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They Looked Real 2


This happened on the same day I went to my best friend fiesta (For those who have read my other story "they looked real" this is the continuation).

I thought that would be all, after seeing a lady and a kid that looked real, nothing worse could happen. But I was wrong.

This incident was really weird for me and my best friend. To this day I still cannot explain even to myself what really had happened.

After telling my best friend and her family my experience, my best friend was so terrified to even go to her own room so she asked me to come along. Her room is on the second level of the house, which means, you have to go by the stairs where I saw the lady. We were lucky not to find her there. As we ascended, I noticed that on the last two steps I felt, sorrow, anger and pain. I could not breathe the air was so thick. As I reached the top landing, I looked towards the corner near my best friend's room and bathroom (as you go up the second floor, there is a small space with a bookshelf, a small table and a chair. As you turn left, you will find the bathroom door and next to it is my best friend's room) I didn't see anything but I felt that someone was there, waiting, starring.

My best friend went to her room and I waited outside. I waited for maybe 10 minutes. I knocked on her door and asked if I could come in. My friend did not answer me so I opened the door and let myself in. I saw my best friend lying on the bed fast asleep. I laughed to myself and said she might be very tired and forgotten that I was outside waiting for her. I didn't bother to wake her up; I went downstairs and forgot about that weird feeling.

This was the freakiest thing that happened. As I went to meet my best friend's family outside, I saw my best friend outside with her family and friends! I called out to her she looked at me and asked me where I had been. When she left her room, I was not there. I was so scared I came running down the stairs. I got tongue tied. I was shocked as I was not expecting her to ask me that.

I told my best friend that I waited for her for about 10 minutes and when she didn't come out the room, I knocked and on entering her room I found her sleeping, so I decided to leave her at peace and just go. I told her that I was there next to her bedroom door all along. We were so freaked out but we didn't tell anyone. That experience was unexplainable to her family and friends.

Where was I another dimension? Maybe, a ghost blocked me from seeing my best friend or vise versa? I still do not understand it now. All I know is when I was there waiting for my best friend, I was just standing there and staring in the corner.

If anybody knows or has had a similar experience like mine, please I would really appreciate some feedbacks/comments/suggestions. I just wanted to understand... Thank you!

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ghostboy001 (4 stories) (137 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-01)
I have a explination one of the entities had covered you and blocked you and when you went in possed as your freind prbably a freindly trick but beware it could be ademon trick but not likely
nich (4 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-23)
wolfreal: at first I thought you're serious... 😁 but really, it is so difficult when you can't understand something. I know there's an explanation but I can't exactly pinpoint what is it.
WolfReal (1 stories) (140 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-21)
Just kidding. I know what its like not to be able to understand something that has happened to you
WolfReal (1 stories) (140 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-21)
nich - The likely hood of you understanding this is minimal. You are a ghost. You are haunting these people you call friends and... Maybe they were but you have passed. IN your state you may never understand what I am saying to you and something may come along to make you think this is just a joke but its not. If you read this, understand it... Its time for you to move on. Please leave these people in peace.
nich (4 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-21)
savypickles: after that, I didn't bothered to go inside again. I came back to her place a couple of months after and still wasn't sure what has happened. My best friend told me that her younger daughter which is 6 years old that time always cries when she leave her in her room, saying that there is a big man in the room and shouting at her, very angry. I'm afraid for them and asked them to bless the house which they had done. She said it was okey for a month then, again it happened. They get used to it now.
Canyouseeme: thanks for the comment. Do you really think I was possessed that time? If so, I'm freaking out now...
savypickles (2 stories) (23 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-20)
To Canyouseeme she called to her friend if she could go in but her friend DID NOT ANSWER you misread what she wrote

Its kind of scary to know you both didn't see each other and having to see her laying there sleeping when she was outstide and how your friend felt when she heard what happened I wonder...

Anything else happen since?
Canyouseeme (1 stories) (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-20)

I've read both your stories but this one is unreal.

I don't understand how your friend had walked past you without seeing you and you saw her asleep!

My only guess would be that the entity possessed you and somehow made you see your friend asleep, but then you'd have to be invisible so she could not see you.

You did say that when you were coming up the stairs you couldn't breathe as the air was thick... Maybe it wasn't air... Maybe it was the woman and you walked through her.

The only part of the story I'm alittle unsure of is when you left her room you called out to your friend and she called back, you shouted to each other? And then you came down the stairs and outside or did she come inside?

They arent hurting you or anyone so I wouldn't be worried, sounds like there just having fun.

Good luck Nich

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