! (As a mom, that's what I tell my kids all the time and I'm pretty certain you can honor your mom by living your very best and most joyful life. She wants that for you!) All the best dear. Mrs. R.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-05)
Hello MerelyExisting and welcome to YGS,

Your screen name fills me with dread. There have been many times in my life when I have called myself the same thing.

From reading between the lines here, I have guessed that you probably take care of your father. If this is what you're doing, don't ever worry that you're merely existing. You're very important.

I don't really know much about electronics but it seems to me that someone was there, trying to get your attention. I think it is safe to say that it was your mother. She already knew the way to get your attention before she died. I think that she knew how important it was to you that she confirm that there is an afterlife.

She may have tried other ways and this was the thing that you noticed. I like this part:

"I told her if you ever can contact me from the other side use the electronics because knocking things over in a house this chaotic would go unnoticed."

Thank you for sharing your story. It is uplifting.

- Maria

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