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Awake, But Cannot Move


Hi, my name's Al.

This is my story, and I'm sticking to it! No one I tell, believes me, so let me share.

About 3 months ago, I moved into a new house. It was built in 1979, so it's not actually THAT old. Since I have been in this new house, I hear noises of all kinds throughout the night. I try to put an object to the sound. "Oh that's the boiler, or Oh, that's the house settling, or the coffee pot, or the stove, or the dishwasher". I'm still quite unsure of the sounds, but it helps me to sleep better, kind of...

Well, like I said, I have been here for only 3 months. In this time, I have woken up at night to about 3 instances that I can remember. I'm absolutely terrified! I can't move, I can't open my eyes, I can't do anything. I know I'm awake, because I am thinking to myself while this is happening to me: "Oh god, here we go"..."Open your eyes"..."Sit up in bed".

I feel as if something is almost like hovering over me. I mean, I can sense "something". I'm not sure what it is. My body shakes uncontrollably during this process, well, let me re-phrase. It's more like the feeling of shivering in the bitter cold, but I'm not cold. It's a "massive" shivering. Not just a chill. I don't feel anything heavy on my chest, like other stories, I don't hear any breathing, I don't see, or hear anything. I can just "sense" something over me. Almost like this entity, or whatever it is, is instilling this fear into me. Like I said, I can absolutely do nothing when this happens. I am at a total loss for what I can do. I'm not very superstitious, so I'm wary of water under the bed, etc.

Its funny no one believes me, not even my g/f. She claims she can sense the deceased. For instance, we were in our kitchen in our previous house, and she got really quiet. I asked her what the matter was, and she said nothing. I repeatedly asked her if something was wrong. She randomly blurted out, "Think of me more often". "Huh, I said!" She kind of snapped out of whatever she was in, and said, "This message was meant for you". "Uh, ok, I said". What's going on? She tells me, someone told her to tell me to think of him more often. She then goes into explaining to me how this person was sitting. I freaked out, because it was the way my friend used to sit in my Volkswagen beetle. She didn't know him, as he was a friend from before I even met her. He was my best man in my wedding 8 years earlier, and he died in a car accident.

So, my point is, SHE doesn't even believe me that this is happening to me. I would expect her of all people, who claims she has this small gift, to at least be sympathetic to what I tell her, and I get no rise out of her. Almost like she thinks I'm kidding.

