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Floating Light In The Dark


This happened in a house that I moved out of with my family not too long ago. It was a normal house with one storey and a half finished basement. I had never really had anything paranormal happen to me in that house.

The only events I can remember other than the story I'm about to tell is that I got up once in the middle of the night to use the restroom and saw an orange glow just floating in midair. It was most likely just those spots you get over your vision after looking at a bright light for too long. The only thing was it was only there for about a second when usually it takes about fifteen seconds for theses "spots" to fade and there is usually more than one. But I really just look at this as a figment if my imagination.

The only reason I know that I saw what I did is because another time my sister saw it as well. I was in my dining room upstairs and for some reason that I don't remember I looked out the window and like most little sisters, she loves to copy her older siblings. So I pulled the curtain back and looked out at my backyard. Then something very surprising happened, a bright white light moved from one end of my backyard to the other. It wasn't a plane or helicopter light because there was no noise. My sister asked me "Did you see that light?" I quickly replied that I hadn't seen a thing and that it was just her imagination, I said this only because I didn't want to freak her out.

Does anyone have an idea what this light could have been? I really don't think that it was a flashlight or anything because no one was in my backyard. This really puzzles me.

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mariahbirdy421 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-09)
I have had this exact same thing happen to me. It just happened last night actually, but I saw it for the first time last summer.

I was in my backyard sitting in the gazebo with a friend visiting from out of town. It was night out, probably 11:30 pm to midnight. His back was to the house and I was facing it. All of a sudden this light comes from the left side of the house, slowly floating to the right. There was no possible way it was headlights or a flashlight. There were too many obstacles between my house and the alley behind me. My friend saw it when I pointed it out, and we decided to wait for it to come a second time, but it never came.

Another situation, exactly the same, just with a different friend. We were sitting there talking, and the light comes again. I pointed it out to him, and I watched it do the exact same thing it did about a week before. Only this time, I decided to ignore it, and it came back. After the second time, my friend pulled out his phone to record it, but yet again, It never came.

And last night, I saw the exact same light. Only, I wasn't sitting outside, I was at the kitchen sink filling up a water bottle. I looked out the window above the sink into the backyard, and I saw the light floating in the alley. It floated from one end of my fence, to behind the lilac bushes. I was absolutely terrified.
Mountainman (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-23)
Hello there nice to make your acquantince. I stumbled upon this site and e-marie story caught my eye all I did was punch up ball of light on google, I did this because something as such has happened to me and it was real, as real can be. And quite similiar to other stories so I had to share. I was 12 was late 1 or 2 in morning could not sleep we lived in a beautiful Granite Stome Home In the Valley Here Large farm was beautiful child hood. Anyway seen this light wizzing past the window back and forth crazy was on second floor so scared me was not flash light did not travel like flash light. I ran to brother room acros from me guess when scared did this so I put my head under sheet and told my brother thought was crazy then guess so head under sheet sure enough light appeared again and again out side windw now brother scared too so that was little comforting guess then peaked through sheets and gosh golly jee this glowing ball of light was traveling around the bedroom from corner to corner remember feeling like really really scared and then all of sudden felt a great peace and beauty to this light did not feel scared at all then passed out some how did not reemember it al at all for 10 years then all of suden one day I had this crazy memory of this and I talked to my brother about it cause I rememberd it all until the point did not feel nervous then forgot for 10 years, my brother I told him and I only told him half the story then all of suden he remembered himself and he finished the story for me, exactly the way I remembere d it so long ago, how ironic was that, and the funny thing now is that all my life, while living life I have always felt that I looked through my eyes for two hard to emplain. But many years ago 8 guess was debating something that was puzzling for me to figure out and while thinking of it and debating in my sub conchious between me and thinin thinking with my mind all of a suden a I had a second f view only lasted a mo ment but was scary as hell never happened again, as if having a silent partner in life that is within you, I always dream of the Universe not sure why but is what I dream of, not too mention my dreams have led me to be on the highest mountain I could find in Canada and do I dream there, wow. Well that's my story and is a scary true one, we are far from alone and there is a poer power can be as beautiful as you want it too be, Depends on who you are, I have always dremed of mountains so I bought one, I always dream of flying and feel that I died in a plain crash in another life, and ironically ended up buying a closed air force station I dreamt that there was a place at the base of the mountain for me too see, but it was actually a closed base on the mountain top I ende d goun going to top of mountain because my dream led me there and I ran into aman that happened to be seliing land part of mountain all coincindence just too crazy... Thanks the Mountainman.
Bleuize (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-19)
I've been trying to find a story similiar to what I witnessed, and you are the first. I too saw a floating light. I had gotten out of bed at night to use the restroom, and as I crossed the call that passed into the living room, I looked out to that room and hovering over the sofa was a fairly large red light. I stared at it for a few seconds and I remember it was moving, as if it was in a gaseous state - I suppose a swirling motion. It freaked me out and I ran to my mothers room and I sort of went into shock I think. I don't know what it was, and never saw it again, but I do know that it was there and I saw it.
e-marie (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-31)
That quite similar to what I saw. One time I was at work for the summer, it was during lunch break. And then all of a sudden I saw a light, I thought it was pretty, so I tried catching it, and my friends were like elaine what are you doing. I was like don't you see that glitter. It was as big as a fist. It was just floating gracefully.

The second time I saw it was during night time. I was sleeping, and then found my heart beating really fast. I opened my eyes and saw the floating light, my heart was beating slower. It was floating gracefully, swaying back and forth. This time it was bigger. And then my whole room went white. I was fully awake and then my bedroom had gone back to normal. Then I went back to sleep.
chloe6991 (1 stories) (11 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-27)
Thank you. And I too really doubt that it was paranormal but there is a chance. It might of been a small plane but it's not like the light went from fence to fence it went from about one third of the right side of the yard
And disappeared when there was about one third of the left side of the yard left. And it was in midair, It didn't touch the ground at all. Who knows... Thanks for your help. 😊

DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-27)
I'm not sure about the first light you saw. It could have been a retinal trick because you weren't quite awake yet.

Well, the light in the sky could have been anything. Can you describe what it looked like? How did it move? A searchlight, a small plane in the distance reflecting light, who knows. It could be anything. Just because you don't hear it doesn't mean it's not a plane or helicopter.

I'm not sure if this is paranormal or not but I suppose it could be... I don't doubt that you saw SOMETHING, I just don't know WHAT yet.


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