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So a bit of a backstory. I'm 20 years old dude from Finland and I'm dating. Both of us (me and my girlfriend) are spiritually pretty sensitive. So I'm going over to my girlfriend's house for the second time since we started dating. I can't remember the actual date, but it was a few months back. She told me they have this spirit that sometimes makes noises and moves stuff around. I believed it, but didn't really think anything would happen.

So my girlfriend has this speaker system, kind of like a boombox that works either plugged in or with batteries. We were listening to music earlier and the speaker made this error sound when we turned it on. I got a bit freaked out but my girlfriend told me it's normal and that it does it every time you turn it on.

Then we went out for a while, and when we came back, we decided to watch a movie. We had to take the boombox plug off the power socket so we could get power for the tv. My girlfriend goes ahead and takes the plug off the socket and lifts the speaker up. It makes the strange error sound while unplugged. At that point I freaked out completely but it hadn't hit my girlfriend yet. She slowly realized it and checked the batteries as the speaker made another error sound. There was just one battery, even though the speaker required two to work. So she slowly puts the speaker back on the ground and comes to sit with me to the bed. I asked her did she even realize what just happened. She nodded and we hugged. Then we just kind of brushed it off. We still mention it sometimes and it makes me get cold shivers every time I think of it.

We later tested the battery but it had no power in it.

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ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-19)
Please don't mind but I agree to RANDYM. Electrical appliances such as radio have capacitors of order 100 microfarad that discharge slowly. Radios also contain a small inductor. Both these components form a resonance circuit and tune to our favorite radio station however but when power is disconnected the same circuit works as an LC oscillatory circuit and when appliance becomes old these oscillations can be heard in the radio.

Yes I know I sounded boring.

Anyway, Thanks for Sharing! 😊
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-16)

Welcome to YGS and thank you for sharing/

Please don't misunderstand as I'm not saying you didn't have a paranormal experience. But many times what seems paranormal has a very logical explanation. Electrical items can hold onto electricity even after they have been turned off and had their power source removed.
Not a lot but a small amount. It may be that the speaker had some leftover juice in it and simply discharged it.
Its just a possibility to consider.

Since you and your girlfriend are sensitive hopefully you will share again.

Have a great day

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