SO is this a spirit? Is this some sort of sleep paralysis? I'm completely open for any suggestions on this. I don't like to sleep in my bedroom anymore since this happened to me. I find myself almost opening my eyes at random times, expecting something to be visible. If there's anyone out there, that has had this happen to them, and knows how to stop it, please respond. Anything, please! =)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Killagear5000 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-19)
I had to make an account after reading your post. But I too have had some of this happen to me when I was 11 or 12. I used to live in a not to old house and I moved from Conway to cabot in arkansas on 507 South Lincoln street. My sister and I would run around the house and we were adding on to the back which of course I would run through a hole in the wall to escape quickly of her to run back around the house. Well I had a dream that a ghost with red eyes would play as my sister and instead of being daytime it was nighttime in my dream. Then I seen a little brown dog at my front door of my bed when I woke up. So let's get a lay of the house right quick. Picture a front door and my bedroom right there. Usually it should be the living room but we added a wall between the living room and my mom's room. So my room was kind of like a big closet. The front door was blocked by my bed which the headboard was right there on the door. So my bed points towards my bedroom door to the hallway and kitchen. I can see the kitchen slash hallway. Very creepy right. Well at night I would here coffee mugs or something going on in the kitchen at night. Well when I woke up that morning I followed that dog through the kitchen to the laundry room then it disappeared. And then I had a dream of my brother standing at the front of my bedroom door staring at me and then he turned into a zombie looking thing and I got sucked into my pillow. Now when I got sucked into the pillow I woke up sweating like crazy. I always hated going to the bathroom due to the fact that it's always scary in there. I actually took a shower sitting down cause I was very tired and I looked into the reflection of the water on my leg and seen a dark figure behind me with a scythe of some sort but I turned around and nothing. After that dream about my brother in front of my door I actually stayed up one night in my bedroom staring at the hallway and kitchen. I had to go pee so I got up and turned on the kitchen light and sink light so that it would give some light to the hallway so I could go to the bathroom. I hired up and turned the light on did my business then walked out shutting the door quickly after washing hands. I went to the kitchen turning off the main light leaving the light above the sink on and went back to my bedroom and I was fixing to get up underneath the covers and I seen the ghost with red eyes staring at me. I couldn't speak or move. Don't actually know why but I tried screaming to my mom but nothing would happen. All I could do was look at it to make sure it didn't come closer. The Ghost stared at me and I stared at it until it left 8 minutes after the fact. The Ghost took off in the kitchen and I didn't see it afterwards. Luckily I never seen it after that. My girlfriend came over one day and said that she seen white fuzz smoke figure in my bathroom. I didn't know what to tell her. I also would stare at my toy car and it moved. Seriously enough I would do throat meditation thinking I would be able to be like sasuke in naruto to breathe fire. Now that I think of that. Sounds kind of demonic. But the next day I got saved due to a bible Baptist Church coming to my house the next morning after seeing the ghost. The church was barely funded and we had to go to the one in Jacksonville. But I believe in Christ Jesus blood that saves all our sins. I think I am moving away from him and going towards weird things. Well we moved from there and I had a dream that my mom was a witch and she was watching opera in my dream too. But it really scared me. The most recent dream I had where I control myself is when I moved again to beebe and I had a dream of me trying to open my eyes but for some reason there was a fireball on the wall and it would hurt my eyes and make me close them and I would keep trying to open my eyes and then I woke up sweating. It wasn't scary either. But before that I had another dream with 2018 as a deadline for something. Might be my own fate but I was 13 when I had this dream. In the dream I seen a lot of pearly gates in the sky on clouds and somehow I fell in one switching from blue to red and it stayed on red when I woke up. Uh oh. At the age of 13 I also felt an evil presence so I got up went to the kitchen and prayed I felt something touch my shoulder and it lifted me up like my spirit and I felt good after crying and everything emotional. I really did have an instable life due to the fact of having to move a lot and these ghost stories are in fact true. Everything that happened is true but no one believes me. Please help me understand what was happening.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-03-07)
Scotty: Why don't you submit a story?...Your questions will reach more readers, and you'll probably get far better insights and advice... Make sure you include good descriptions, and when these things happen... I believe the submissions page is open now... Looking forward to reading about it...
Scottyy99 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-07)
This has happened to me a few times recently, there's been someone in the corner of the room watching me an other suspicious things like that in my house but being only 20 I thought it was my recently deceased father just watching over me until last week went I had a dream that something burst into my room and attacked me and it was the same thing that's been in the corner of the room watching me. I am worried because I am always alone once a week and don't know what it is, I would love for any one to help me here.
Scott from Liverpool Uk
SamanthaJC (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-04)

After reading most of these post', I had to leave a comment. I could definitely say that I too, have experienced this situation on several occasions. Though my experiences are slightly different.

The first time this happened to me I was in my mid-teens, about 15-17. I went to bed one night and laid flat on my stomach with my arms in a 90 degree angle aside my head. As I was drifting to sleep, I felt the comforters out line my body completely from the shoulders down, feeling uncomfortable I decided to change positions I made up my mind to turn my body but my body wouldn't move my eyes were open, I could hear myself talking in my head, I wasn't shaking but I could not move my hands or legs, I could feel my heart rate climbing but before panicking, I remembered my mom saying to call on the name of Jesus, and so I did but my thought up words would not transpire to my voice, I could barely move my jaw, instead of Jesus coming out, it was I mumble of the first part of his name but I kept fighting and repeatedly saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and eventually after what felt to be two minutes Jesus came out of my mouth and I felt a weight that covered my body light off. And after which I kept praying

It has happened to me several times, whether my eyes are open or close. One time I could not hear anything, it was like my ears were being plugged with the sound of a passing truck outside... But laying there I thought to myself "wow, that truck has been passing for quiet some time now" and only until then did I realize that it wasn't the truck anymore. For my final words, I strongly believe that these events were spiritual attacks. Believe in the strength and power in God and never be afriad, for God has not given us a spirit of fear, for as his sons and daughters all we have to do is to call on God, call on Jesus to help you, and he will. For it is said, "ask and you shall receive"

