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This will probably be my last story on YGS as paranormal occurrences in my life have stopped altogether in the last 4 years or so. Disclaimer, this is an omnibus of sorts of all the little straggler experiences from when I started to notice presences around me.

Old House

These are from the house mentioned in my first story, "Light Feet". None of the entities have been malevolent; I think they just liked passing through or hanging out at our house. I commonly see shadow creatures; not calling them people as these shadows are about 2-3 feet tall. I loved sitting on the floor on our bedroom to read, do homework as I'd be right in front of our window AND electric fan (the tropics were hot!). My floor spot is adjacent to our bedroom door, which looks out to the top of the stairs. While preoccupied, I'd always see these little shadow creatures going up and down the stairs. I'd look sometimes out of curiosity, and of course they'll be gone. I don't know if this has anything to do with the location of the stairs as it directly faces the fire exit window. Read in passing somewhere that certain objects/structures can open ways to the spirits if placed facing a door/window.

Another encounter was when I was bringing clean laundry up to my parents' room. The staircase was dark; a light was never installed. I opened my parents' bedroom door when I came face-to-face with this odd misty light ball. It was hovering close to the ceiling. I stopped with my mouth hanging open, and for some reason I had the urge to apologize as if I'd walked in on the ball. It stayed there for a couple of seconds before zooming out through a closed window.

Last encounter was on a night I was having trouble falling asleep. I slept on the top bunk as my sister was literally small enough back then to fall through the ladder opening. Tossed and turned for an hour or so alternating between looking out the window, counting how many Hello Kitties were on our decorative curtain and counting the pockmarks on our wall. It was about past 1AM when I turned to look at the wall again and noticed these little light ovals lazily moving around on the wall. Looking for an explanation as they weren't there before, I turned back to the window to see if the neighbours had turned their lights on. No lights. The Hello Kitty curtain was made of thin reflective plastic, so I figured that's where they were coming from. I tried to alternately use my hands, blanket and body to block whatever was reflecting these lights onto the wall. Still there. Defeated, I lay back down and decided to observe these lights. Next thing I know it was morning. Somehow I had finally fallen asleep. Maybe some spirit was trying to help me catch some zzz's.

Church After Hours

I'd joined our church choir about 5 years ago, and they hold their practices after hours. I made fast friends with a couple of girls my age so we normally sat together. Since we only rehearsed for 2 hours we often did not get actual breaks. You would go for your water and washroom breaks while another vocal section was being worked on. One of my friends--we'll call her J-- went to go use the washroom. Our section had started rehearsing again when I saw movement towards the washrooms out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look, expecting to see J, but saw a tall, thin man instead. He was dark-skinned, close-cropped hair and a black suit on with a white dress shirt. He was casually walking down the aisle between the pews. I blinked in surprise and he vanished.

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silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-16)
If the paranormal occurrences have ceased, it does not necessarily mean that you will never have another one. Keep your eyes open. I am sure something will happen that you can share with us here.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-10)
en_chuu - Just because this is your last story to publish, I hope that you are still going to remain on this site and comment on other people's experiences. Please don't do a disappearing act, we've grown fond of you!

You'd be surprised how often it happens that somehow you close yourself off to the paranormal and then out of the blue it once again knocks you over the head. This happened to me. I purposely tried to shut myself off but... Well, after a few years I was right back where I started.

I find it rather amusing that you felt as though you were intruding on the light ball, as though you were invading its space. I've never seen a single ball but I have, on a number of occasions, seen smaller orange balls (about the size of a tennis ball). There must have been about ten of them but they were moving and connecting with with one another and then pulling apart again. This was at my bathroom window. Orbs and lights fascinate me. I've never fully understood their purpose

I've never witnessed shadow beings. The ones you saw were so small. I wonder what they were.

Certainly some weird activity going on in that house.

And oh, before I forget, I look forward to your next encounter when it happens 😊

Regards, Melda
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-03)
Hello en_chuu,

Maybe the the idea of the window being a conduit for paranormal activity is like the belief that people have that mirrors can act as a portal.

I like the way you describe your actions upon meeting the ball in your parent's bedroom; you apologized for disturbing it... That sounds like something I would do. When I am surprised by something, my first reaction is not usually a normal one.

Also, I love Hello Kitty. Who cares if I am about to be forty years old? If I look through my belongings right now, I promise she will be found in some form.

- Maria
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-02)
Hello en_chuu

Interesting experiences, not scary but definitely hard to explain. It seems like there was a fair amount of activity at your place in the Philippines.

Was the church from your last experience close to your house?

Thanks for sharing.

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