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Multiple Spirits Around The House


So this all began around the beginning of March.

Some background: I live in Western Australia, in a suburb that has minor crime if you discount drug use.

I've been living in this house for three years without much going on except one case which I may publish later... For now up until this year nothing has happened that could be considered paranormal (with the aforementioned excluded of course), which was a great comfort to me as I have been surrounded by such things from a very young age.

So to begin my partner has been waking up with claw marks on their body, only in twos.

We looked at it logically first but could not discern a cause.

They were having violent dreams and were constantly forgetting things they normally wouldn't, they sleep alone due to the current conditions facing the globe and I cannot come into much contact due to that but now I need to make an exception.

I did some research and figured out what it is, but that is not important right now as I have figured out how to deal with it (if it works of course) over the past two weeks though more things have been happening!

I was beginning to project myself unintentionally (this is a frequent occurrence) and my cat appeared out of nowhere next to my body, this didn't faze me at first until I realized that they were in the room with my partner.

I of course confused fell back down and called out to my partner, immediately they were at my side climbing onto my left leg and began to repeatedly kiss my thigh, now they would NEVER do this if I called out, in fact they would just yell out


So now I am really scared!

Now I have had sleep paralysis before and it is quite fleeting but this lasted two hours at the most, I threw the being pretending to be my partner off and began vibrating on a higher frequency and this seemed to work but not all that well.

It still kept trying to come back to me, after a while it gave up realizing it's not the first Time I've had to do these kinds of things. I managed to wake my partner and confirm what happened was definitely not them, and I haven't had to deal with that since or rather for now.

But the issue I am facing now is my poor daughter.

Eight days ago (according to her) there has been something outside her window, it has no face and resembles a shadow person except for its face has a white outline, in my research these specific beings are native to Australia as I have not seen anyone speaking of white outlines outside of this country... I have no clue what exactly it is other than it being a shadow person.

She told me on the fifth day (which annoys me since I've told her repeatedly to tell me when things like this occur) so I inspected the area when she told me, inside first.

I saw nothing but I felt something of course so that alone told me it was something else, after checking the outside and seeing nothing that could resemble what she described I asked her a few questions...

How long has it been there: five days.

What are it's features: it's see through and it's face has white around it

Is it a boy or a girl or other: it's a boy

Does it have hair? Or is it hooded? Does it wear a hat? Is it tall?: it has no hair and I don't know

Does it talk to you? Have you spoken to it? Has it done anything: no it just stares at me

How do you feel: freaked out

Now with all that in hand I could tell what it was and have a very good description for a six year old, please keep in mind these answers were instant she did not have to think for a second, which amplifies my belief of her.

I told her that I cannot see it but I do see one without a white outline, is it standing straight, looking right at me.

This naturally frightened her but she said the other one was still there looking in the same direction at her height not mine. It is looking towards her bed exactly where she sleeps... She also said she hasn't been dreaming since it arrived.

Now for the past two days I have been trying to figure out what to do, after positioning myself outside where she sees the face and doing as she instructed I have figured out that it is not her height it is in fact crouching.

The other one I was unsure of so I went to my go to, I cleansed the house and put together some salt urns for everyone in the house, I also drew up some protective sigils, one for my partner, one for my daughter and one for the lounge room (also one for my partner to take to work) then I drew on the main windows and front and back door (in olive oil) an anti demon sigil.

Now (yes I am almost finished) there have been three occurrences where they tried to enter the premises (two were before the sigils and salt urns) the first was my flyscreen door being opened around quarter past four a.m.

The second was the most terrifying so far: I heard a knock at the door (this was quarter to five a.m) and when I went to inspect the door I heard the squeaking of the latch to the back door! I have never been so insulted in my life!

After the second is when I went on the offensive and drew everything up.

I just remembered (sorry I'm a sloppy writer and forget things) but before I get comments yes I did ask them what they wanted and if they would leave... The ruse with the front and black door was my response obviously.

And the third one was when I was making dinner for the return of my partner from work, there was a knock at the door (that I didn't hear mostly because I'm a bit deaf) and my daughter called out immediately to me and told me... There was no one there of course and it was the exact Time my partner would have shown up if the bus Times hadn't returned back to normal.

So with everything I can do being done until the next full moon (May the fourteenth here in WA) I have learned a few small things and am confused about one thing (which is why I am here) the first is that the shadow I saw next to the one I couldn't is a demon, why? Because it's at the only window without the sigil I drew.

The second I have to wait until the next full moon to remove my partners problem which I believe is in direct correlation to everything else happening, I wouldn't think this if I wasn't attacked myself after I said I'd take care of it best I could.

And lastly I have no ID on the crouching one with the white outlined face so I don't know what to do with it as it's still there sigil and all!

We're safe for now but if I don't stay vigilant and keep things up I'm afraid what might happen to my family.

What's more my daughter just heard one speak (this is news to me as they have never spoken before) but apparently it said "this is our house" cliche I know but it's what she told me...

Can anyone ID this being outside watching my daughter that is from what I can tell siphoning her dreams?