May God be with you always
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-03)
maria91: Usually when people call out to their specific deity, if they have faith in that deity they believe that said deity will stop what is happening to them. One of the top symptoms of sleep paralysis is repetitive noises, usually ones that may sound like a distortion of a normal noise (ie, your fan). As real and as paranormal as it may feel, most of the time it is not. I have experienced pre-paralysis hypnagogic/hypnapompic hallucinations and at the time I would have sworn to you it was paranormal. But if you can relax and focus on moving your body, even just a little bit, you will eventually break through it. Prayer and meditation act as relaxing and calming agents... So it does not surprise me that it usually works. Others may disagree, and that is totally fine. I do not claim to be more right than anyone else, that is just my experience and my theory based on what many others have experienced and shared with us here.
maria91 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-03)
As much as I have read online how the experience I had today was simply sleep paralysis, I know for a fact it was definitely a paranormal experience. I had just layed in bed trying to fall asleep, when suddenly the fan in my room started making a weird swooshing noise like the speed got faster. There were more unusual noises that I honestly can't even find words to explaing. I ignored the noises and tried to fall asleep, when my body froze up. I know I was awake, I could hear everything and see everything I even remember looking down at my hands holding my covers while I tried to move them. It felt as if something was holding me or trying to control me and stop me from moving. I tried to fight it and forced myself slowly to take the covers off, it felt like I was moving in slow motion. The whole experience felt like it took minutes when it probably only took a few seconds. For those who claim it was "sleep paralysis", answer me this: Why is it that the whole time this was happening nothing I did made it go away until I thought in my mind, GOD PLEASE HELP ME. Absolutely everything went away, I came back to normal finally able to move again and RAN OUT OF THE ROOM! THANK YOU LORD!
arcangel60 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-26)
i have the same expericene its really frighting, I have those attacks constent when I'm in my dreams or falling off to sleep. Its like I wake up quickly then of the sudden I have this prescence of evil lurking around, and then I can't move I scream for help but just a whisper comes out; then my soul my feels like if it werent in my body like it just runs off. I try to fight this thing, but it just overpowers me trying to get me and its really really scary then after a few mintues of this torture that I suffer it just let's go. I feel relieve that I can move but scared too.
iwash05 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-28)
First I would like to say I love the net. This only happened to me once. My wife came into the bedroom and was talking to me and moving around I could see and hear everything but I could not move or say anything all I could do was follow her with my eye's. I was scared to death and was hoping she would realize that something was wrong and help me. After five minutes of me not saying anything she looked at my face and saw the fear in my eye's and asked what's wrong and when I did not answer she got scared and started shaking me screaming my name then all of a sudden I was able to move again I hug her and told her what had happened and she said it happened to her grandmother but she did not really believe it until now. I have only met a couple of people who said the same thing happened to them and it happened 30 year's ago. I am relieved to know that it happened to other people. THANK YOU VERY MUCH
shuky (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-05)
hello everyone, jumpin right in. My story starts when I was 12. I was hangin over a couple of friends house, and they were telling me about the devil riding people's backs. They really spooked me. They spooked me enough to think about it before I went to sleep. As I was lying in my bed dozing off I remember thinking "let me say my prayers before the devil jumps on my back, and immediately it happened. My whole body froze up and I could not move. When it released me, I jumped up and went to my brothers room to go to sleep. After that it would just happen. It didn't matter at day, night, it even happened to me at school while I was lying on the floor taking a nap. I only had a couple of dreams:
One I was laying on the couch, while my girl was asleep in the bed. I was trying to yell to get my girlfriend to wake me up and this like demon like figure walked over to me and grabbed one of my arms as if he was trying to drag me away. I haven't had an attack in about 3 months. The last time I was attacked I just didn't fight it. I remember telling it that its fight wasn't with me, it was with god, and that I would let him handle it. It seems once it saw that I wouldn't fight it, whatever it is, it got mad and left. And I have been good so far.
kanecain (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-27)
Yea I've had the same dream in the past but I know how to make it stop haven't had it in6 years. What that guy was talking about sounds true the gods and the one that wanted to wake you up and scare up let me take you back I wake up can't move anything but my eyes a dark hooded figure is in the corner like the demons on that movie ghost. Ok I'm scared try to move nothing happens close my eyes open them it gets closer but don't move when my eyes are open close them again its gets closer struggle with all my might move snap out of it the figure leaves like its being sucked into the other world or something. Had it 4 or5 more times. One day it happens again I look at the figure and say in my head I'm not afraid of you and ignore it turns out it can't touch or harm you fell asleep and never had that dream again.
