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Objects That Move, Disappear And Reappear


It was 11:00PM and I was home alone. A grown man, who has had several paranormal encounters, I don't scare easy.

It's a normal occurrence for household items to disappear and later reappear. It's also normal for lights to flicker around me, regardless of where I go.

I'm living in a home where the previous owner died of cancer in the house. Neighbors told me the old woman spent all her time gardening outside; but as cancer took its toll, the weeds gained ground amidst the flowers and things that needed to be done didn't get done. I smudged the house with sage and placed salt across window sills and doors. I also explained out loud, as well as telepathically, that she had passed away and that I had purchased the home and would take good care of it.

Before moving in, I repainted the interior of the home and I had the old carpet and padding pulled out and I replaced it with new padding and carpet. I also remodeled my bathrooms and built a hearth for my living room fireplace. I made many more improvements to the interior of the home, so much so that it was obvious I was taking good care of the home. The ghost of the previous owner should see that and leave me alone, right?

Despite this, I heard sounds in my attic, like someone walking over rafters above, quietly murmuring to someone or something else. It was common place for me to experience cold spots in the house, especially my own bedroom. I was also used to smelling rotten smells now and then, without any logical reason, so I assumed I must have passed the gas without realizing it. It was likewise normal for me to lie in bed and feel the mattress compressing at the foot of the bed, and feel the slow denting of footsteps on the bed coming closer to me. I was used to being tormented in my sleep (the subject of another article perhaps). Whether it was the previous owner or someone or something else, I know not.

What I can tell you is that as I was lying on my couch, alone at night, one of my dvd racks, which was fully loaded with dvds, toppled over. It was four feet high and two feet wide, weighing at least 20 pounds. Only by applying force to the dvd rack could it topple over. Yet it did. Why? Who?

This is what terrified me. Why? Who? Something invisible to me knocked over my dvd rack and made a mess. Why? To illustrate it had the power to do so, at any time. Why? To terrify me. To let me know that I am not alone and I am powerless against it.

At the time, I was living a life of sin, with the worst sins imaginable being part of my past. I could not simply pray to God for help. I needed to have my spiritual filth scrubbed off of me before I could even pray to God for help. I resolved to 1) Get married, so that I wouldn't be fornicating, and 2) Get baptized, to cleanse me of my past sins in order for my prayers to be heard when I asked for help.

I contacted a psychic to cleanse my house. She came to my house, walked around it, before asking me for a ladder to get into my attic. She looked like she was mustering all of her courage as I fetched the ladder. She went up and I waited with my wife in the living room. When she returned, she said that I must have had some serious protection during my life, because this thing attached itself to me in my childhood and brought about misery, depression, and evil in my life. The psychic said it was gone now, but that this could be only the beginning. I paid her $200 for her service.

To be on the safe side, I contacted a different psychic, a man. The man did not charge me anything to cleanse my house. But he asked me many questions about my life and personality in order to get a feel for who I am. Afterwards, he told me that my soul - or my spiritual aura - was really, really dark. Darker than anyone else he'd ever seen. I told him nothing about my past that would lead him to draw that conclusion. But I knew he was right, and only someone with spiritual insight could know it. He said he cleared my home and my aura of the darkness.

Between both psychics, the problems at my home stopped.

At work, however, another object moved. A nitrogen bottle, fully charged, weighing 30 to 40 pounds, had been sitting upright on a steel welding table. There were others in the room but nobody close to the nitrogen bottle. All of a sudden, this steel bottle tipped over and began rolling towards the edge of the table. Had it of fallen and the bottle head became damaged, it would have turned the bottle into a missile and potentially killed someone. Seeing the bottle tip over, I ran towards it and stopped it from rolling off the table. Again, it took force, considerable force, to tip that steel bottle over. The table was perfectly level.