It is like a statue it doesn't move an inch no matter what I do!

I don't want to be stuck until the full moon and hope that removing the one attached to my partner in turn removes the others, what if they are still there! What if the ritual doesn't work! I will take any advice I can.

I've never been this stuck before with anything, so in advance I thank you all for reading but advice is why I'm here...

Also I know it was long and to be honest far fetched but it is honest to goodness what's going on and I'm frightened I cannot protect my family like I have over our lives together.

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Aqueousdissolution (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-31)
Hello to all, everything has been resolved after the ritual on the full moon... There is still residual energy but that's much better than before obviously.

I've read the comments and noticed there was a lot of confusion with the way I wrote things.

Now I am a writer and felt that due to the stress I did not apply my abilities as well as I could but have just re-read my entry and see only point blank writing? Simple and coherent other than the fact I did not divulge the fact that partner is aGender and I refer to them as they/them...

But other than that yes the demons are gone, the other one which I cannot spell as it was only said to me and do not wish to bastardise native language, has moved on also.

The reason the one with the white outline appeared was due to the fact that my daughter went to a cemetery with me and did not visit any family.

My daughter is aboriginal and her grandfather helped me ID the one I was most concerned about (the white outline) and it just needed to Time and recognition.

With hope the rest of what happened will dissipate with Time also and we can move on.

I did not expect it to take so long to be approved and posted but now that I know I will refrain from doing so when it comes to urgent things as all I need to do now is re-cleanse and move on.

Thank you all for your comments and help.

I sincerely appreciate it and look forward to reading and perhaps writing more as I do have other experiences along with tales from family members.
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-28)
You seem to have done everything - short of an exorcism - that many would have suggested you to do. I am wondering why you thought that one of the entities was not demonic because it was in the only spot that did not have a sigil or glyph. It seems to me that if I were a demon, I would be wherever there were no such protective devices. Why would a demon appear only where you have a protective device? I hope I didn't read this wrongly.
Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-27)
Hello there from Sydney.

I've travelled to Perth on business trips some years ago and my niece went to university in WA. I have a number of fond memories there. While I'm not an expert on our indigenous peoples, we have a few friends with connections to the Land and the Dreamtime. We have heard about the massacres and dark times during the colonial settler days. The pain and grief could have left indelible scars on the Land, creating some restless and unsettled entities.

It might be useful to find out more about the historical background of where you live. Whatever has been happening could entail some spiritual connection to the land, seeing as you feel that "these specific beings are native to Australia". The "white outlines" of shadow figures immediately brought to my mind Aboriginal drawings. There are several indigenous renditions of spirit beings depicted in black, outlined in white chalk. Your shadow people in white outline?

While I'm not a practitioner, my great-grandmother was one back in the days of Siam, and my grandmother and aunts had some knowledge of their own. The affinity is in the blood. It might be that your daughter is showing some sensitivity and has thus attracted attention. Perhaps they are merely curious about her - but it isn't good for her to be frightened like that.

The lack of dreaming from your daughter makes me concerned. I was reminded of stories where spirits steal life forces. I'm also not comfortable about the claw marks on your partners. There are boundaries between the spirit world and our own that should be respected. I know you're a solitary practitioner, but perhaps it might be helpful to seek the opinions of a local traditional tribal elder, spiritual leader or "clever man"?

These are my thoughts and I hope they will help lead you in the right direction to search for answers. Peace and light to you and your own.

lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-26)
Hello Aqueous.

Since your story was submitted a while ago, do you have any updates about what happened after performing whatever ritual you were planning to do during May full moon?

Without knowing your beliefs, I have no advice for you though, in my opinion, there's not enough evidence to consider this entity a demon.

Blame it on my bad English but I'm having trouble understanding this part of your narrative:

"I was beginning to project myself unintentionally (this is a frequent occurrence) and my cat appeared out of nowhere next to my body, this didn't faze me at first until I realized that they were in the room with my partner.

I of course confused fell back down and called out to my partner, immediately they were at my side climbing onto my left leg and began to repeatedly kiss my thigh, now they would NEVER do this if I called out"

Do you mean the cat was in an ethereal form whilst it's physical body was at your partner's room? Who was the one climbing on and kissing your leg: the cat or your partner? (Whoever it was, it was nice they did it, but I just don't get who did it)

Thanks for sharing.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-26)
Greetings, Aqueousdissolution, and welcome to YGS.

While much of your discussion falls under the domain of practitioners of magic, thus would benefit from commentary in kind, I have a question about *where* in Western Australia you may live, as that's nearly 1/3 of the bloody continent! IF you live in proximity to the extensive border with the Northern Territory, I'd be tempted to hazard a guess of "Mokoi." However, if you are closer to Perth, this becomes wildly unlikely. Sadly, my Mythological reference materials are in my classroom, so I can only rely upon whatever comes to hand on the internet at the moment.

Several of our regular contributors are practitioners, so I'll defer to their knowledge & commentary, but this mischievous entity was the first idea that crossed my mind.


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