natfish (1 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-27)
This is a lot like my experience. It is hard to tell if it's real or just sleep paralysis. Science knows very little of the brain. I would think I was crazy if my mother hadn't seen the same thing the same night. And now I find all of you have similar thing going on. I have not experienced it for for five months and I don't know why it went away or if it will be back.
AmyMarie28 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-11)
Hello, I have read your story and it is also a little like mine. I too feel as if I'm being held down or something is going on. First of all my family moved into this apartment in Oct.08, and my son who is 5 now has always been afraid to sleep in his room for the longest time I thought it was because the dream catcher that I put over his bed was causing him to have nightmares so I took it down and put a rosary in it's place it worked for a while but recently he don't want to sleep in their alone plus I noticed bruises on his arm like somebody has been grabbing him really hard when I ask him about it he says no nobody touched him, so anyways the past month he has been sleeping in my bed with his father and I and hasn't had a problem with awakening, anyways I've been getting crowded and either sleeping on the couch or in his room and it seems like every time I do its almost as if I'm awake but not, it's like I'm trying to open my eyes but I can't, I can't get up and I'm shaking very hard. Tonight my son and I was lying in his bed and we both fell asleep it happened to me again I was shaking so bad it woke my son up and I could hear him saying mommy why are you shaking and as soon as he said that I felt my eyes roll in the back of my head I stopped shaking and it was almost like I fell asleep and then woke up a little bit later, my son also awoke about 15 minutes after I did and I asked him if he asked me why I was shaking and he said yes and that I was scareing him. It really scared me so I asked my husband if he had ever saw me shaking in my sleep, he told me that he has seen me I've done it a couple times but when I told him he didn't believe me, it does not feel like I have a presence over me or anything but this one scared me so much I'm afraid to go back to sleep and I put my son in my bed with his father, It felt like I was shaking for at least 20 minutes or longer but it probably wasn't that long it just seemed like it oh one more thing I could hear the t.v show that was going on at the time to it was on nickelodeon and True Jackson was on it had just came on their was two episodes one after the other and I can remember both of them when I finally did awake it was the end of the second show. 😕
Cunningly (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-06-18)
I love reading the stories on here, but yours made me have to make myself a profile. Not to long ago, like maybe a month or two I was laying on my boyfriends bed waiting on him to get back and we were both worried about this guy his brother had over coming in the room while he was gone and trying something because we found out when my boyfriend walked in his living room and the guy was watching porn on his brothers computer while his brother was alseep on the couch, so when my boyfriend left it was alittle hard to get to sleep because it was 9 a.m. And the summer I did not want to be awake yet, so let's get to the point, I was laying there and I know I was awake because I remember screaming in my head to open my eyes and I tried my best to scream and I just couldn't I couldn't do anything and I could just feel inside me someone wasn't even inches from my face then I finally opened my eyes and jumped out of the bed and the door was still closed and no one but me was in the house... I had no idea what to do, so yes I beleave you 100%
JcoolCLoser (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-06-05)
It's the same case for me. I know for a fact now that when there is a spirit around me when sleeping, I won't e able to move and try to call someone to shake me so I can move and it happens more and more now.
szarate (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-27)
May be this is Sleep Paralisis, but may be is not in 100% of the cases. That's happened to me sometimes and I am pretty sure I was awake 100% but still can't move or open eyes. No matter how much you try to move or how much strong you are you will not move after several minutes (looks like until the "thing" don't allow you to move, want you actually start moving) and the frustration feeling is really hard. Try this the next time: "move it with your mind", imagine you outside your body taking that don't allow to move and for sure you will move, not 5 minutes after, immediately. Other way is praying, works all the time. How is possible (if this is sleep disorder) when you pray you feel released as soon you finish your pray? Think about it.
cmccourt19 (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-17)
does anyone or has anyone even as a young child seen people playing with or played with an ouiji board? Anyone stressed out? Has this happened to anyone while sleeping on there stomach? Just curious.
cmccourt19 (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-17)
Hey all,

