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Houses Are Evil Too


My name is David and I am from Delhi. I am happily married with a beautiful and loving wife and a loving kid. I have read a lot of stories here on this website, after a lot of discussion with my wife and after a lot of consideration I want to share my personal experience with you all today. I know many of you all would not believe this, thinking as a horror movie, however each and everything I say here is absolutely true and we have experienced it in our lives. My story is quite long as I want to share each and every detail, So I have divided my story in parts. Lets jump into the story.

Me and my wife met through an SMS in the year 2011, and after years of dating we happily got married in 2014. Our parents happily accepted us. And we started our marriage journey. After a year my wife was expecting and our parents were very happy about it, But I didn't know how to react or what is it like becoming a father. We were staying in Gurgaon at that time. My dad was an alcoholic and my mom got a job in a new city and she had to leave us and go. So the remaining people in the house was my wife, me, my dad and my younger brother. As my dad was an alcoholic my younger got into bad company and we decided to separate.

It was just me and my wife in a rented house in Gurgaon. My wife was in full time and I was working in a rotational job, that's why I couldn't give much time at home, so I told my wife to go to her mother's place and stay there for some time. My mother in law was a senior nurse in AIIMS Delhi. My wife went for a few days and then returned back home in Gurgaon.

When she saw the house it was just in a mess as I didn't take care of my house properly. My drunkard dad told my mom lies about me and wife, how we disrespected him and younger brother and that's why they separated from us. My mom believed my dad's lies and didn't talk to us at all as she thought my wife was the reason for us separating, however it wasn't true. We separated because of my dad's drinking habits and my younger brother's bad friends and habits.

My mother in law was also going to retire soon. My father-in-law used to travel from Laxmi Nagar to Dwarka everyday to take care of their son's daughter means (granddaughter). And whoever stay in Delhi know that Laxmi Nagar to Dwarka is quite far and commuting everyday by metro especially for a senior citizen can be really tough. So my father-in-law and Mom-In-Law decided to sell their own house in Laxmi Nagar and shift to some place nearby to Dwarka. The house that they sold, they put it in a real estate project which really didn't start off and they lost a lot of their fortune in the process. My mother-in-law and father-in-law had a word with my wife for her and me to shift with them in a rented place as in this way my mother-in-law could take care of my wife as well also if there was an emergency, a knowledgeable nurse was there.

Since my wife was in full time and due date was coming soon, I thought it would be the best for us to stay together.

So we started to search for houses near Dwarka within our budget, we saw many houses but none of them was what we were looking for, as we had a lot of goods in both Laxmi Nagar and Gurgaon home. Since my parents weren't not on talking terms with us and then rent also in Gurgaon was too high and my wife needed constant care. We decided to shift.

After a lot of searching, a relative of my mother-in-law advised us that she knows a house, like what we are looking for and it was in UTTAM NAGAR. People who stay in West Delhi know that Uttam Nagar has cheaper rent and very near to Dwarka.

I am really sorry for such a long tale, But I want to share every detail.

So we went to see the house; me, my wife, Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law, relative and the real estate agent.

Let me describe to you the house, it was a 4 BHK house with a huge balcony a big kitchen and a big hall. Near the Balcony there was an old tree, that had green leaves for very few months only, and sun light didn't enter the room. We saw each corner of the house. It was just the house that we were looking for big rooms with big almirahs and storage space.

Now people in Delhi know that rent for such us a big house is around 20 to 25000 INR per month however the rent we were paying was just 9500 INR. We were very happy to hear this. We were overjoyed that we finally found a house in our budget and we started the shifting work from Gurgaon and Laxmi Nagar. Even though my mum and us were not on talking terms she still came to help us with the packing and I told my mom that soon you will learn of the truth and we bid our goodbyes and started our journey toward Uttam Nagar, we were all very excited as all of us going to stay together as a family. I was happy because I would get the love and respect from my Father-In-law that I always wanted from my father. We entered the house and started the unloading our stuff.

It was our first evening in the new rented house and I don't know what happened my Father-In-Law and me got into an argument. But after sometime I became quiet because I was doing everything for my wife as she needed the most care, and I didn't have that much money or any insurance to take care of her pregnancy. I started cleaning the whole 4 BHK house put the stuff in the respective rooms, put the heavy mattress on the bed and had some dinner and ended our first day at the new place.

Now the nightmare begins.

Day 2 next to our room was the room of my Mother-In law and father-in-law it was a big room towards the inside as adjacent to the room was a store room. Now there was a strange phenomenon in my in laws' room that it stayed icy cold even during summers, and just that room stayed icy cold rest all the room stayed hot as it was summer. Imagine it used to stay so cold that they had to use winter blankets in summer. We started our day to day chores and again me and my father in law got into a verbal spat all of a sudden.

