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Physically Attacked By An Evil Entity


I'm sorry if this is a bit long but I remember it as if it was yesterday and want to get as much detail in as possible.

Id always had a few issues with people who claim to have seen ghosts or things like that, I always thought it may well be true but so many people make things up I found it hard to sift through the rubbish to find genuine stories of real encounters, that's why I was so messed up after the following events, at this point in my life I thought it might be real but I was still unconvinced so now you know my skeptical mindset at the time Ill set you the scene.

I was 17 and it was the middle of summer (I'm 22 now so its not too long ago and I remember it like yesterday) I was living in Newhaven a little town outside of Brighton on the south coast of England. It was a really hot day and I remember my dad and step-mum had gone out to the shops with my younger brothers and my elder brothers had gone out themselves so my boyfriend (who I'm still with today ha-ha) and me were just lazing around the house (a 2 floor 4 bedroom house that my stepmother was always convinced had spirits). My dad had asked my boyfriend to stick some stuff in the loft for him and he had earlier that day but I clearly remember that he had left the "cover/trapdoor/piece of wood" that blocked up the hole into the loft open I don't know why I just remember that he had.

My boyfriend decided he was bored and we had watched all the films in the house so was going to go to town (10 minutes away max) to rent a film and pick up some lunch I said I couldn't be bothered to go and was going to sit around in my room playing with my seriously underage kitten (he was like 3 weeks old when I found him lol he's huge now). My boyfriend left and I was in the house completely alone. No one was there just me and my kitten (a little tiny silver tabby called Breezer BOY) and my dog (a border collie called willow GIRL). (sorry I realise this is getting a little hard to follow I apologise I'm trying to get in all the details... Let me sum up)

So I'm in the house alone other then Breezer and Willow, Breezer is on my bed playing with me and Willow is asleep on the landing outside my room I think I should mention that she never ever came into my room unless I invited her as its relevant to her weird behavior later on, she wouldn't go in the bedrooms unless invited in she would sit in the doorframe waiting until I said to her come in as my dad had trained her not to go in the bedrooms!

I was lying on my back on my bed playing with the kitten on my chest when all of a sudden I heard boots on the stairs which wasn't out of the ordinary my boyfriend always wore boots back then big workman boots that clumped up the stairs I remember thinking I bet he's forgotten his card as he had only been gone around 5 mins, I turned my head to the side to look out my bedroom door to see him come up the stairs but he wasn't there Willow came flying into my room and cowered by my bed whimpering. I remember going to sit up to see what was wrong with her as she had not been invited into my room it was so unlike her to just come in. When I was pushed back onto the bed with a hand over my eyes I remember struggling and thinking then saying out loud "my god *boyfriends name* this isn't f**king funny what are you doing?!" even though I knew he wasn't there I felt hands round my neck choking me and I remember crying and shouting out after a while over and over "oh my god please don't hurt me please what did I do?!"

I must have been laying there around 2 or 3 minutes enough to be very scared and physically hurt by whatever attacked me. I opened my eyes and there was nothing there I was so scared I called my boyfriend and was crying so hard he couldn't understand me. Breezer was on my bed spitting all fur sticking up and Willow was still by my bed laying completely flat not moving or making a sound just laying there.

My boyfriend was back in literally minutes he jumped a cab and was back in about 10 minutes and was really upset when he saw me he told me I needed to look in a mirror so we went to the bathroom and all around my neck were huge red marks literal finger marks on my neck which stayed for a few days but were so bad they went a deep purple bruise colour which was really hard trying to explain to my dad that it wasn't my boyfriend that had hurt me because he wasn't even in the house!

I have no idea what happened, how it happened, or why it happened all I do know is I was terrified and have never gotten to the bottom of what it was. I would love some feedback especially if anyone else has been physically hurt by "something" and even better if you have any suggestion as to what may have happened.

I'm not looking for a definite answer as I expect ill never get one but that's ok. I did think that maybe something sinister had been disturbed by my boyfriend in the loft and got out when he didn't close the door again I don't know but yes any comments are very much appreciated and by the way I was attacked physically again in the house with my partner this time so violently it broke his wrist.

Ill write that story in another section so it is its own "piece" thank you for reading and keeping an open mind

Peace and Love to You and Yours


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Scarlytt (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-05)
thank you all for comments!

Byluyster: we told my parents the truth about what happened and my step mum always believed us as she herself had weird things happen to her in that house my dad I'm pretty sure didn't believe us but didn't argue with her kind of thing so it was always a bit hazy between them I think he believes it was us hurting each other and using spirits as an excuse but didn't want to say because that would mean he had to tell my stepmum he didn't believe her? Hope that makes sense lol and if we ever had to go to hospital for injurys that couldn't be explained we always stuck to the same thing "we were messing around and it went a bit to far " seeing as I'm second eldest to 13 kids 10 of which are boys all only like a year apart and stuff (that sounds messy lol we were all step and foster kids to each other but there was a real bond between us all we still see each other now that were in or reaching our 20s which I know doesent sound like much but without divulging like my whole family history I didn't expect us to stay in touch a lot of really messed up stuff happened within the family and yeh haha just know we werent blood related but couldn't have been closer to each other) anyways there was a large amount of boy fights and stuff in the house anyways so A&E got used to our faces... Wow that sounds so awful haha we never intentionally really hurt each other but with a big group of teen boys you gotta expect a few fights I guess haha

