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Just A Few Vague Encounters 2


Hey, there! This is my second story. I finally decided to stop being lazy and start writing this; besides, I'm bored and don't feel like doing my homework.

First, I'll go back to last year. It was around January... My best friend, Brittani, and I were (and are, still) very interested in the paranormal, and wanted to maybe contact the dead. I was thinking of buying an Ouija Board, but before I did, Brittani made one of her own and came over so we can, uh, use it.

I know now that Ouija Boards are bad things, but back then we weren't entirely aware of the danger we could've been putting ourselves into. Luckily, nothing actually happened.

Alright, so we used my bedroom. I put down a blanket and Brittani formed a large circle of salt on it so we could "be protected." While we were getting ready, I was having a minor panic attack, because I realized this whole thing could cause trouble, not to mention I was very nervous about actually finding out if there was a ghost present. It was slightly amusing, really. I was trying to talk, but the anxiety made me sound like I just got back from running around the neighborhood in my out-of-shape state. See, I get scared pretty easily!

Anyway, we got everything done and seated ourselves with the Board, me calming down a bit but shaking (so was Brittani). We tried asking questions. Of course, it was, "Is anyone present with us?" and yada. Nothing happened. At one point the "planchette" we were using seemed to start moving a bit, but it was probably just nerves. And I know Brittani would never mess around (unlike Tiffany).

However... It was a little different when I tried summoning my mother. She had died nearly six years ago, when I was ten. My Dad had found her in her house... But we don't know WHEN exactly she died. Dad guessed it was on Memorial Day. So I kind of came to hate that holiday. I was really close to Mom, but things kind of got between us. She was very paranoid and think I'd do some things to deliberately harm her... I also hurt her feelings on more than one occasion; I kind of have a cruel side that most of everyone I've known has had to endure. From her side of the family there's a lot of mental issues. She suffered from depression, paranoia, and anxiety. I guess you can say I've inherited those from her. (Brittani told me once that people who have a lot of negative energy actually attract the paranormal. She'd know, too.) When Mom died, it killed me. It still hurts. I normally get confused and wonder out loud, "Mom, are you there? Are you okay? Are you watching over me? Do you... Still love me?" She didn't kill herself, but she died trying to escape; I still get very disappointed and resentful at the thought, and frightened I could end up the same way...

Sorry, that was a bit rant-ish.

I should also add, I "knew" Mom was going to die. Throughout my years as a child, I had some dreams... Not to mention I had this increasing sense of dread when it came to her. Of course when Dad told me he needed to tell me something, I basically said it for him before I started bawling. (I'm not really psychic, though.)

Anyway, so, I tried summoning Mom. There was nothing. I was discouraged, but then Brittani shushed me, and I looked at her, confused, but remained silent. See, I have hearing problems, but her hearing is fine. (Okay, she has problems with one ear, but yeah.) She told me, "I hear something... Coming from your entertainment center." I was slightly alarmed, but got up with her anyway to investigate. We went over to the center with some salt. Unfortunately, we couldn't see anything... Kind of my fault, actually, haha. The top of my entertainment center is a mess. Soon enough, though, Brittani pinpointed the location of the faint noise and pulled out... A clock. I was shocked. It couldn't be the thing making the noise! "That's the clock my Mom owned. It stopped working years ago!" The large hand (or was it the small?) was stuck, but it was twitching, and going, "Tick... Tick... Tick..." Brittani pulled out the battery (which is odd, because the clock never worked even with a battery, and the battery should've been dead after all these years) and it stopped. We just looked at each other.

I'm thinking logically, and who knows, the battery might've "come back to life" or something. Funny how it happened at that convenient time, though. Not sure if I'll ever know.

I think my Mom's sent several signs to me. Could've been that clock, too, to tell me she was with us. I think if she had moved the "planchette," I would've flipped, haha.

I think I'll explain one dream about her I got. I'll try to make it short.

Sometime after Mom died, I dreamt I was outside my elementary school, the one nearby the house Mom had lived in. I was with Dad and some other people (friends, I think), in this... Thing. It was odd. It was one of those plant buildings you see sometimes. The see-through things that enclose the plants people are growing or whatever. You can grow meth in there, too. (Which is funny, because that's related to Mom's death, even though I didn't know about it at the time.) It didn't feel right, because Mom wasn't there... I can't remember if I felt lonely or heartbroken or whatever... Or if I was crying in my sleep. But either way... I looked over... And there she was. Walking down the pathway towards the track, as if heading home. She turned her head towards me and smiled, placing a finger to her lips, as if saying, "Shh, don't tell anyone... But it's okay, see? Everything's going to be okay."

When people get signs like this, they seem to become happy and content and fine. But, even if it was a sign from her, I still don't feel okay. I'm not strong, and I'm not happy... And I still have doubts that it was a sign. Even so, I never have the energy to be completely "okay," strong, and hard-working. I'm sorry if I disappointed her...

That's the only dream I'll mention. Onwards!

We'll fast forward a bit, to a few months later. to... Spring Break.

