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My Little Brother's Guardian


This happened in the summer of 2006. It was during the day, I'd say around 3:35pm at least, I'm guessing. The sun was out, and there was a lot of traffic and kids playing around outside. My little brother had a few friends over to play. My mom was busy talking to some of the neighbors, and my dad was helping out with the plumbers in the bathroom because we where getting it fixed up. My older brother was out with his girlfriend for the day, and I'd say this was a Friday, I don't know why but I have the feeling it was.

Everything seemed normal, I was on my bed sorting out all the pictures that were all under my bed, and my mom told me to clean them out. My little brother came up constantly to get some of the toys out of the toy box at the end of my bed, and I got slightly annoyed because me and my mom had a little fight that day and I wasn't in the mood for anyone.

My mom comes up to show one of the neighbors the new wardrobes we had just got in, I made an angry sort of face and continued to sort out the pile of pictures or photos. Again and again my brother came up, and I quickly got real annoyed. He dropped a load of toys all over the floor, "I'm not picking them up!" I yelled, "clean it up now or I won't let you in my room again". As I gave out, I looked over my brother, and just outside the room on the landing floor stood a very attractive blond haired lady with a modern day white top, like a cardigan and a red end dress just past her knees. I didn't say anything to her, I thought she was a friend of my mom's so I wasn't scared. She however made an odd sort of face at me, it was the kind of face enough to say "don't talk to him like that" or "you're a very mean sister". I made a face enough to say "ah well whatever" back to her.

Then I decided to help my brother because I didn't want to make a bad impression. Everything was clean, "Now that's grand, try not to keep coming up" I said. The lady was gone. Later I went down stairs, "Why where all the neighbors in the house!" I said to my mom. She was cleaning the counter, "I brought Alan's (my brother's friend) mother up to see the wardrobe". I looked, "who was that other one then?" I said, and I wasn't expecting the reply I got, "There was no one else" she said. I didn't get scared but I repeatedly kept saying that there was, and soon my mom was annoyed and said "you will end up scaring your brother, stop that nonsense!"

Over the next few day's, my mom spoke to me, and told me to tell her the story when my little brother wasn't around, she decided to get the house blessed again, but of course she was only doing it to make me feel better, and every time I bring up the story, she laughs, and so does my older brother. My dad suggested with a little laugh "If It was a ghost, it was your brother's guardian angel. After all, she wasn't impressed with the mean comments you gave your poor little brother".

I never saw her again, but I often get a little feeling I'm being watched, especially around David, my brother.

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Buttons4me (guest)
17 years ago (2007-02-26)
Its ok, oh and bye the way, i'm orla, that story was written before I registered so my first name came up.
SUNisRISINGforACE (2 stories) (2 posts)
17 years ago (2007-02-25)
That's kind of creepy, but cool. Maybe you have a guardian angel, too. Haha. That would be cool. Sorry, I'm feeling a tad hyper. =)

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