I was searching online when I found this website and bam wouldn't you know there are others that share this same experience. I have had this happen to me for as long as I can remember. I am 24 now and I can first recall this happening to me when I was like 14. I have-not had one of these happen to me in a long time now probably 4 months or so. I have a belief in the afterlife like many others and for a while I really did think that it was a spirit or two. I can recall two instances that really shook me up but after careful analysis I came to a conclusion. The first time I was a sleep on the couch and had the TV on. I heard very weird sounds very muffled sounded like laughter. Seen a dark impression and was so afraid. Like every time else I would shake and shake and shake until I finally woke up. The second time I felt like I was being attacked. I saw that dark appearance again and after yelling in my sleep very religious remarks I woke up. What I realized was that firstly this would happen to me when I was either really tired or putting myself into a deep sleep. One similarity between most of the stories here is that we all know when this is going to happen. For me I start to feel my eyes flutter and I feel myself just relaxing all movements to my muscles. Before I drift away I am able to wake myself up because I'm still in control. Usually I will wake my self up and change positions or get a glass of water and just not think about it. I have read up on sleep paralysis and I do believe this might be my problem but not 100 percent sure.
Doctors do not know what causes these acts so they slapped a name to the symptoms so people fell better.

Sometimes for me there are noises sometimes there are not. Sometimes there are impressions but what really got me to thinking that this was sleep paralysis was when I fell asleep during the day with the sun shining in my bedroom. Every other time this would happen at night or in the evening by myself but this time was different. My girlfriend laid next to me watching tv in bed. I fell sleep and it happened again. I shook my self up and wouldn't you know she was still watching tv. I asked her did you feel that or did you see me shaking. She said no "you just looked peacefully sleeping" and then I realized that my brain is causing some of this. Now I'm not saying that spirits aren't doing this but you have too look at the facts which is that many of us must have some underlying symptoms as to why this is happening. I have led a very stressful life and the less stressed out I am the less likely this happens to me. Yes I have heard noises and seen shadows. Hell I'll do one better. Sometimes I know exactly what's on the TV picture for picture. This may also be what's known as an out of body experience which by definition is a spiritual type of movement but most doctors and scientist will agree that it is a feeling that people can recall and even remember events taking place while sleeping which is why it is now accepted. My advice if this is happening to you and if you are religious or feel that religion might help don't be ashamed. I bought myself saint's pendants and I've dwelled more into my faith over the years. It's ok to think of the unnatural because after all we have heard those stories and well, heck something's just freak us out. I am catholic, I am baptized, I do not attend church, I moved around a lot growing up, I fell asleep a lot with the tv on growing up and still do, I witnessed a lot of domestic violence and a lot of death of loved ones (not caused by the abuse) all this adds to stress levels. On a last note do understand that you are always in control and don't think you aren't. It seems that we all end up waking up which leads me to believe that either those damn spirits are so weak they can't take you over or that you are strong enough to wake yourself up out of a really bad dream. If that still don't work then get a cross, a bible, (or whatever is your holiest item) and a good old glass of water. If anything else the cross and bible will keep those spirits at bay and too it will give you peace and mind in your brain which will keep your brain from acting out and helping you fall asleep. If you start hearing voices that say kill kill kill do society a favor and go to the hospital and explain it to the doctor so you can get some meds which will help keep those spirits out of your head. After all science and religion go hand in hand, one explains the other so yes common medicine may help against those spirits. We all seem to have found this website so at least there are some of us who believe in each other that something is happening when we sleep.
Abaddon (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-26)
I hate to burst you guys' bubbles, but this is Sleep Paralysis. A lot of you have said it's not, because you weren't sleeping, but that's exactly what Sleep Paralysis is; It's essentially when you wake up during an REM-sleep session (when your body is paralyzed, which is thought to prevent you from physically acting out dreams) and for some reason your body is still producing the hormones that paralyze you. It has also been noted that activity of the temporal lobe spikes (which is known to cause hallucinations) during Sleep Paralysis, and when you add the fear or panic of being paralyzed into the mix, it's not hard to see why we have visions of fearsome entities.

Now, I want to say that I DO, in fact, believe in "ghosts", or whatever they are. I've had more than a few experiences that just can't be explained without them. I've also experienced Sleep Paralysis a few times. The first time, I saw an angel with gray wings, a huge intricately carved scythe and a face hidden in shadow by a hood. It scared the crap out of me, so I looked it up, tried to figure out what the hell just happened, and I found this explanation. I never had hallucinations during Sleep Paralysis again. It became just an uncomfortable and somewhat annoying moment of trying to get myself to move.

