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Scatch Marks And Pink Pants


This is my first time posting anything on here. I've only had a handful of paranormal experiences that happened to me and all of them (except for one) happened in my friend Jesse's house. The events that happened there still puzzle me to this day.

When I was 13 I started to have sleepovers with my new friend Jesse. She lived in a 3 bedroom trailer with her mom, older sister, younger sister and younger brother.

The first night I slept at her house Jesse and her younger sister took me on a tour of the house. We went through the Kitchen, living room, water heater closet, both kids bedrooms and then her moms room and both bathrooms.

That night Jesse and her family thought it would be fun to have a movie night in the living room. The movie we were just watching had ended and as her little brother popped open the DVD player we heard a horrible scratching sound. I listened hard and the scratching sounded so desperate. I couldn't tell where it was coming from exactly. Jesse's mom told us it was probably nothing so we hesitantly put on another DVD and the scratching sound eventually stopped.

That night I jolted out of my sleep to a really eerie feeling.

The next morning after we ate breakfast Jesse, her brother and I decided we wanted to investigate the strange scratching sound we heard last night. We went to go look in the bedrooms and see if we could find any evidence, after searching hard we didn't see anything. This only fueled the interest more because now we were thinking it was a rat and we wanted to find it lol.

When we came to a dead end with our search I remembered how Jesse showed me the water heater closet, I told her we should check it...

To our absolute horror we looked inside and right on the left wall we see these scratch marks about 4 feet up the wall. These scratch marks looked the way they sounded, desperate. The only way to explain them is something was really determined.

I don't know what could have done it because the closet was tiny and they were in an odd position and they were going about 4 feet up the wall. Also, when Jesse took me on a tour of the house those scratch marks were NOT there before! Trust me, they were so noticeable and strange!

What do you guys think? This is just one of the strange things that happened at Jesse's house.

Another time I was over there Jesse, her mom and I were in the kitchen eating when the neighbor across the street (the kids babysitter) called and said she just saw Jesse's older sister walk from the trailer porch to her grandma's porch next door in pink pants. She called out her name to chat, but Jesse's older sister didn't even look at her. Which was strange because her older sister was in summer school and her older sister never wore pink.

Jesse's mom walked next door to her mom's trailer and her older sister wasn't there. Sure enough when we went to pick up her older sister from summer school later on she wasn't wearing pink pants.

This happened another time, except Jesse's grandma saw the older sister walk by her trailer window at night to Jesse's trailer... Also in pink pants.

It always creeps me out to think something took the form of her older sister.

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SpookyCat_ (guest)
7 years ago (2017-02-01)
RCRuskin Jesse's sister was always wearing black (she was going through a stage)
The reason she showed me the water heater closet was because it was the first door in the hall (strange but we were kids, we just opened doors to rooms. Even the bathrooms)

Elnoraemily the scratch marks were very strange, when I think of squirrel scratch marks I think of small claws that create small scratches, not scratches like the kind I saw, but I can't rule it out. And no, she didn't have any pets.
Yes, you're right about being strange lol like I mentioned above, we just looked in there because it was a closed door.
The reason her sister couldn't be mistaken for someone else was because the neighbor was at her mail box (which is right next to the road) so she was close enough to see her, no doubt!

Lady-Glow yes, I won't rule out it could have been an animal! I can just imagine coming home and seeing a cat just laying on my bed lol
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-31)
I agree with elnora, it is possible that an animal got into the heater closet. A friend of mine used to live in a trailer and one day she found a strange cat sleeping on her bed; she shooed it away and saw it go under the bed and disappear; until that moment my friend realized that there was a small hole close to the floor and the cat used it to go to and from the crawlspace.

Thanks for sharing.
elnoraemily (guest)
7 years ago (2017-01-31)
A few thoughts:

Could it have been an animal stuck in the closet? Water heater closets have to have vents in them, often ductwork, and some have several, depending on what else is in the room. Animals often get stuck in them or manage to get out of ones that aren't properly sealed. My mom had a squirrel get in that way because one of her vents was not properly sealed, and it caused a bit of havoc. Did she have any pets that may have been locked in during the tour, and let out by someone else in the house later? Higher up scratch marks could be something trying to climb out. Just a thought, because I remember that squirrel.

It is a bit off that someone shows off a closet on a tour and that it occurred to you to check it later. However, 13 year olds are often a strange bunch.

There is a possibility that someone nearby looked like her sister and took a shortcut through the yard.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-31)
SpookyCat, thanks for sharing this tale and welcome. Now, some questions:

<silly>A doppelganger that did not take wardrobe's advice?</silly>

More seriously, what does/did Jesse's sister really think of the color pink? I know many ladies who dislike it with the way 'pink is for girls' is shoved down our throats so much. But perhaps there's someone else in the park who looks like Jesse's sister and who does like pink? With just a fleeting glance, it may be hard to tell them apart.

Though I find it a bit odd that a utility/water heater closet would be included on a tour, it's possible. What I want to know, and you can't tell me now, is what else was in there? What tools might have been kept there, etc.

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