Soon we started noticing behaviour changes, like a lot of fighting in the house, my father in law and me couldn't even stand each other's presence. It was so much of hatred that we wished each other death. Now matters became more sinister in this place we could see worms all of a sudden come out of places, the vegetables we used to buy in morning and by evening they would be rotten. We used to buy milk in morning and by evening it used to rot even inside the fridge.

The due date was coming for my wife and she was admitted in AIIMS. By the grace of God we were blessed with a baby boy. After a few days my wife came home. And again the fighting would start.

One day my wife was in the kitchen cooking my Father-In-Law wasn't at home and we saw a dark cloud like shadow pass by the kitchen and it went to my In-laws' room and I saw it. My wife came running out and she told me did you see it and I said yes. One day I came home and my landlord was at my place standing outside he asked us are you all okay? I said yes we are all okay, later we found it really strange that he asked this.

One day my landlord came up again and told us never ever go on the roof. It was like those danger situation warnings. Even when I had to put my own TATA SKY he followed us up to the roof, there was a small room on the roof that used to stay closed at all times.

So many times at night we saw all the family members of the Landlord would go on the roof, around 1 to 2 in the night. I don't know what they used to do on the roof.

At times we could hear banging on the roof, someone is walking on the roof in the middle of the night.

These nightmares was just the start, the worst was yet to come.

Me and my wife started noticing a lot behaviour changes when we were out of the house and when we were in the house. We being Christians and God fearing we wanted to get a prayer done in the house, but some or some situation came in and it was never done. It was like the house was tormenting us and stopping us from getting the prayer done. We were turning evil day by day having hatred for each other, started having nightmares, everyday fights etc.

Our lives changed when all of a sudden my Mother-In-Law stopped eating, and taking her daily BP medicines. Within a few days she was admitted in the hospital and she was starting to recover but we don't know what happened in just 10 days my Mother-In-Law passed away. Me and my wife were shocked. Before she passed away my father-in-law was in the hospital and he told us that she's recovering we were happy by the news and we prayed for her good health, but right at 3:00 AM my son stood up and started crying and shouting NANI NANI NANI. And we told him baby Nani will be fine. And around 5 to 6 AM we got the news she's no more. My wife was shattered because she loved her mom so much, her mom was like her best friend. And I even loved my mother-in-law so much.

We did her funeral and we came back to the house. The worst was still yet to come.

I started having an affair with a girl at my workplace, however I am not that kind of person who will deceive someone that to my wife whom I love so dearly. Slowly slowly our relationship even got thinner and thinner and we broke all ties with each other. My wife was shattered again for the 2nd time as her husband was having an affair. Soon we both started getting selfish and thought about ourselves then thinking about the baby. Soon I lost my Job, and the financial pressure started building up. I was jobless, my wife wasn't working, and my father-in-law was also not working so it was just me taking care. Soon whatever money I had I spent it on myself and the girl. It was like it wasn't me, it was like I was enjoying being evil. I started searching for jobs, I used to work for a month and then get fired. My rents pending, grocery bills pending. Everything pending. One day I was out of the house and God woke me up from my sleep and told me what am I doing to my life and others lives. He made me realize that I have sinned and someone else is using me as a vessel. I asked forgiveness from my wife, she didn't forgive me so easily as I had shattered her trust. Whenever we wanted to talk to each other we used to talk out of the house as if the house was listening to us. I told my wife that this house is turning us evil because we are very happy like a beautiful family out of the house once we are in we become something else. It was pure evil. That house was even colder after my mother-in law's passing.

We had a full time maid to take care of my son, as my wife had joined a new office. However she even didn't want to stay with us. As she said in the balcony she could see shadows and a horse face demon like creature and hard stomping on the roof. She even left and never came back.

I started making ways to win my wife's trust back, our house started getting more and more evil with every given day. We started feeling more and more heavy in the house. I had lost all of my money. My Father-in-law rebuked me. Soon he started rebuking my son. He would be extremely rude to my son.

There was a place behind our rooms wherein we put our washing machine, the kitchen had a door to that place, my room had a door and even my in laws had a door. One day I saw in the evening my father-in-law took my son to the place and just put him out there. And over there there were mosquitos, worms, lizards etc. My son was crying and my wife came and took my son to my room.

We had a picture of my mother-in-law that I had got made with a gold frame as a tribute gift. My wife would never look at the photo and she would say that photo had red eyes and it was evil. My wife told me that whenever she looked at the photo it seemed like she was looking at the photo of the devil itself. My wife even had nightmares of that photo that it was watching her and following her.

One day after all the final rites were done for my Mom-In-Law, we came home and my wife and me came to clean up the house for a prayer meeting that evening, as Christians do have prayer meeting after someone's passing. My wife heard her mother call out to her, when she called out once, my wife thought just an imagination, then again she called out, my wife didn't turn back, and again the 3rd time my wife heard the call. In Christians if someone calls out 3 times from behind don't look back as it considered evil. It is a mocking to the TRINITY.

