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The Irish Holiday Ghost


Just 3 years ago, in 2004, me and my family went on a two weeks holiday to the Holiday center in Cork. Anyone from Ireland will know Trabolgan, the holiday center. We arrived there, and our little cottage-like house we had to stay in wasn't cleaned at all properly from the maids and it looked like a house from the dark ages. There was me, my older brother Paul, David, my little brother, my parents, my cousin Jamie, and my aunt Katharine. The center was more for children then adults or teenagers, so it was between me and my brother to watch over our little brother and his cousin.

The town had a show on each night for the kids, and we would all go around, the adults would usually have a drink for themselves, while a children's show was on. However, David and Jamie got tired one night, so my mom made a suggestion "Paul has had the kids long enough, it's your turn to watch them". So Paul went off into town to go to a dance hall or something. "Bring the kids back to the house and put on a film, or draw". So I did. The cottage was stuck onto houses and from the back entrance, there was only one little tiny gap to get out or in and a large circular green. As we took the "BACK" entrance, there wasn't a soul in sight, no kids, no nothing, most of the house lights where off, and you could hear crickets.

I opened the back sliding door and went in with Dave and Jamie. We were there for about 5 minutes, when I heard a knock on the back door. The door was made of glass and the curtains where shut. I was expecting to see my mom at the door, but when I opened it there was no one there. I looked out and around the side, but it was pitch black and real quiet. You could see the forest over some of the houses, it was actually spooky. I suspected it to be kids playing. I went in and closed the door behind me, but just as I walked away, I leapt out of my shoes because the bang on the window was as if someone had given it a bang hard enough to try and break the glass. Ghosts weren't on my mind, I was so scared I thought it was a murderer. I took Dave and Jamie into the bathroom, I wanted to run and go back down to the show where my mom was, but I was scared. David then got scared because he saw the look on my face. I then got up my courage and went right out the back door. To my surprise, it was completely quiet, and bare. No lights on, no one in sight, not even down the road we where walking.

I told my mom, and she said, "well, don't worry we're all going back anyway, it was probably just kids". A few days later, everything that could go wrong went wrong, it was as if the house was cursed, there was no banging or ghost apparitions, it was just plain bad luck. Something that my family never do is leave a holiday early. We packed our bags, and headed off as quick as we could. The morning we left, tiny insects formed all over the skirtings of the windows, I actually got that on cam.

If you have any quieries please leave a message or contact me at Grega161 [at] hotmail [dot] com

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bizzjoe (1 stories) (162 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-14)
i sometimes hear people knocking on the front door or ringing the bell early in the morning... But I never answer because of pure laziness...
Tabbie (3 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-25)
can you load the photo? I would love to see this, I' sorry for your shortened vacation.

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