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My Grandma Comes to Visit


My grandmother died about 3 or 4 years ago. But I believe that she is still here, in my house, because we have her earn. My friends always come over to my house, and they each say that they feel like they're being watched. One time, one of my friends came over to watch a movie, and during it, I would notice that she would look around the room. I finally asked her if she was ok, and she said that she would keep getting the chills. So we just forgot about it, and tried to finish watching the movie, but about 15 minutes later, she got more chills, and we both felt like there was someone else in the room. So, I told her that I always thought my grandmother was haunting my house. She told me that it was probably her, and she insisted that I introduce her to my grandma. I looked straight ahead, and said "Grandma, this is my best friend Hannah". Then we sat there in silence, and my friend said that she felt better. So we resumed watching the movies. Once it was time to go, my friend said that my grandma just wanted to know who she was. I thought to myself that my grandmother is just trying to protect me.

Now, every time a new friend come over to my house, and they say that they get the chills, I just introduce them to my grandma.

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Francois (220 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-19)
Dear jess,

I have to admit, I liked the story very much. It is always good to know that death is never a boundary. Aside from that it is good to hear that your grandmother is protective of you. She ensures safety from other ghosts.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. God bless you and take care.


Nightshade (40 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-22)
My Grandfather died in a car accident, and visits me everyday, passing on an heirloom. When I took this one, I held it in my hand. It was black gemstone. I felt it was especially different from the others. I felt like a force was telling me to bury it. I went into my frontyard at midnight and dug a hole. I tossed it in, and closed up the hole. I walked back inside. That happened 98 times. When I was about to put the last one in, I realized that the amount of gemstones was the age my Grandfather died at. I dropped the stone, and ran inside. My Momasked why I was so flushed. I answered with an "I'm just playing a prank," look. She turned around, and continued to wash the dishes. Just to tell you, I moved in with my Mom, so the bad dreams would stop. I ran into my room, finding my Grandfather's dead body on my bed. I froze in fear and shock. I screamed. My Momcame rushing in, and saw. She phoned 911 immediatly. Then, I saw some lumps under my matress. I looked under, and saw all the gemstones. I removed one. And my Grandfather's body was gone. I put it back, and it still wasn't there. I felt as though someone were breathing on my neck. I slowly turned around, and saw my Grandfather's decapitated body, standing there. "I'm sorry..." He said, quietly. "I didn'y know what I was doing..."
Nightshade (40 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-22)
My Great Aunt Henna died right when I was born. I never got to meet her, but I feel like I've known her for all eternity. One night, I had a dream that she was strangling me. It was somewhat similar to my drowming dream I had, because again, I woke up gasping for breath. I realized I hadn't brushed my teeth, so I decided to. I was squinting when I turned on the bathroom light. When I went in there, I looked in the mirror, and saw hand marks on my neck. I called Matt, my new boyfriend. He said it was just a bad dream, and I probably was choking myself. I took his answer and went back to sleep. A couple minutes later, I was rudely awakened by a minor scream from the apartment hallway. I woke up, irritated. I got up and picked up the phone. I called Matt again. He said it was just because my aunt was trying to let me know that she was there. Again, I took his answer, and went backt o sleep. An hour later, I heard a knock on my door. I got up to get it, when I swore I was having hallucinations. I saw my deceased dog, Heather, sitting on the floor, staring at me. I shook it off, and went into the kitchen. I saw my cat, Kibbles, on the counter, eating a bird. I ran toward the door and tripped on something, falling. I hit my face on the floor, and fell into a coma. When I woke up, I discovered that I tripped on Kayle's heart.

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