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Is My Rescued Truck Haunted By Old Owner (s)


A little while ago I wrote a story about a farm going up for auction in Milton Keynes, UK. I titled the story "Old Barn Scares My Friends and I".

During that story I talked about rescuing with hope of restoring an old truck left on the farm behind the barn. Soon mentioning the truck now resorted had some interesting energies and I felt it's old owner maybe accompanying me on my trip a couple of fellow site members asked if I'd write about it. Happy to oblige here is the story you asked for and thank you all for reading the original. I appreciated your great comments.

Back in Summer of 2017, where the other story mentions. A Auction of the farm brought us to meet my new truck. It had been housed in a kind of open lean to garage only a little bigger than it was. It turned out after much work to getting it moving under its own power the pick up day quickly ended that thought when it was found the old girl had no starter.

Obviously judging by the dirt covering the tarps that covered the truck it had been a while that the truck had gone anywhere under its own power, and had likely had the faulty starter removed when it had been retired to rot in the lean to garage.

My friends listed in the last story and I along with my partner (love of my life and business partner M) took 2 hours getting a specialized truck hauler to tow the poor old lass out of her semi permanent grave.

Forgive me if you were under any impression that this was a huge semi (I did tell you too I'm a former truck driver now running a antiques business and restoration center) . It's not. Original birth certificate of sorts states that she was a 1950 Bedford Truck with a enclosed Van like back. Perfect as I first saw it. Thinking I could restore it and use it to haul the antiques we buy and auction/restore for our business. What's little more impressive than an antique of sorts truck getting real antiques and taking them to a new home right? That's what I had planned anyway.

The truck was in good condition for sitting as licence plates told us she had last been registered in 1984. When I was 11. Mostly it was basic surface rust. And of course she needed the usual tyres, brakes, new starter etc. Physically the body was sold as was the floor wells and the back Van floor only had two small rust holes. Very good for a 60 plus year old work truck. The back that had strands of hay and twine probably saved it from extra rot. As it was all very dry.

It took a year and 2 months to get the truck restored and roadworthy certificated. And September 2018 our 1950 Bedford Truck now also repainted, re-hit the road for the first time in 34 years. Much to all our joy the truck drove like she was new (pretty much was), and handled amazing for a truck of her age. The truck now named "Linda", took to her new job like a duck to water. Once white and blue, we repainted the truck Black with Teal and Silver (the colours of our business signs and cards). It looked a real eye catcher and turned heads when we drove.

My partner and I did runs nearly every weekend to local auctions and estate sales transporting our purchases in the van as we had wanted to do without hassle. And it was a whole lot better than my old car hauling a trailer.

I first noticed a strange feeling about the truck as we neared Christmas 2018. The work load had got extra busy. And we had been up to 4 trips a week at one stage. Everyone wants to do a clean out before Christmas I guess.

M had to work this particular day so I made the trip with my dog a elderly Husky/ Labrador called Boss after Bruce Springsteen to keep me company.

Now Boss was 10 at the time and has limited hearing but fairly good sight. (Yes he's still alive and just turned 13). He usually traveled with me fine. He loves cars and trucks, and as a pup traveled with me often as I drove Trucks. He's a medium sized dog looks more like a Husky than a Labrador but has the Labrador appetite and softer features. He's an incredibly friendly dog. And is very gentle, loves attention and pats, and food most of all.

This day I had to get up early to be able to not have to sleep somewhere else that night. Called Boss and as usual he came running (well as fast-ish waddle) and he saw me loading my stuff into the truck and started wagging his tail. Mamas going out, yay.

He gets within 6ft of the truck and hits the brakes and just sits down. I turned around to see him just starting into the empty cab as I came around from the back of the truck. Seeing him sitting there I yelled, "Boss, you coming or not" which seemed to snap him out of his looking at the cab and he gets up and comes over like nothing happened. I'm thinking silly old dog. And didn't worry about it after he happily let me help him up into the truck without any fuss.

This would be the first of strange events with the old Bedford truck that made me wonder. Did it's old owner make trips with me. Was he happy I'd resorted his old truck. I think he is. And here is some of the things that have happened since then that makes me think I'm not always travelling alone when M isn't with me.

* A26 Layway: About 2am: January 10th 2019: On the way home from another estate auction. Tired I lay across the bench seat with my pillows and quilt.

I had regularly got used to doing this as the seat was comfortable, and I was far to tired to drive home.