There were strange happenings in my former home, the home from which I fled, and as a result found the home I'm living in now. At this former home, my roommate asked me if my girlfriend (now my wife) was into any weird or dark religious practices. I asked him why he asked and he told me that things changed once she moved in. That his own wife, and their kids, hear things in the home, specifically a whistle whenever the girls used the upstairs shower. I said maybe it's water pipes. He said it was the kind of whistle that sounded like a boy getting a girl's attention, and it only happened when the girls took a shower, just the girls. Downstairs, he said the family would be watching TV when the dogs (a pack of Pitbulls) all looked up toward the ceiling, with their hackles raised, and they growled deep. The dogs did this with another hot spot: the pantry closet. While the family watched TV, sometimes the lights would turn off or on, and sometimes the TV would turn off by itself.

I told my roommate that my wife wasn't a witch or a devil worshipper, that she was a sweet, kind, caring person. However, I explained to my roommate that I have been noticing lights flicker, and that I found a bat in my room one morning. But the worst thing I observed was a giant toolbox, resting upon a dog kennel, full of heavy tools (the toolbox had to of weighed 50 pounds), lift off of the dog kennel and then get thrown inside the kennel. It was LOUD. At home it was just me and one of the kids. She was on the front porch and heard the slam, asking me what had just happened. I told her exactly what I saw and what I heard, as well as tell my roommate, when we were discussing the paranormal events in the home.

Then I remembered a few other events and reminded my roommate about them. We had two entrances to the home. A side door and a front door. Each door connected to the kitchen downstairs. One day my roommate and I took a drive someplace, and when we returned, one of the dogs was outside of the house. How did he get out of his kennel AND how did he get out of the house? The front door was closed and locked. The side door, however, was laying down on the ground outside. Not just the door: but the door jam too. Something kicked this door so hard that it broke lose the door jam from the house itself. Now, that door jam had been nailed into place. Only a tremendous amount of force could have blown out that door.

The dog that was let loose from his kennel was the size of a great Dane dog. A MASSIVE dog, one that I personally saw mauling a 350 pound pig like it was breakfast. Nobody in their right mind, no intruder, no burglar, would have unlocked that dog's kennel and risk the certainty of being mauled. Furthermore, I found my own dog's kennel door was unlocked and open. But my dog, a male Pitbull and a sweetheart to other dogs but a biter of people, was laying in the safety of his kennel. Why? Because the bigger male Pitbull, that we found outside, had a bad habit of mauling my dog, as well as other male Pitbulls in the house. By unlocking and opening my dog's kennel, along with the bigger male's kennel, the thing responsible for doing this was trying to ensure that my dog got mauled by the monster male. It was a deliberate act. No human being would have done so, because my dog consistently attacked strangers. And again, the monster sized Pitbull was of such a size that only a madman would have let him loose, while being in the house with the dogs. Letting them both loose at the same time was an evil attempt to get my dog hurt or killed. The larger Pitbull had sent my dog to the vet for stitches more than once, as well as another of the males. In fact, it was because of this Pitbull's violence that all of the dogs were left in their kennels and only certain dogs were allowed out of their kennels at the same time. I swear to God, whatever thing opened each kennel door was EVIL, knowing what would happen. My own dog was so terrorized by the monster male that he shook in fear when around him. Again, about the kitchen's side door, how much force would it take to boot out the door - and the door jam - from the side of the house, leaving the door on the ground? A lot of force! It was an exterior door too, so it was as heavy as it was stout.

Oh, there was one other door to the house. It was upstairs in my roommate's room. It led to a small deck. On a few occasions, I discovered, upon returning home, that this door was open when it was always left closed. Who or what opened that door more than once?

About me. I was exposed to domestic violence as a child and subjected to child abuse for years. I grew up with hatred in my heart. I prayed to the devil as a child, to kill or otherwise ruin them for what they did to me. And I would communicate with something dark and evil, toward that end, telepathically. The cost of revenge was my soul. Since we are talking about eternal hell, I never gave up my own soul. But I asked about giving the devil the souls of other people instead. This, I never knowingly did. Just exploring options. In that house, my step sister's infant daughter died of SIDS and the baby's mother complained to me twice of seeing "someone" in the house. When I searched the whole house, I found nobody. She said it was a dark figure and she didn't get a good enough glimpse at him to describe his details. He was seen walking into the bathroom from the hallway. Two times, she saw shadow people in that house. When she turned 16, she moved out to go live with her uncle, saying there was too much tension and evil in that house. At the time, I assumed she saw a human intruder, who must have escaped through the bathroom window. She was terrified!

