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The Pink Pumps


We lived in a very old and big house back when we were young. Young, as I was in pre-school and my eldest sibling was in the forth grade. My siblings and I loved wearing my mother's pink high heels. Whenever I wore it, I'd pretend I was a famous tap dancer because the pumps made a beautiful clink sound against our hardwood flooring (or at least it was beautiful in our ears at that time). My mother, of course, thought it was most annoying and often scolds at me to stop many times in a day. My siblings and I took turns wearing those pink pumps around the house, anywhere that would make a clink clunk noise.

One day, my brother wore the pumps up and down the stairs. He wanted to show us that he had mad skills and was able to walk without tripping on the steps. After going up and down several times, he took off the shoes and left it on the top of the stairs then ran down. My sister took a try, coming down and up then down again. She left the pumps on the bottom of the steps. When my turn came, I was able to only walk with the shoes up the stairs until I heard my mom yelling from the kitchen for us not to play with her shoes because we're going to trip and crack our heads falling down the steps. So I left the shoes on top of the stairs and ran down to join the others.

The three of us were watching TV in the den while my mom was still in the kitchen, cooking away. Then suddenly, we heard a clunking sound coming from the top of the stairs. The noise came closer. We all went over to the stairs to check and it was my mom's pink pumps. They were on the bottom of the steps. I know for sure they were on the top of the steps when I left them. We were all puzzled.

We went back to the den. A couple of minutes later, we heard the noise again. So we all ran back to the steps and found the pink pumps going up and down the steps, all by itself as if an invisible person was doing it. I was so shocked, even for a little kid, I stood there looking at the shoes with amazement. My mom yelled from the kitchen telling us to knock it off. We all screamed and hid behind my mom. We told her what happened.

When she went to check, the shoes stopped moving. I hate it when ghosts play tricks on the little kids and have no effect on adults.

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Jodie5074 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-30)
Oh my days! This is pretty much what's happened to a pair of my shoes! Look at my story "work shoes"
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-03)
Hey Kodak, I feel you, man, I really do. I know how annoying it is that spirits always have to scare you as a kid and then when you run to tell your mother, she comes to check and those spirits stop what they are doing,as if nothing. I think that you have a spirit in your house, man. I can say that you just don't know that you do, because most people don't find out they have a ghost after a long time after they in the place unless the spirit is really rest-less and does so so much that you know right away it's haunted, right after you moved in all your things already, man!!! Well, do you still live in the same place? If you do, try to see if you can investigate.

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