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This happened on the property next to the Crater of Diamonds in Murfreesboro, Arkansas.

My wife at the time, my two step sons, (one being a big hockey player), and I went to Crater of Diamonds to dig/sift for diamonds. This was in 2002. A big creek separated The Crater of Diamonds and the property we stayed at overnight.

We stayed overnight on the property next door, which rented tee-pees and one cabin, which the cabin was built on top of posts. We first rented a tee-pee thinking it was pretty cool, which it was, but my wife wasn't crazy about it, so I went to the office to see if the cabin was available, it was. So we moved our stuff into the cabin.

I'm 6 ft even and I could walk under the cabin with a couple of feet of clearance still above my head.

There wad no grass under the cabin. It started misting heavy and began a steady light sprinkling. The ground got wet under and around the cabin to where you'd see footprints if you were to walk across the dirt area.

We were in the cabin, just sitting around talking. We had pulled our shoes off before entering the cabin due to the rain and mud.

I was the only one sitting on the bed. It had only a board nailed to the wall for about a one ft tall headboard. I was leaning against the wall and had my head against the wall. All of a sudden, something hit the wall about two feet above my head. It sounded like a sledgehammer had hit the wall, flat as a pancake, and as hard as you could swing it.

Now, the floor of the cabin is around 8 ft off the ground, the bed was a couple of feet off of the floor, and from my butt to the top of my head, at least 3 ft. So this wall got hit at least 13 ft off of the ground outside!

As soon as it happened, my step son (the hockey player), and I threw on our shoes and ran down the stairs to the area around and under the cabin. It only took us maybe 30 seconds to get down there after the hit happened.

We expected to find someone running away, footprints in the mud, or something laying on the ground that may have been thrown.

NOTHING. NO SIGN OF ANYTHING OR ANYONE! Later that night, we heard something outside. My wife and I went outside on the deck with our 35mm camera. The woods were around maybe 50 ft from the cabin. We heard rustling in the woods. We started shooting pictures at random. Only a couple of pictures had orbs. One with maybe 5 or 6 orbs. The other had probably 30 to 40 orbs, no joke. Then, one other picture had no orbs at all, but there was a tracer at the edge of the woods. It appeared to be around 6 to 7 ft long, pink for about half if the length, then fading into purple for the rest of it's length.

The tracer blocked out 2 trees behind it and one tree in front of the tracer blocked out the tracer as it was apparently weaving through the trees. It wasn't visible to the naked eye. It was only in the picture.

When we got home, we put the pictures on the computer and printed out an orb picture and enlarged it. The orb had multi pastel transparent colors with what seemed to be the shape of a face in the middle of the colors. Couldn't make out the face exactly.

We told the owner of the property what had happened and he didn't show any emotion or really comment or even apologize for the activity.

Of course, through divorce, my wife got the pictures.

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Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-04-26)
Hi lwgrn4real66

In one of my accounts, (I think it was 'Unwelcome at the Cottage'), my husband Rex and I heard loud raps on the window above our heads, just before midnight. That cottage wasn't underneath any trees either. It sounds like someone was trying to get your attention. Or maybe a friendly spirit was chasing something unwelcome away?

It's amazing to get those photos of orbs. Such a shame you lost them after your split with the ex. Do you remember what colours the orbs were? I've read that the colours have various meanings. It would be interesting to know if someone had been trying to send you a message from beyond.

Thanks for sharing your fascinating experience.

lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-19)
Yes. The lack of emotion was very unusual. It was weird almost right at my head! Just felt like a couple of feet away. It made my head bounce a couple of inches off the wall.

I've never experienced anything like that before. I've been touched, backed into stuff in the middle of a yard that wasn't there when I turned around, all kinds of weird experiences. Nothing has ever tried to hurt me that I'm aware of. Alot of scary stuff though has happened. On my sister's property I was living at for a bit, in my camper, I would hear people whispering outside the windows and it would sound like knives scraping the windows trying to get the windows unlocked. It would stop when my wife would come into the front room while it would be happening to me up front. Anyways, sorry. That'll be another experience to write about. Thanks for reading and all feedback and questions.
lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-19)

Thanks for reading! I should get into looking more at the histories of the properties I've experienced things at like this. I just tell what I saw, heard, or felt.

The tracer I took as maybe an Indian spirit. I was and still am a TV and YouTube ghost hunter/investigator junkie! Lol.

You never really know if some, if not all of that is real or not on those series. I know you're like me, when you truly experience real paranormal activities, you never, ever forget not one second of the event no matter how long it's been since it happened. I guess unless maybe we could have experienced more than we do even think we remember. Weird stuff!

Take care! 😁
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-19)
The lack of emotion from the landlord is a dead giveaway, he definitely knows something that you don't regarding that area, who knows what it could have been a long time ago, ancient burial ground, sacred reserve, etc... But one thing is certain, that it seems to be a very concentrated area for ghostly activity.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (137 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-19)
lwgrn4real: This sounds like an interesting experience, & you were not the sole witness to it.
Did you research the history of the land itself? The landlord seems to know something, but isn't saying anything. I wonder.
If you look into it you may learn something about it. Just a suggestion here. Very interesting read!

All the Best! 😊 😁

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