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Mother Finally Opened Up To Me About Spirits!


I will try to word this the best I can. I have so many words and stories flying around my head it is so hard to focus because I want these stories documented and recorded so that others may learn from what has come before. I am sorry this is a collection of a few stories but they all relate to each other. They are all my mother's experiences.

I just got off the phone to her and we had a good talk. It is very rare for me to talk on the phone more than ten minutes but this call went on for almost four hours! We talked mostly about the past and how she was feeling regretful from some of the wrong choices that she had made in her life but I was finally able to get her to open up and talk to me about her spirit experiences.

In the past when I was younger I would try to get her to spill the beans on her experiences but she would always say to me. "Don't even talk about them because you give them energy." But I had heard one story she was telling another adult while I was eavesdropping intently. I think I had gone to bed but gotten up because I wanted a drink and to delay going to sleep as kids do. I was about I'd say eleven or twelve when I heard the story but she talked about it in more depth on the phone just then and it all clicked into place in my mind. I think I know why our family has had so many encounters with spirits.

When I was born my mother was a very young mother and she got with my father when she was sixteen and he was twenty five. She thought she knew him but she found out that he used to get together with a group of friends who called themselves white witches and how they would sit by a fire and made a witches circle. From what I have researched a sacred circle is a barrier and is there only to protect. So what were they protecting themselves against? Anyway, at this circle mother said they would chant and say spells (which to me if it's not in malice then I don't see any harm in it but that kind of thing scares mum.)

In the middle of the night she sat there and watched what they were doing half thinking that they were pretending and half feeling real fear, then one of them brings out a Ouija board. Now everyone knows that those are bad and they open a portal from somewhere else to our world. Well mum said that one of the guys that was controlling the board said that he got in contact with an aborted foetus! And the board kept saying dark, dark, pain, so much pain, hurt, things like that. Then the guy who was controlling the board rolled onto the ground and actually lay in the foetal position with his eyes rolled back to their whites. As he did this the door to my room (I was a newborn then) slammed and mum had this horrible feeling and came running up the stairs to my room. She said she could smell old women's perfume from the kitchen all the way up to my door. She went to open it but she could not get the door to open. She jiggled the handle, the handle was moving as if unlocked but no matter how hard she pushed against the door it would not open. Then she yelled "Stay away from my baby you b***h!" Then the door slammed open and she ran in, picked me up and got out of there as fast as she could.

After more spooky stuff happening and my father being impartial to any danger she took me and left.

Her earliest experience of a spirit was when she was about six or seven. She said that she was lying on her bed in the middle of the day in kind of like a starfish position just relaxing, enjoying the comfort of her bed. Then she said the air got thick, and a bit cooler than normal all of a sudden. Then she felt something lay on her and push her head into the bed. She tried to scream but her head was pushed down into the mattress then all of a sudden it let go and she ran out the room so fast but she did not say anything to her mother and father because she feared that they would not believe her.

Another experience she had was when I was about eleven or twelve. She had gotten with this pig of a man who I despised because he would make my mother cry and he used to abuse me physically. They were both in bed one night and mum said to the pig "Hold me, it's coming. I can feel it!" He put his arm and leg around her and he even said he could feel the thing on her. They both could not see it but they both could feel it. The weight of it pushing on mum and the mattress. She could not breathe it was pushing her down on her chest or sitting on her. Then it just went away after while and mum was crying scared.

The last experience she talked about was when we both worked at a retirement home. I would have been around twenty five I think? They let us work together because we were both nurses aids and she was a hard woman to work with because she had such high standards of care and was meticulous with it. She taught me a good saying and she used to say "What if that was your mother or father?" The contemptuous lazy nurses hated her because mum did the best job she could with each resident. I was a first hand witness to her quality of care and it taught me to become a better nurses aid.

We rarely worked in the same ward but we would relieve each other for designated breaks. I used to work morning, evening and night shifts but mum only did night shifts. She told me that she saw this darkness in the end of the corridor. She said it was darker than the dark and when she looked closely she saw glowing red eyes. She quickly got out of that area and got away from that dark thing with the glowing eyes as fast as she could. But she was in a lesser dependant ward than I was in and the residents there would only be checked on during the night for safety as in they fell on the floor or something. Where as with me I used to change incontinence pads of about twenty residents three to four times a night with another nurse or registered nurse.

The same night after mum saw this black mass with glowing red eyes she went into a residents room and she just opened the door popping her head through a bit because she saw a light on from under the door. She was about to say "Are you ok, Jane. Do you need any help." Then that residents face went black and she had the glowing fire eyes that she saw at the end of the corridor on the resident. She said "Ok then," and quickly closed the door. Mum went back a few minutes later to see if she was ok and the resident was fine. She had her normal face on.

I have had more experiences but I just wanted to share my mother's as I believe my father's actions have somehow opened both our eyes to the spirit realm. I am trying to embrace it and learn from it but mum has always said it is bad to talk about spirits or those who have gone before.

I believe that they are like parasites who need to feed on our energy. They only feed on negative energy and can not stand positive energy. Also in my experience they hate the light and I have never seen a full bodied one in sunlight. I saw a transparent top of someone's head and upper shoulders one day but that is all.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I am sorry I was a bit vague at times with places and locations but it is hard to give full details of someone else's story. Any names I have used were changed for privacy.

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terranigma (9 stories) (71 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-16)
You are right Lealeigh, sorry for the late response. Good advice 😊
terranigma (9 stories) (71 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-07)
Hi Lealeigh thanks for your input I agree to that they should not be talked about if you can help it but there seems to be different types of spirits. Some were human and have a human form and some were never human and have no form or can shape shift. Those are the bad ones.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-05)
Hi terranigma,
Your mother is right, I believe. It doesn't seem like a good idea to talk casually about spirits. Especially if they may be in the vicinity and you can't do anything to move them along to the other side.

When my mother thinks something paranormal is happening around her, she starts talking to it rudely. For the life of me, I don't know why she thinks that will help anything.

I usually ask her: "Did you tell it to go into the light, and you know, be with their loved ones?"

Like I've said somewhere else: I'm in a transitional phase in my life and don't provide much criticism.

On another note: I think nurses are wonderful people. Angels maybe. If you follow your mother's lead in this you will find an inner peace that is hard to find elsewhere.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤

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