Even in the prayer meeting one of my wife's cousin just like that fainted for no reason at all. There was alcohol in the prayer meeting which shouldn't have been there. As alcohol is a sin.

Me and my wife realized that this house was pure evil and we need to put a stop to this. Me, my wife and my son went one evening out for a walk and I told her I want to change from here as this house is pure evil. My wife soon understood this.

We went home and my wife told her Father, and her Father said this. I am not making this up. These were the exact words. He said:

HOUSES DON'T ATTACK PEOPLE OR MAKE THE PEOPLE BAD, WE SAID NO THIS HOUSE IS EVIL. BECAUSE OF THIS HOUSE WE LOST OUR MOTHER AND HE SAID HOUSES DON'T KILL PEOPLE BUT PEOPLE DO. We were shocked to hear this and decided that we really need to get out of here or we will lose all our family members one by one, starting would be with father-in-law and it will continue.

So one day with an excuse we took our father-in-law out for some work and we showed him a new place we would rent. He immediately said no need to rent, I will buy you a house as my Father-in-law would get every month pension after my mother-in-law's passing. My Father-In-Law started even searching only when he was out of the house, when he was in the house he was a different person.

He found a house and he showed us the house. I saw it, it was a small house a 2 bedroom set, I immediately said yes to it. I thought that he was just joking about buying the house. I said how much rent he said no rent I am buying this house for you all. We were in tears. Soon the paper work was done and my father-in-law paid the whole amount for the house. Now we informed the landlord, that we are emptying the house so he started troubling us with bills and all. He tried to scare us even as the landlords were advocates. But we were adamant for leaving. We did the packing, the extra stuff from my in laws side some we gave to the maid some we put in my father-in-laws Old Delhi house. And my stuff packed, my Father-in-law got the renovation done for the new house and we shifted. When we shifted to our own home we were in tears because of the torments we went through, Our mother we lost. And so much of evil.

We entered our new place and got a proper prayer meeting done in our home. We made it a rule to daily say our prayers together as a family and no alcohol or any such thing.

Till date we even don't go near that house, we are even scared to even look at it.

From a nearby shop I got to know that new tenants occupied the home, however the same thing happened with that family and there was a fire and people of the family left the house with a few of their stuff that was there to never return. Till date the house is empty, And people say that this house is evil. However downstairs the owners are still there waiting for new TENANTS.

I am sorry if the story became so long, as I wanted to provide each and every detail. This story is absolutely true. Thank you once again, stay safe stay blessed.


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bryandavid019 (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 months ago (2024-01-12)
Hi Spooderman, I can vouch for that, that houses do turn evil if something sinister has happened or is happening in the house. I did mention that the house was on rent. And the landlords used to go on the roof in the night, there was a room there and they used to be upto something. And they used to go there everynight around 12 to 02 in the night. They even had prohibited us from going on the roof. Also one of their sister had died in the same house where we used to stay
Spooderman (1 stories) (12 posts)
4 months ago (2024-01-09)
Hi there!

Spooderman here with a suggestion of possible reasons for the consequences you've faced in that house. In my opinion, it's not the house that's haunted, it might just be the previous tenants or the house's history. A house can never be evil unless someone has done something to it. I've heard many cases like this where certain areas and places have caused people several misfortunes. The root of these causes are mostly related to black magic and witchcraft.
A very common example could be the conjuring house, which to this day could not be cleansed properly. That house is considered extremely dangerous as it was once a lair of witchcraft and evil. The fact that the landlords were trying to sell your house in such a low price makes sense why it was haunted. So my advice would be to always be careful when buying things such as houses. May God protect us all. Peace.
bryandavid019 (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 months ago (2023-11-20)
[at] Rajine... The house did have an influence on us and our lives... Until now we think about it and it gives us chills... I tried finding out what was there in the room but whenever I went into the room... I used to feel so so so cold I used to go all numb and my head would just start paining. Also on the roof we tried finding out... But the landlord always had it locked... There was a room on the roof that used to stay locked. And landlords would often visit the room on the roof at night only... We were so scared to go even on the roof.
Rajine (14 stories) (795 posts)
7 months ago (2023-10-05)
While I do believe that houses can be haunted by ghosts and other entities, and can harm and manipulate, but not influence, some of the things I believe you chose to do.

I wonder what was in that room on the roof, did you try finding out?
talib (58 posts)
8 months ago (2023-10-02)
Very terrifying experience, glad to know you escaped from the evil lurking in that house. Thanks for sharing, after a very long time seeing a story approved by mods from India, thanks to mods as well. 😊

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