So, as you can see, I'm not just some arrogant scientist taking pot-shots at your ideas because I think you're crazy. However, it's when people start to ignore real explanations that fit their experiences - such as this case - that paranormal things get a bad name and people who believe any of it get written off as crazy or stupid. Just something to keep in mind next time you think you're being haunted and don't do some research about it before crying ghost.

- Your friendly neighborhood Angel of the Apocalypse
catchesmeindreams (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-16)
hi I'm a 20 year old male and this has been happening me for about five years. And most of the time I can say that with out a doubt that I was awake but for the past few weeks I have began to have dreams where I can actual see the entity (tho not clearly) and other things, this is the first time I have researched it and some of the things I have seen in my dreams match up with the Night Hag I have read an article that says it can manifest itself as house pets like dogs cats and ever mice in my dreams after the entity has attacked me I have had all three of these hang around my room I have even had them attack me while awake and my girlfriend asleep right next to me after about 5min of the attack I broke free and startled my girlfriend from a sound sleep I don;t think this was all in my head actual I believe none of it was in my head and I am very relived that I'm am not the only one out there.
Milly78 (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-15)
This sounds just like I have experienced since I was 12 years old. I am now 31. This has also happened to my brother a few years after it started happening to me. A few years ago I contacted Lorraine Warren and I left a lot of things out at first to make sure she knew what was going on and she did she even filled in the blanks for me. She told me what I was experiencing what's called Phantomania. (Occurs when one is attacked by a supernatural being; Causes the person to be temporarily paralyzed during the attack.) When this first started happening to me I felt this wind come into my room I couldn't move, open my eyes or yell for help. I was terrified. This happened for about a year then that's when something jumped on my back and started laughing and growling then I felt this entity lean forwad into my left ear and said I got you and started scratching my back, and said some obsene things to me. When the attack was over I layed there for a few minutes then ran downstairs and lifted up my shirt and I had scratch marks that were atleast 5 to 7 inches down my back. I did feel like there was a presents around me that I could not see before this entity attacked me. I heard a lot of strange noises especially before this would happen. It always seemed like there was noises before this would happen. I truly don't believe you are having sleep paralysis. I know I'm not I am awake when this happens. But before a attack I do feel very tired and that's when I can't move, open my eyes or talk. It is very scary and I know how you feel if you would like contact me back. I hope this has helped you some. God Bless

Melissa 😊
lycangirl (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-23)
i have a similar problem. My first experiance was when I was 6. I remember it clearly. I had been dreaming about something but that dream was interupted by a womans terrified scream, then everything went all dark and then I heard a guys deep, EVIL laugh. I couldn't open my eyes, or move, but I felt as though I was awake. When I did wake up I discovered that I had wet the bed. I'm now 17 and I have this dream at least 5 times a week. Since that first dream I havnt heard the voices or wet the bed.
kimball19 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-19)
Someone once told me this phenomena is what old folks call having a "witch on your back" as it almost always occurs when you're sleeping on your stomach.

It happens to me about twice a year and only when I'm extremely exhausted. You know how you'll be so tired, yet you can't sleep? That's when it happens and it's always right after I lie down. It's like my body goes to sleep without my permission or something. I'll dose off, but after a few moments I'll want to open my eyes and can't.

The first time it happened was over ten years ago. It spooked the crap out it me for DAYS. The dream that came with it didn't help. This short, fat, purple dude was asking me if I wanted to die and offering to show me a doorway I could enter if I wanted to. He took me to the doorway and stopped. I stared at it and told him, "I know where it is now. If I ever want to use it I'll come back." That's when I wanted to wake up - to move, to. But I couldn't.

I tried with all my might to just jerk my arm or anything but I couldn't. Usually, I keep at it and eventually I'm able to propel myself awake. Last night, I just went with it.

I told myself the next time it happened, I wouldn't try to move, but just go with the dream and see what happened. It went on for what seemed like an eternity. My instincts got the better of me and I tried to move, of course.

Every time I made the slightest effort, I got this wooshing sound in my ears and my stomach would tingle like how it does when you hit your funny bone. I must've tried to move at least ten times and each time I was met with the same sensation.