My brother was over. How fun. Well, anyway, it was during the day, and I was on the computer. My brother, Marky, had left the door open, much to my annoyance, but he was coming back, so I didn't bother getting up to close the door. I randomly glanced over (wow, gee, every time I "randomly look over," I seem to see stuff) and... Saw my Dad walk into his room. For some reason I felt a little odd. I thought I saw him, anyway... It looked like him. But he didn't look at me, so I couldn't see his face. I kept staring, wondering what he was doing. He doesn't normally go into his room. Okay, I often see him in there getting some clothes in the morning, or if he's getting something he left in there, which includes his water cup half the time (I usually get it for him). Other than that, he's usually just in there to sleep at night (sometimes naps during the day). So... Yeah, I just watched, waiting for him to come out. Annoyingly, Marky came in after a minute and shut the door. I promptly asked him, "What's Dad doing in his room?" He gave me a confused stare, as though thinking, "What is she talking about? I haven't seen him" but got back up from my bunk bed and went to look. When he opened my door, I noticed that Dad's bedroom door was closed. Dad didn't do that very often... Marky looked in the room and came back, giving me another odd glance and saying, "He's still in the bathroom."

"I just saw him go in there," I said. Marky replied, "No, he was in the bathroom when I passed by." I didn't really say anything after that. He's quick to brush off things, because he doesn't believe in the paranormal. (Or so he claims... I think he mostly does that to get to me and to make me feel stupid.)

Around that time, I had looked through a box of pictures Mom had kept and given to me. Dad's album was in there, too. I eventually found a picture of his Dad, the grandparent I never got to meet or even have to privilege to know what he looks like, since he died of a heart attack when my father was five. I was pleasantly stunned to see that he had looked almost exactly like my father does.

What if that was him I saw going into Dad's room without bothering to spare me a glance? (Dad usually likes to peek into my room when he's around.) Or maybe I had looked away for just a few seconds, and he had walked out and gone into the bathroom? Or... Wow, bunch of questions I've got...

Here's another "last year experience." It was maybe sometime before the whole "oh, my effing god, granddaddy?!" thing. I was skipping school. I know, naughty me, but I do it sometimes. Dad had left, letting me stay here, and I was going back to sleep... Well, actually, I was in one of my randomly upset moods. You're all going to think I'm a wacko for this, but I tend to talk to the air when Dad and Marky aren't here. I'll just talk about stuff, or half the time I rant and sometimes cry, as though I have a loyal pal who's listening. (Maybe I do.)

So, the latter was what I was doing. I began talking about... Things I'm not sure I can remember. Typically, though, I know it had "depression" involved. Because sometimes I just freak out, saddened and scared of what the future looks like to me. I started crying a bit. When I calmed down and regained my composure, I cautiously leaned over my bed (which I was sitting on) and glanced at the bottom of my door. (Sheesh, why do I always have to just look and find something?) You know how there's a crack under every door? You'll see, like, sunlight streaming through from another open room or something, or shadows, or whatever. Well... That's where I looked.

What I saw was darkness. A shadow. I thought, "Huh... Guess my Dad's door is closed." (Dad's room is opposite mine.) But then the shadow gradually moved away, as though there was a person who was standing there and just... Walked away. First thing I thought was... "Oh, my God! Don't tell me Dad's here?!" I leaped out of bed in fear and glanced out my window. Through the bushes I have standing there, I didn't see Dad's tow-truck. Still I thought maybe he was here, even though I hadn't hear the front door open and close. Gathering my courage, I sort of threw my door open and stared down the hallway. Our pit bull, Stretch, was staring back at me kind of calmly from where she was laying on the couch. I went into the living room and called, "Dad? Are you still here?" I looked out the front window, I looked in the kitchen and bathroom, but there was no sign of him. It can't have been Stretch outside my door; she tends to avoid being around me when I get upset, not to mention it definitely wasn't her shadow.

So, who knows, I guess I have a loyal pal who listens, after all! Maybe...

Gawd, this story's getting too long... I only have a few more parts, though, so bear with me. I'll just get lazy for, like, a month, before I put up another story, heh.

Alright, so you must think I'm weird enough for talking to the air... Well, guess what? I talked while I was in the shower, at one point! Yet again, this was last year. I was just in the shower, and I began speaking... Saying things like, "You know you can come to me whenever you want, whoever you are. I want to help. Just... Don't ever scare me in the dark again... Or when I have food in my hands! It'll end up all over the place..." You're all probably thinking, "Freak!" Oh, well. I had to explain that. So, when I said that... I heard a creaking noise in the bathroom. My house is a bit old, but I don't hear creaking noises in my house unless they're IN my bedroom when I'm in bed or when there's someone at the end of the hall going to either my room or Dad's (the floor tends to get a little creaky there). So yeah... I was a little alarmed.

