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Though this story may seem grand to some, this story is as true as I am. When I was 17 my Mother moved to a small town in Choiceland, Saskatchewan. The whole story begins when my mother and her partner bought and cultivated the yard next to their house.

While my Mother was tilling the soil they had just purchased a swarm of ground wasps engulfed her entire left arm and shoulder. Though this is not unheard of it is what happened next that was unusual. Obviously exited and uncertain my Mother ran into the house to begin the removal of the stingers. When she opened the door and climbed the 3 stairs to the kitchen she noticed that all the cupboard doors where wide open. She quickly dismissed this due to her current condition.

It was not until two mornings later when she woke up early and the house was still dark, she came down the hallway towards the kitchen only to hit her head on a cupboard. When she turned on the light she noticed that all of the cupboards were open. When her partner woke she described both occurrences to him, were he dismissed it as being the cat. Though my Mother did have one cat, he was 19 years old and had trouble getting on the couch let alone climbing onto the counters!

As time passed my mother noticed when she would wake she would usually find the cupboards open. And on many occasions the pictures on the wall would be moved around. Perhaps one of the earliest strangest occurrences was that she had some tomatoe plants growing under some plant lights in the basement bedroom waiting to be planted. It occurred to her that this bedroom was much to cold for these plants when she went to check on them and they were covered in ice. This prompted her to put a small space heater on the floor below them. But to no avail, the plants continued to be covered in ice. Needless to say she did not have tomatoes that year! That room was always ice cold and the cat Bart, whom I had mentioned before, refused to go in that room. In fact he rarely ventured down into the basement unless accompanied.

It also seemed whoever was doing these things was quite old fashioned. My Mother acquired a job at the Bar in town and had a few favorite shirts she liked to wear. Though one night she could not find one of her more provocative tops. After searching for a couple of days she gave up, thinking maybe her partner did not approve. It was not until she went to heat up some leftovers in the microwave that she found it neatly folded inside. It seems that would become the favored hiding place for him to stash things.

When her partner's two daughters came to visit was when things got quite apparent that something was going on. Let me just say now that these girls were quite unsavory. And if you were any self-respecting person you would not want to know them. One sister and her partner were asked to sleep in the basement room while the other couple slept in the spare room upstairs. In the morning when they awoke they noticed that the furniture in the basement had been turned to face the wall, as if to tell them they were not welcome to sit and stay. Now I can tell you from experience that the hide-a-bed that was in the basement was quite difficult to move.

The girls were quite excited about this and wanted to go to the town library (and records hall) to see if they could find out anything on the house. But when they went to put on their shoes they could not be found. Remembering her shirt, my mother told them to check the microwave. And there they were!

Now you can believe me or not on what I am about to tell you next, but my accounts are as accurate as can be remembered. I have been considered somewhat of a spiritual beacon. There have been many, many instances that I have been singled out, though some of those will be saved for other stories!

Now during the Christmas of 2000 I made the trip to Choiceland to visit my mother. My first night there as I was sitting up watching some late night television, when I heard somebody walking up the stairs. My Mothers house was old and at the top of the three stairs that led from the porch to the kitchen there was a very loud distinctive creek. For the next hour that creek was all I heard, as if somebody was standing there shifting their weight. But I never saw anyone.

The next day my Mother and I were making a roast, as we were cutting up the vegetables we could watch the oven dial slowly turning up. We had to yell at him to stop this. After all we would not want to burn it! He seemed to change things all over the house, more so than usual. Then came the whistling. You could here it plain as day, though I can not remember the tune. He would whistle all day down in the basement and the only time it would stop is when my mother's partner would come home from work.

My mother told me that he was much more active while I was there. He even seemed to want to invite me into his room. Now working at the bar my mother was usually gone at night. So I would sit downstairs in front of the computer. Often the door to the bedroom would open wide followed by a great chill. What was quite odd was that I had forgone using there computer chair for a large high back chair they had sitting in the corner.

This chair they had originally planned on putting in the bedroom in the basement, but after a few attempts they realized that it would not fit. But one night I went downstairs to use the computer, only to noticed that my chair was missing. I looked all over the basement for it, but it was not until I looked in the spare room that I found it. We actually had to take it apart to get it out of that room.

We found out that there had been a young man named Denis that lived there. In his mid thirties he had died in that house after a long battle with cancer. He had moved his room to the basement because it was cool down there, and he often suffered from fevers. Unfortunately my Mother no longer resides in that house. But there are many times we wonder if anyone else has had experiences with Denis.

Though I have only mentioned half of the things that occurred in that house. I think now you can understand that we KNOW that house was haunted. And we are very grateful for the happy experiences there.

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ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-20)
Wow that sure was a very scary but exciting story thank you for sharring it with us. I have heard that spirits leave cold spots in homes and all but never were they this cold as you described it in the basment. Very interesting. Thanks again for sharring. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
aherr (4 stories) (46 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-19)
Maybe Denise still thinks he alive. He's probably thinking that you guys are ghosts and you have been moving things and maybe scaring him too.

Have you guys seen the movie "The Others?" By Nicole Kidman. It was a really great twist at the end. 😲
Lisamaxw (92 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-16)
Wow! I've really enjoyed reading your accounts about "Dennis the Menace." (Although he doesn't appear overly menacing, does he? Other than wiping out your tomato plants, nothing particularly threatening seemed to happen.) From what you've written, it seems that Dennis was merely looking for acknowledgement. Maybe -- because he was sick -- he didn't have a lot of human interaction in his last months, so he was hanging out in the house to just enjoy being around people?
Timesobserver (1 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-16)
You know, at first I thought it was your mother's partner fooling around and teasing her. But when I heard how you would often hear whistling while your mother's partner was at work, that sealed the deal. I guess you can call me a skeptical believer.

It really sounds as if you had some very interesting experiences. I'm glad they were all nice ones.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-16)
That was definitely a pleasurable read and an account of some very exceptional occurrences! That house was thriving with energy!

I'll be looking forward to reading more of your stories D! Thanks for joining us.

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