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Was My Mother Telling Me She Was Here?


On December 18, I underwent a difficult surgery to remove a malignant tumor under my tongue. In addition, my husband has lung cancer so you can imagine we have had our share of stress.

A few days ago, I don't remember if it was before or after New Year's Day, I went downstairs to our grade level family and TV room after starting the coffee perking for breakfast. These are both large rooms. The first thing I was hit by was a strong smell that I could not pinpoint. In one of the rooms, I had two flower arrangements friends had sent me. I went to smell them to see if it was the flowers I smelled because I did notice a hint of flowers however; the smell was not the same. I also checked a small garbage bin we have in the laundry room in that level and there was no smell there either. I went into the TV room where the smell was stronger even though there were no flowers.

When my husband came downstairs a couple of minutes later, he also noticed the smell even though his sense of smell is not that good because he used to be a smoker. He said it was the flowers. I did not think so because in addition to the hint of flowers, there was also a somewhat acidity to it. We did not touch anything in any room. I was going to get rid of the garbage in the bin after we had breakfast and also remove the flowers.

After about fifteen minutes I went downstairs again. There was no smell at all. No windows or doors had been opened and nothing had been touched. That's when a sudden thought came to me. My mother was letting us know that everything was going to be alright and that she was here with us.

My mother had lived with us for the last 10 years of her life. At one point someone had told her to take garlic pills for cholesterol. After taking them for a while, we noticed she had developed a somewhat acid odor and eventually stopped taking them. That odor was very similar to what we had smelled!

I had never experienced anything like this or even thought that a smell could be a spirit but that's what came to mind.

When I told the story to my best friend, right away she said it was my mother without even knowing about the kind of smell.

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Perd (28 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-12)
It was probably the best way she knew how to let you know she was there. Not too many people have a smell like that attatched to them, but it was something unique to her.

An easy way for you and your husband to feel comforted by her during a hard time. 😁
SMS0511 (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-07)
Hi, I'm a newbie here, but I thought I'd comment on your story. I lost both my parents within 18 months of each other; my Mam on 3 June 2004 and Dad died on 12 November 2005, both from cancer. Mam used to say to me that if there was anyway she could prove to me that there was life after death she would do so.

I have experienced several incidents. The most significant one was in late March 2005 when I was in a bad way. I'd put my bedside light on at around 11pm but had come back into my living room to read but had fallen asleep, woke up at around 1.15am and sat on the side of the bed. I was very sad and in tears when out loud I begged my mother to prove that she was still around. The bedside light went out, not two seconds after making the request, from a deeper yellow to red, then out altogether. I had not touched the light and it had never been knocked over. I was completely astonished. I felt real relief, but promised her I wouldn't ask again.

After Dad died I had to stay in their home alone and sort the paperwork out which always happens after a death. It must have been a few days later when I was watching a film - Wolf, starring Jack Nicholson. It was around 1.30am and I was falling asleep on the settee. I felt someone shake my left hand, nudging me awake. My hand wasn't in an awkward position so it certainly wasn't pins and needles.

Incidents are getting fewer now, but on a couple of occasions, I've smelled cigarette smoke outside, like you smell when someone has just lit up (dad was a lifelong smoker). Now my family home (which I keep as a second home - I want to retire there) is in the country in the UK. It isn't isolated and there are people around, but on both occasions I could find no-one around me who had just lit a cigarette, despite going down lanes and having a look over fences to see if anyone was gardening.

The most recent incident was the day after Boxing Day when my partner and I were spending Christmas at my family home. I needed to go to the bathroom at 2am in the morning. I was awake 5 minutes before I eventually went there, I opened my bedroom door and heard whispering from what was my parents' bedroom (when alive they used to talk well into the night if neither could sleep), I'm sure I heard my mother's voice say "they're awake!" and then it all fell silent. Alan, my partner, thought I wasn't properly awake, but I was.

I like to think they're still around. It's very comforting.
Samantha_Kyles (3 stories) (25 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-06)
I remember last year when I tried to summon my late mother. My best friend, who was there with me, heard something... A ticking sound. She went in search of it around my room, and found my mother's clock, which had stopped working years ago, and I'm sure the batteries in it were dead by now. The big hand (or was it the little? I can't remember) was stuck, but it was twitching and making the "Tick... Tick... Tick..." sounds that a clock normally makes.

It's comforting to know that our loved ones are watching over us. ❤

I'm sorry you and your husband are dealing with so much stress. Hope you're getting better.
ZUKISMOM (5 stories) (58 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-06)
My father passed when I was 12 years old and in my 30's I inherited my family home where my father passed. I know he is still there my dad loved to play pranks on everyone, he was famous for it, and nothing has changed he still loves to hides things and makes things ring telephones/alarm clocks/the doorbell is his favorite, and I smell his aftershave from time to time. It is just there way of letting you know they are watching out for you and saying hello. God bless you and your family.
Keep strong
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-05)
Yeah It might be your mother and sorry for your loss and hope things are alright. I had smell things around too like death and others.
Osa (1 stories) (70 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-05)
Only you know the answer to this one. If you strongly felt it was your mom,...then it was!
vsps (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-05)
Thank you both for your good wishes. I really appreciate them.

The more people I talk to about the experience, the more I think for sure it was my mother.
csuegar (8 stories) (30 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-05)
Hi VSPS, I do feel that it could be your mother. I know that after my brother passed we had a lot of strange things happen and one of them at times was we would have this certain odor around our home and it was for sure my brother's scent. No doubt in my mind that it was him. I hope things start getting better for you. I'm truly sorry to hear about some of the problems that you have gone through. Stay strong! God Bless
Velvet (2 stories) (72 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-05)
That could be a possibility that your Mother was visiting. I have heard of stories like that. I also sympathize with you on your surgery and the stress with cancer in your family, my Dad underwent surgery last year for prostate cancer. I hope your all better now:)

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