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There have been several instances where I and other family members have felt a pressure and inability to move while relaxing. There are three different stories I'd like to share that involved three different people, but the same location.

About my family home. The west side of our home was extended by the previous owners. The original home only had two bedrooms, a living room, and one full bath and one half bath. The extension added another two bathrooms, a family room and two more bedrooms. The bedroom in the back of the extended house is where the events occur.

First experience was my own, in 1995. My girlfriend was spending her first night over at my family home and I inherited the back room since my siblings were moving out. I was talking to my girlfriend on the carpet while she lay on my bed. As I was talking I could see from my peripheral that my lamp light was pulsating. I looked over to the side to see a large radiating shadow enter into my bedroom. It hovered over me and I became frozen. I called to my girlfriend, but she could not hear me. As it held me down it got stronger and stronger. After trying to call out for my girlfriend a name came into my head that fell from my mouth. The name of my girlfriend's great grandmother. As soon as I said that name the shadow disappeared and I was released. When I shot up I looked over at my girlfriend as she opened her eyes. She told me she felt really sleepy all of a sudden and could hear me struggling, but couldn't do anything.

Second experience happened to my sister, in 2004. My sister moved home and since she was the oldest, she got the back room to herself. During her stay in the back room she often heard footsteps and rubbing on the walls of the hallway that lead to her bedroom. She became quite upset with the constant noises so she moved her bed so that the top of it was pushed against the wall so she could see out of the doorway as she watched T.V. She heard the all too familiar stepping and swishing. When she turned her head to see what was approaching she was forcefully pulled downward from her pillow. She said it startled her, but it didn't do anything else after that. She moved her bed away after the incident.

Third experience happened to a tenant, in 2007. He started renting the back room after it was just my sister, her son and my father living there. He told me one day when I was visiting my family that he had a strange thing happen to him. He was watching a movie on his T.V. When he got this heavy feeling on his chest and was unable to move. He said that immediately after the lift of the force he had this flash of a woman's face. He started to describe it when it becomes familiar to me, that I too saw the same face when I was younger in my old home. I began describing to him the vision he had and it started to creep him out. He didn't know what had happened, but he wasn't too frightened of it. He was a little relieved to know that he wasn't the only one who experienced this. He thought he was going crazy at first.

I have no clue what it is that we experienced there in that bedroom, but there is no doubt that what happened in those moments were caused by sleepiness or fatigue. I hope I could give some peace to those who have experienced this same occurrence by letting you know that it happens to more people than you know.

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4d (15 stories) (167 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-26)
Yes. I was in the middle of conversation with my girlfriend (Wife now), my sister was watching television, and the tenant just turned on a DVD to watch when it happened. 😕 Aloha, 4d
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-24)
wow, that hmm, you and other would just relexing and chill that all when that happen.

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