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Nursing Home 1st Experience


Hey y'all! I'm new to the group, and wanted to say Thanks for having me! I love reading your stories during my down time! I have one I'd like to share as well.

I work in a nursing home. I have a resident who has had a lot of falls recently, so I was told to sit in the hall to his room. (There are two of us on each floor, so we each get a hall with about 10 residents.) I'm sitting there reading for a bit while it's quiet (I work 3rd shift), and I hear him talking. I'm thinking he's just talking in his sleep. Well a couple seconds later he pushes his call light, and I walk around the corner.

Me: "Hey Mr. *****, what can I do for ya?"

Him: "Oh I don't know, what did that girl want that was just in here? She was just standing there starring at me, and wouldn't tell me what she needed."

Me: "Well, I'm sitting right outside in your doorway, I know that no one came in that I saw."

Him: "Well I know I saw her there she was just looking at me, when I tried to talk to her."

Me: "Hmm I don't know, I'll ask the other girl that's here with me if she came in, what did she look like?"

Him: "Oh she had dark messed up hair, I don't know, her uniform was a bit different than yours though, she was kind of younger."

(That night I had my hair in a tight bun, and the other girl never came to my side, plus she had blonde hair and it was tied up tight as well.)

Me: " Ok, well I'm going to sit back in your door way, and I'll make sure no one comes in, so you can sleep."

Well... Even though I was creeped out, I thought it could've just been a hallucination or a dream. Except...!

Later that night after I had told the girl I was working with what has happened... She came back and told me that, one of the residents on her side that she was tending to, told her that the girl in her room would not leave her alone, she had dark hair as well, and wouldn't leave even when she asked her too!


Lol just a little creeped out!

If y'all made it this far, Thank You!

This was about 4 years ago, I no longer work there.

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Rajine (14 stories) (718 posts)
3 weeks ago (2024-02-11)
It could have been a passing spirit, or a resident one, but from reading your story, doesn't seem to be angry, vengeful or malevolent.
Mbcmsj6 (2 stories) (2 posts)
3 weeks ago (2024-02-09)
Hello! I was there at
Bout 2 1/2 years. A lot of encounters. I'll share what I remember
. But, as far as I know the facility was built about 2-4 years before I started. It was a new place. So I'm unaware of the foundation it was built on. We opened windows anytime someone passed. But, I've had a lot I've experienced in that place. I wish I still worked there. But, I don't. I'm in a different place now. I only have a weird feeling in the employee rooms. Not the rest of the building. I'll look up your posts! Thank you! 😊
Linjahaha (20 stories) (103 posts)
3 weeks ago (2024-02-09)
Mbcmsj6: Interesting account. Very interesting. I, too, work in a senior healthcare facility. If you get a chance read my post about it.
This sounds like a ghost visitation, but of whom? Do you know any historical background on the facility? It might behoove you to look into it. You 'may' get some idea as to what might have happened there in the past.
Again, very good read. Thanks!

All the Best! 😁 😁

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