I wake up to the sounds of what seem to be rattling loudly in the back of the van. Great I think a damned rat or something is in with the stuff I picked up (wouldn't be the first time I tell you). So I get to get up and I hear something in the cab say "Shhh don't go out there". No one but me is in the cab and I jumped. Again something says "Shhh don't go out there". I think must be a warning and I heed it. I've been around ghosts since I was little so I know when something is trying to help. This spirit didn't at all seem scary. It seemed worried about my safety. And the energy was very calm.

A little while later the rattling stopped and at some point after it stopped I went back to sleep.

In the morning I go to check the back of the van to see if there was rats. And there is all these weird marks around the van and prints on the ground that weren't human. There were no rats thankfully. But later research states the A26 is a very haunted road; Roman Soldiers ghosts, black shuck sightings, ghost vehicles, ghost hitchhiker's.

I don't know what was out there that night. And frankly what I saw in the morning frost makes me hope I never do. Whatever was in the cab stopped whatever was outside from getting to me. Locked van or not. Something wanted in. And someone helped me so it wouldn't.

Many trucks having stopped in layways in the area have stated hearing scratching, banging, something knocking on doors. Morning always shows ground with frost with strange marks clearly not human.

I've traveled that road hundreds of times driving g trucks and my cars. Stayed at motels mostly. Once at a Layway I saw what looked like another car (very old but in good condition) when I pulled in. When I parked and got out to stretch my legs. The car just wasn't there anymore. And the only way for it to go was to come past me the only entry and exit to the Layway. And it sure as hell didn't do that. (Where I stopped wasn't the same Layway).

* Rockford Tyne Lane near Sally On The Hill overpass: 11pm or there about:

Sally on the hill is a famous haunting spot in the road where a woman was killed in a car accident in the 1960s. She's said to haunt the area, but is harmless. Just wants a ride home.

The Rockford Tyne Lane is a well known rest and Layway for drivers. It's dead end backs up to the old unused road that was there before the freeway was built in 1950.

I am resting for the night and I here what sounds like a huge crunch and a smash of glass. Great I think some idjits had a car accident. But I couldn't hear a engine or people.

I go to get up to see if anyone needs help and a what feels like a soft touch of a hand on my arm gently pushed me back down. I know I wasn't dreaming I was playing on my phone waiting to be tired enough to sleep.

I go to get up again and again something carefully pushed me back down. Taking it as a warning I layed back down and eventually went back to sleep.

Next morning no signs of a car accident, no signs of broken glass, no damage to nearby roadway signs or trees. I walked around and looked hard.

Whatever I heard wasn't corporal formed. Scared the hell out of me.

*Another time driving trough a little village in Yorkshire. I had to swerve to avoid a car stopped broken down in the road. I thought I was going to hit a roadside sign when I felt the steering wheel in my hands turn quickly and stronger than I could do it (remember old truck and no power steering). This spirit again saved me from what was no doubt a nasty possibly serious injury and serious van damage by making sure the van avoided the solid sign post mounts and sign. I'm a 5' tall, 7 stone female. I couldn't have hauled that wheel that quickly and strongly if I'd made a bet. Something was looking out for me.

Other things too that are strange. Busted lock that in no way could have held the van back doors shut held the doors shut on bumpy roads for 4 hours. When I stopped for lunch and found the damage to the latch that had clearly been there a while. (Got home and found the broken clasp on the driveway. It had been broken off since I'd left home the day before).

Whatever had held the doors shut saved us loosing a lot of valuable antiques that weekend. Someone was definitely watching over me.

Friends have borrowed the van to move house. Had a tyre blow out. Something or someone stopped him loosing control of the van going over 70 on the freeway at the time. He felt the steering wheel in his hands move better and quicker than he could move it. It no doubt also saved his life. And stopped what could of been a nasty wreck.

Cold nights no heater (until I got one installed). The van was never cold. Not even in the worst raining night.

Too many other things to name. Too strange to be a coincidence. Maybe I think someone is very happy I restored this truck.

I'm not going to complain. They're great company. And can stick around however long they like.

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Nelson_but_not_Mandela (12 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-04)
This story is very interesting. My grandpa says that his Jaguar Vanden Plas will be mine when he passes away and that he will pull my hair if I don't take good care of it. I want grandpa to live forever. 😊
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-23)
ZeppelinChris, here's to a fellow patron saint of lost causes ❤️ Thank you for finding things and creatures that are lost, dusting them off and showing them a little love! I love antique/vintage things and an animal lover and it warms my heart to hear of someone rescuing either. It makes perfect sense to me that a former owner could stick with his truck - the car I have is still the first car I ever owned and it means a lot to me, I get it 😊 We adopted our last cat when she was 8 and her previous "dad" -who had passed away in hospital just after he had to surrender her- came with her and checked up on her from time to time (I think until he realized she had me firmly wrapped around her little paw).
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-22)
ZeppelinChriss - I read your previous submission together with this one and am very glad I did. It sounds as though the farm was successfully run at some stage and then unfortunately fell into disrepair.