The dream or whatever it was (I like to think I was awake, so I don't know if dream is the right word) was insane. All the people in it were moving at warp speed and were laughing at me because I couldn't move at all, lol.

Anyway, it wore off after a while and I sat straight up in bed and stared at the clock. Only thirty minutes had passed since I had laid down.

It's just so weird because I told myself I wouldn't try to fight it, yet I DID, but I didn't get the same results as before. It didn't end after a few seconds. Why? It's almost like someone was saying, "No, you said you were going to go with it and not fight it off, so you're just going to have to deal with it..."
xSeranade77 (3 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-10)
Hey you should try this to find out if it's a spirit or ghost or maybe Incubus... Well if you're VERY curious to find out. I've been told that if you want to know what is sitting on you to cause this, set a mirror that is facing you and your body, go to sleep, and if you are being sat on, try to open your eyes and LOOK in the mirror. I know many people who tried this and was true. One saw a little girl, one saw a black figure. There is however, a possibility that you may have Old Hag syndrome.
Have a exorcist come and try to ban whatever it is.
By the way, there's many houses where my aunt lives that has been built in the 1960's 1970's. Do you live in Westminister?
Scaredtosleep (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-20)
Hello everybody I do believe we have ourselves a ghost problem, although I like to think they either can't hurt us or they choose not or maybe they just don't posses the full potential of their other worldly powers, to speak. This is my first time visiting this site and reading over some of the many hair raising experiences, so I would like to share a bit of my contacts with the unbelievable. Not sure the correct date and time that these recurring nightmares or wake terrors, if you will, but I am guessing they started when I moved into this house about 15 years ago and I am not sure of this houses history other than we had to rebuild it to leave in it, as far as I can tell the room I am in is the only room that it happens in. Well here it goes, it happens around 2 or 3 times a month, I never keep up with the time or record any of this Because I am either do not expect it or just to freaked out to write these event down, but anyways it could be right as I am dossing off to sleep or after I have been asleep for several hours I am able to open my eyes a little to sometimes wide open I know I am awake I just know it I am too aware of my surrounding and the fact that I am thinking about the what is happening, like I said I can see my surrounding and I can also able to hear any sound but I can not move to save my life, it is like something is restraining my entire body, and I also can not make a single sound to call for help so here I lay heart pounding as if this was my last few breaths I am trying to scream and left with only my sight and my hearing watching this shadowy like figure, always appears to be in an overcoat and detective hat, almost like a three dimensional shape and always in black with no detail to his appearance what so ever, he inches closer and closer to me with me staring him down in a panic always wondering what is going to happen if I don't shake this off and start moving again after struggling to regain control of my movement and voice the figure always seems to vanish as if he could not approach me with out having control of me. Scares the hibbey jibbies out of me ever time to scared to try and go back to sleep because it will just come back after me. There is this one time this happened to me the same restriction of movement and sound, this time he had been there before I was awake and unable to movie, this thing had woken me up my shuffling around in my room with all the things that cluttered my desk, after I heard the noises of paper and light thud, as if he was hitting things with his feet, I awake... Cant move can not speak... And it is right beside me but not looking at me as it always is yet it is more focused on my tv and vcr, cutting them on and off, so I am even more freaked out now because I know he can touch things, at the last moments of this terrifying experience he ejects the video tape and then vanishes as I am able to move and sit up and ponder what had just happened trying not to go back to sleep... Thank you anyone who reads this and if you have any feed back on what I may try to stop or take it to the next step. Welp see ya
Kaotic (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-06)
hi I'm new to this. I've read some of your guy's responses and experience's, I have my self many times, I don't know why in these "waking dreams" not sure what to call it, but you can never see a clear face in these occasions. Just this mourning at 4:20am I had 1, then popped on a night light hoping that would fix it (yeah I got scared a little) and then 3 more occasions happened until 6am and just got up I've never had it happen more then once a day. But this is happened a lot to me... I still get those scary images and noises. Now when I wake up and can't move I'm just like... Damn here it goes again... I don't know about shaking uncontrollably because when it happens to me I I can move my body... Like nudge my shoulders juts a little... Making my self shake... Couple seconds later ill be able to move a arm or a leg but staggeringly and ill swing it at where the "figures" were... And a few seconds later ill wake up doing exactly what I was... If I moved my arm id wake up where I moved my arm to... One time I woke up like that with my face on the pillow and felt as if someone was on me pushing me down, I know if I panic I would probably suffocate so I just breathed very slowly, that was probably 1 of the scariest moments for me. I don't know what it is but glad to know I'm not the only 1 having it. Sorry for all the lead a ways with my response