Thinking that possibly it was that (possible) person who thought I meant it was okay for them to come to me while I was taking a shower, totally naked, I whispered, "Not now!" There was another creaking sound, a tad closer... I hissed almost furiously, "Not now!" and whatever it was stopped. Of course I forgot to mention no one should EVER come to me while I'm in the shower... Now they know! Unfortunately, it seems whoever it was might've just settled into that bathroom at night, because now whenever I walk past, I get an uneasy feeling. I don't sense evil, but I get uneasy and fearful. Sometimes I close my eyes when I walk past. I keep the door shut at night now...

Okay, forget it, I'm not writing anymore. I'll put up another story later. This one's about Tiffany's house... And I suppose I'll mention Brittani's experiences in her basement if it's okay with her. Oh, and I'll mention a few things that happened to Marky when he said, "Ghosts aren't real!"

Well, toodles! Thank you so much for dealing with my angstiness in this part! And kudos for those who have read this all the way to the end!

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Samantha_Kyles (3 stories) (25 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-14)
To: DeviousAngel

Thank you very much for commenting! 😁

I suppose it does help, venting and whatnot when you're alone. Though some people consider others a nut if they're talking to themselves a lot. XD

A guardian spirit? How neat! Maybe that's true! Whoever's here, though, should go. I don't think any spirit should remain here on earth, it's not good. 😢 I don't want them tied to this house. Besides, feeling watched most of the time doesn't suit me, ha. Especially in the dark. GAH! Sometimes I leave my TV on.

I still don't trust Ouija Boards. You never know what you're truly summoning, even if you're fearless and confident and cautious. But you're right that the boards should NOT be sold to children. However, you know how the government is. They just want the money.

You're probably right about the coincidence and paranoia thing. I totally agree with you. And I'm doing my best not to be afraid. While I'm very intrigued and wish to pursue my "sensitive" by meditating and whatnot, you will not see me actually deliberately heading to a haunted area. Any ghost can come to me. And not in the dark! 😆 Or when I have food/drinks in my hands! That wouldn't be very nice!

But yeah, hopefully someday I'll overcome my anxiety and fear, and actually help some spirits. It would be a great thing.
Samantha_Kyles (3 stories) (25 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-14)
To: Cholulteca

😆 Thank you for your comment! Don't worry, I won't be talking out loud to the air in public. 😉

Samantha_Kyles (3 stories) (25 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-14)
To: hobbyholly

I'm sorry for making such a long post. ^^;

Anyway, to reply to your, uh, comments...

It might've been the bathroom settling. But the thing is, I don't often hear the bathroom itself creak, you know? It's either my room or the hall. And either way, it's funny how it happened at that convienent time.

No, there no windows. Or objects. However, there's a window in Dad's bedroom, which is across from my bedroom... Come to think of it, Dad always closed his door in the mornings... Except I can't remember if I opened it or something before going back to bed. I don't know, really.

Haha, no... My brother's 12, he's not bald, he's not as tall as my father, and his skin's definitely not dark... Trust me, it wasn't him.

Don't worry, none taken. 😁 I'll make sure to make everything shorter next time.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-13)
Hi Samantha! Thank you for sharing another story of yours (well, stories). Firstly, I don't think you're weird for talking, babbling, crying or whatever else out loud when you're alone. That's usually the best time to vent, and whether or not you feel better in the end, it's best to get it off your chest anyway. I think you have a sort of "guardian" spirit (not so much an angel as just a spirit) that keeps an eye after you. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with your mom, but it might... It could be her way of letting you know that she cares about you and she's listening when you need someone to talk to.

IMO, Ouija boards aren't necessarily bad things, but to use them if you're afraid is a bad idea because spirits gather energy from fear. If you show fear, they'll probably harass you more, because it gives them energy. I don't think they can necessarily hurt you because of it, but it can draw them to you. As long as the user is open-minded, virtually fearless when it comes to the paranormal, and knows how to use them properly, it isn't bad. I don't think they should sell them to kids, though. Only adults, and people who are willing to take the risk.

ANYWAY...whew. Some of these things could be written off to coincidence and paranoia (I share that trait with you!) but all of it together seems a bit too suspicious, you know? The best thing I can recommend is to not be afraid. You sound like you're on your way to accepting your ability to see and communicate with spirits, so keep it up.

Cholulteca (148 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-13)
Hi Samantha!, thanks for sharing your story (ies), Lol, 😁, I don't think is odd for people to talk to the air... (as long as you don't do it in public!), lots of people talk to themselves inside their minds... My daughter sings and talks while on the shower and she's 17, 😊
All the best,
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-13)
wow, my head is sorta spinning from this post. I'm going to start bottom to top.
"...I heard a creaking noise in the bathroom"- In my opinion it was just that. The bathroom creaking/settling.

"What I saw was darkness. A shadow.- Are there any windows in the hall that could have created a shadow? Or a library table/desk in the hall that has objects on it that cast a shadow?

"Saw my Dad walk into his room. For some reason I felt a little odd. I thought I saw him, anyway... It looked like him."- Was it your brother maybe?

Um, I'd continue asking questions, but honestly my eyes are rolling around trying to... Follow this.

Samantha: Don't take offense to my last comment... I just... Yeah need to stop reading this for a minute

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