When I turned 13, and found myself committed to a child psychiatric hospital, I began playing games like Light As A Feather Stiff As A Board, and I also played with Ouija boards. I read books on witchcraft spells and continued telepathically communicating with something evil. It was not a scary evil to me. At the time, I think it was passing itself off as a friendly spirit in order to fool me, because it later showed its true face when I was 15.

It attacked me in my sleep. Again, my nocturnal attacks are the subject of another posting. It reminded me that we had a deal and I hadn't fulfilled my end of the bargain. In response, I said "You aren't real! Your just my own mind talking back to me." It asked me how to prove its existence to me. I replied by suggesting that it tell my friends to talk to me, saying they had been contacted by demons, and they just wanted to prove they are real.

I joke you not. That week, I was at school when I got a call from the dean's office ordering me to come down to the office. When I went to his office, he explained that one of his students is crying and screaming and hysterical, saying that she was being tormented by demons and that she should contact me, as I was the only one who could help her. The girl's name was Nicole and I never saw her again. I told the dean to tell her to pray to Jesus Christ, ask him to forgive her sins, and then ask God to make the demons go away. The dean would not allow me to see her. I think he was startled by my response, since I had long hair, and wore a jean jacket with an ACDC patch on the back that said Highway to Hell. I listened to Slayer, King Diamond, Merciful Fate, Metallica and other newly emerging death metal music during the 80's. So they proved they are real. And after that, they began tormenting me in my sleep. Again, another future article.

Without going into details about my sleep torment, I'll just say I experienced reoccurring nightmares, sleep paralysis, horrible dreams about demonic possession.

There is more I can say on topic but it might best be posted in different sections. Thanks for reading about my experiences. Today, I am a Christian, baptized, and I don't communicate with evil entities. I am a loner Christian, and I pray silently whenever I do pray.

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TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-10-11)
😨 This was really really terrifying! Thankgod I read this one during daytime. Don't want to go to bed without an ounce of sleep in my eyes, as I am already insomniac. I won't comment on the paranormal aspects much as you managed to scare me enough. Though I had couple of queries to you. Do you still see such presences or experience such encounters even now, or have they stopped now? Also since the both the psychics mentioned that some malicious entity latched to you since your childhood, so did this thing followed you everywhere you lived or worked?
Cherubim (14 stories) (245 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-02)
I'm sorry Chadwik for the abuse you suffered growing up, I can relate. I think that leaves us vulnerable to the wrong kinds of energies sometimes. I'm glad you were able to change the destructive path you were on. You've been through a lot!

There's so much going on in this story, it's so intense. 😟 That really got to me how you paid $200 dollars to someone and then had to have your place cleansed again, you were saying it was to make sure all was well. This other man didn't charge you like the woman did. That's good.

I'm glad your dog wasn't hurt, that IS so scary how each kennel door was open?! Do you still have all those dogs, especially the Pitt Bull that has attacked your dog? Just curious why you keep that one?

In the end I believe love concurs hate, I'm glad you gave your life to the Lord and pray. I'm also glad you have a loving wife by your side as well. Healing prayers sent your way. ❤
LightMight (4 stories) (137 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-16)

I think you should definitely submit a follow up to this story with a second one - it makes for a good read and it's certainly unusual! While your story supplied us with great detail on several of the distressing incidents, I don't believe everything that transpired can neccessarily be attibuted to your past dark practices. With that being said, I do think that we can directly influence our environment by our actions, mindset and attitude, but there are life events that happen which are beyond our control.