ghostaric (9 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-23)
hi I'm sorta new and I got 1 big whopper for you "just kidding but I did have one experience 😜
Exetlaios (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-02-23)
I am from Hellas.
I also had the same experience 5 times.
What I remember most were two things.
First a strange yellow light covering the environment around. And second that someone standing always next to my bed holding me. I have change 3 houses until now (Of course not for this reason) And happened the same things in the 3 different houses.
Anyway I will take you back in time.
In ancient Hellas (Greece) there is the story of MORA. Mora is the female demon comes in to our sleep and causes this wake paralysis with all the symptoms all the others say above. I don't mention this to scare you. But to see that things like these happened also in the Ancient times. And I am sure that other ancient civilizations have another name for it.
So this is something that humans live with it for centuries now. So none of you must be afraid.
Now what I wanted to search is that I see similarities in the descriptions of the "That Someone" that holds down the person having this experience. I personally had 5 times this experience and in the 3 of them I could see exactly the same strange man (Figure) each time in different positions.
The first one was holding me while standing on his knees at the right of my bed. He had his head down and I couldn't see his face but I could clearly see his Grey color. It was skinny silent. The third time I had this experience I could see him just right on my head holding down my chest just like not letting me go away. And the third time was today. It was standing above me at the left of my bed holding me with his right hand this time I couldn't recognize its face detail as the yellow aura was covering the environment and fades the distance.
Anyway I will try to figure out what that Grey thing is. I think looking for information on net or looking back to myths. Anyway I also think that the best answer for this is the waking up paralysis.
The important is that we must not fill our minds with fear. Whatever it is, it is something we can't understand and the unknown scares us and that's normal.
Even if you thing this is a Demon or something again don't panic. Demon is a word comes from ancient Greek Daimon
The word means the on who keeps the knowledge. The word took the evil id because of the christian propaganda who hunted the Ancient Greek Spirit. All in universe happens for a reason... If we cannot understand is our fault cause we give identities in something we don't know!
Anyway I hope I could help a little and not bored you. Also forgive my bad English.
sim (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-09)
Hi Al, I don't know what to think of this. I have had the similar dream four-five nights running. I am asleep then it's if I am telling myself to wake up as something is not right. I wake to feel someone has been standing over me, breathing on me. It takes me a good couple of minutes to be able to move. My Grandmother whom has just passed which I thought may of been some coincidence however the feeling is not a peaceful one but disturbing. It's a threatning feeling. I was in the process of searching for dream interpretations when I came across your story. I too am a little mystified as to why this is happening to me
bonanza_0688 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-10)
this has happened to me. Several times since we had a major ice storm in december of 2000. I am from arkansas. We have 300+ acers on old mine land. I would sense something and then this amazingly sharp pain in my neck will happen. I can see everything. I can't move I can't scream. My eyes fill up with water but there is a force that will not let them come out.
I am totally hopeless as I see these orbs flow through my room. Big bright white sometimes purple orbs. Every house I go to. Every hotel. Every place it happens.

My dad believes me. My mom never did. She took me to the doctor. He said it was from mu epilipsy. My dad and I both knoe everything I feel and see... Way to real to be an illusion. You just have to make peace with them being in your life.
michelle16 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-24)
HELP!... I have had the same expreince lots of times when I am sleeping its not all the time it is just every month or something. I know iam awake but I try so hard to open my eyes or even movee but I can't & I cood feel some one there a couple of timees I felt like I had grabed there hand a few times but I can't see or hear anything & another time I was sleeping and I felt my Bed cover flapping up & down and I coodnt move but I cood only move my fingers so I draged my finger along my bed to see if it was real because I could feel a breez on my bak & it was! & agen I couldn't open my eyes & I have had more... And just a few days ago I told my mum and sister and my sister had the same thingg had happnd to her & she had fot it was nothing until I said and my dad has had some one holding him down but he dosnt think its enythin so my mum is going to get a spiritualist in... WHAT SHOOD I DO HELP PLS:-| x

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