Here's a scenario I like but that doesn't mean it necessarily happened that way: I don't believe you were ever meant to own that farm but your purchase of the truck was no coincidence. You were meant to have it, restore it and love it. The truck was also probably an integral part of the farming business in days gone by, so whoever had the responsibility of driving it and caring for it took their job very seriously.

Obviously it's all speculation but perhaps the driver/caretaker of the truck (not necessarily the owner) was firmly ensconced in that vehicle when it was removed and watched the restoration with much excitement and joy. He (?) also joins in on the trips and acts as guardian to whomsoever happens to be taking a road trip.

But one thing is for sure, you are being watched over and protected in that truck. If only it were possible to strike up a conversation with this entity and find out what the true situation is. Unfortunately we are simply left to wonder.

I wish you many more years of happy, safe driving with your mysterious passenger!

Regards, Melda
ZeppelinChriss (2 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-21)
If you see my first story about the barn and farm we got the truck from. It will let you know that unfortunately the truck and other antiques we got was from a dispersal of estate sale. Other words sadly there is no one left who can tell any of us about my Bedford Trucks history and past owners besides the little I was told by the estate agent.
I would like to have found out more but sadly I only know the last family that it had and they have all since passed away.
It dosent suprise me that the truck has a helpful spirit or two. Its clear to me the truck has been much loved over its lifetime. Housing it in a barn after they didn't have work for it. Better than out in the UK weather. Even if it was only a lean too.
The energy around the truck in general too is very calm and it feels like your very safe when out at a layby over night.
I know homes and jewellery and even much loved furniture take on owners good and bad energies. Why not a truck? I think so anyway...

Sounds like your man was very lucky himself. Its a serious and often very dangerous job driving and hauling. Helps sometimes to have a angel of the road at your side when sonething goes crazy.
I was lucky myself surviving a accident that had me retiring from driving trucks. Thats why I do the antiques thing now. I survived a roll over in the rain in Belguim in 2010. Truck hit a massive patch of black ice. Brakes failed. Hit an embankment and jack knifed. I'm lucky to br here. I was legally dead for 3 minutes. 5mths in a coma. Back broken in 2 places. Hips both broken. Had a year and change in physio and rehab. 8 opertaions. Metal in my hips and spine. But I'm ok.
I survived then too due to what I believe was a spirit of my late father and my grandpa who raised me (dad died while working as a rigger when I was 8mths old. Grandpa who raised me with my grandma were dads parents. Grandpa worked on and off a lot of his life driving trucks. He was a Carpenter by trade but helped family out driving trucks after WW2. Grandpa died of Cancer in 1998. Id looked after him his whole last year of life by myself) . I'm greatful beyond words whoever it is that's helping me.
I wouldn't change any of it for the world.

Maybe there is sonething in that. I rescue dogs and have in the past rescued other animals from abuse and other nasty things best not mentioned here.
So why not a truck. I have had a lot of things happen that many would call crazy in my time. Would anything suprise me now if you told meit was haunted and that its spirits were doing so much to make lives better once what it was attached to was rescued or given a new life. I don't think id even flinch. And tell you were lucky to have these spirits in your lives. And tell you to look after them back. And tell them from me at least. Thankyou.

Sorry for the long reply.
This site is fantastic.
And all of you readers etc. Are doing such brillant work and helping people like me so much.

Will write more stories of things I have experienced soon. Hope they are ok too.

LFrog1386 (1 stories) (73 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-20)
I certainly wouldn't complain if I had a guardian angel like that! My ex-husband was an over-the-road truck driver and we blew a steer tire at 70 miles per hour on a highway once and it took everything in his power to get that truck over to the shoulder without wrecking it and killing us both.

It sounds to me like you definitely have an angel looking out for you. Have you ever gone back to the previous owner to ask if a person died in that truck?
RCRuskin (9 stories) (829 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-20)
There is a bumper sticker I have seen regarding rescued pets, can't recall it exactly right now, but it is something along the lines of 'who rescued who'.

I think it applies here. You rescued a truck, and it has rescued you as well. Or the ghost of a previous owner, or something...

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