I do hope life continues to go well for you; it sounds like you've chose a beautiful spot to carve out a good future for yourself. I plan on leaving the lower 48 (Washington) in a few years, to make my permanent home in Southeast AK. - I have a small place on Pennock Island, with plenty of blackberry bushes for those bears 😁
Rajine (14 stories) (769 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-15)
Hi Chadwik

I believe that everyone's soul can be saved should they want it, I'm glad that you are taking the right steps to finding the light and also to heal emotionally and mentally, a positive mindset will attract light and good energy to you.
MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2021-07-15)
Chadwik, I just want to thank you for sharing your story and to tell you that I admire you for coming through what sounds like a horrendous childhood. I'm so glad you found a wife who's a good, kind person and wish you both long and happy lives. Blessings.

PS, I'm a mom and believe that people who've had awful childhoods do get a chance, if they are willing to rise above things and do the work necessary, to have a "do-over" in the form of your own kids.

I know I should be commenting on the supernatural aspects of your story, but that's some scary stuff. Continue on your path and keep talking to God!
Chadwik (1 stories) (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-15)
Thank you, LightMight. I was suspicious of the psychic who charged money. But, she drove from Anchorage to Wasilla, where I live, and then drove back to Anchorage, where she lives. I figured that the gas she burned up traveling was worth compensation. And she did tell me that it was her own time, and time is worth something to her. She left me with the advise to get involved with a church of my choice, and she said not to think about the past because it will invoke fear... The very thing it feeds on. For the same reason, she also advised me to delete the picture I took over at my friend's house. His wife was extremely beautiful and I dared not cross any line in my friendship with him, although she was flirty with me. Anyways, I wanted to take pictures of her because she was soooo attractive and I tried to capture her beauty in a picture. When I took the picture, however, she was not visible in it: what was visible was a tall, dark, hooded figure, a shadow man, which was standing in her place, only taller. I looked at the picture and judged the height of the figure in comparison with other objects like kitchen cabinets, and it was definitely taller than my friend's wife. So it wasn't some fluke thing with the camera (a phone camera). The psychic told me to delete that picture and never think about it again. That picture would have been great to post here! My friend was living in a trailer park in Anchorage, off of Tudor and close to the Glen HWY. When I crashed at his house one night, he warned me that several people have told him that they've seen shadow people in his trailer and even in nearby trailers too. I must have caught one of them on camera. The awkward thing was sharing that picture with my friend. "While taking a picture of your hot wife..." isn't a good way to broach the subject, you know. I never hit on her even though she was the hottest woman I've ever seen in my life: because she was married to a friend of mine. I just wanted a picture of her to have on my phone as a contact picture. Oh, now when I lived on the Kenai peninsula, we had black bears climb the back porch and roam the deck, searching for a way inside. This was scary because the back porch door was made of glass. A little body weight behind one of those paws would have broken the glass and enabled the bear to come inside. We took a picture of the bear as it was climbing up the deck. That sucker was TALL when standing on its hind legs. That wasn't the first or last bear I've seen either so I feel you when it comes to bears!
LightMight (4 stories) (137 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-15)
Welcome Chadwik,

Your story is intense, and I do hope that you've been able to find solace with prayer and making positive changes in your life - it sounds like you're on the right path.

I own property in Alaska, which has a lot of black bear and wolf activity in the warmer months - most of the bears aren't afraid of humans. Aside from having to worry about the doors being left open or blown off its hinges by something unexplainable and dogs running amok, I also think your lucky that nothing else ever wandered into that house that was 2-legged or four-legged. The furry kind are always on the lookout for something good to eat!

If you ever have any further negative experiences happen in your home, you should be able to ask for advice and guidance from someone who you can trust within your faith (a Pastor, or Minister). Spiritual healers and mediums can be useful also, but personally I wouldn't trust someone who asks for money in exchange for spiritual advice. Regarding the flickering lights or any odd occurences that may seem paranormal in your life, just know that many people here at YGS have the same type of experiences. It's not uncommon for people who are sensitive to the spiritual realm, to have encounters that seem paranormal, or supernatural.

Take Care 😉

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