Ghostboy001: my boyfriend is christian spiritualist and I'm not really an anything I think too many religions have really great bits but really bad bits too if I could mix and match I would haha um yeh he used to have encounters with his brother (his poor mum has 3 boys but also suffered 9 miscarridges and still births his younger brothers still born twin Hugh is who he saw most) so he had expiriences himself for years but in his words it had always been friendly things up until that house um oh also if its any help to you both of us where in a Church of England school as kids (4 - 11) so kind of have some Christian values embedded in there lol funnily enough although I'm not a huge believer of anything I still get massive amounts of comfort from saying the Lords prayer (which I know by heart since school and its just stayed in there haha) when stuff like this is going on I feel a bit hypocrytical saying the Lords prayer considering I don't follow the religion but I don't know its like when I'm super scared but can still kind of focus it just comes to my mind and seems to make sense to say it.

Hope that helps a bit if you want to know anything else please get in tough I'm currently looking into the house and if anything happened there back in the day I have not looked into it up until this point because I guess I got so used to people not believing me I thought what's the point I'm not going to be able to work it out without help and people think I'm nuts so why bother! Lol so I guess also you guys thank you for your support its given me the courage to delve a bit deeper and question what happened to us as reality rather then question if it did happen like that or are we crazy did we hurt ourselves through hysteria all the usual questions I guess people get

Peace and Love to You and Yours
ghostboy001 (4 stories) (137 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-04)
Very scary That may have been a demon or a dead murder this is not my style of going about it but will someone help me explain this. You may not want a total explination but you need one and the best idea is the spirit of a murder or a demon.

Not to pry but are you religous or not that would help in my explination. Incase you don't want to say If you are that may have been a demon doing the devils bidding may sound unorthadox but it may be with your experience.

Anothor high possibility incase you arn't religous is the murder type entity they don't care about religon many of them wiil get the need to kill and will attack an unsuspecting living person

Please help and improve my explination

And Scarlytt god bless or whatever god you worship.
BYLUYSTER (11 stories) (78 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-04)
Wow! That would scare anyone, but I do have a question... How did you and your boyfriend explain his broken wrist and did he have other marks on his body? I trust things are better now and this "thing" didn't follow you. Be careful. 😐
God Bless,
Scarlytt (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-04)
oh and by the way lol sorry I forgot to write Rook what you said about my mind "feeling" the attack and showing marks for it does make sense id never thought of it like that before and its kind of a reassuring thought as I have been really scared since by any "interaction" with spirits for fear they can hurt me. P&L ❤

(oh yeh I have a shortened version of my saying:P)
Scarlytt (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-04)
hey rook thank you for your comment I see what you mean about my description not making much sence when I say there were hands round my throat and over my eyes but only what seemed to be one person I'm sorry I can't explain it to you any better then I had my eyes open but couldn't see, it was just like someone had covered my eyes you know its that kind of not quite complete black but enough to stop you seeing? I know I still had my sight just couldn't see haha that sounds crazy don't it? And it felt like someone was pushing down on my throat with hands wrapped around I'm sorry this sounds a bit garbled it may well have been one hand over my eyes and one round my neck but I had marks both sides so honestly I guess I just assumed there were two hands round my neck... Wow lol I'm starting to doubt myself now:S ill try and explain a little better here how my room was set out see if it helps to describe how I wasn't really grabbed either

My bedroom was a little box room so all along one wall was my bed the head of the bed was opposite the bedroom door so when laying in bed if I turned my head to the right I could see out the door to the top of the stairs, if you walked up my stairs to the top on the top step you were standing outside my door that's why I turned to see my boyfriend come up the stairs

As for where I was grabbed from, the only way I can describe it is if you are sitting upright in bed with your legs outstraight and flat in front of you near the edge and someone stood beside the bed over you and pushed on the front of your chest and or forehead you would fall back, that's the best way I can describe it was I sat up to see Willow and felt "someone" push me back so I was laying flat again.

Hope that helps I'm trying to get a bit of history going see what I can find out ill also get the other "event" typed up as soon as
Peace and Love to You and Yours
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-03)
By the actions of your kitten and your dog it sounds as if something did happen to you. 'What' remains the question. First a question or two...

How many hands did you feel? I ask this because you state that one was over your eyes but you still felt 'hands' plural, around your throat.

You saw nothing enter the room? So you were faceing the door and no one entered in from that direction... Did it feel as if the hands had grabbed you from the front or from behind?

It is said that Spirits/Entities Can not physicaly harm us, but you say there were visable marks on you neck...Hummmm...The spirit/entity may not have left them 'in and by itself' but your mind 'feeling' this attack manifested the marks that corasponed to what you had felt. (I hope that makes sense.)

Thank you for your story, a history of the house would be nice if you can get any details. Looking forward to your second story, thanks for posting.


Scarlytt (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-03)
Kevan: thanks for answering so fast I was really happy to come to hte site today and find a reply already! I don't still live in the house I was there for about a year before I left and also visited my family several times before they moved themselves, lots of things did happen since that attack and a few things before aswell but this one has always stuck in my head because I was completely alone some people have suggested that the incident with my partner was just the two of us getting ourselves into hysterics which really upsets me you know people think we did it to ourselves! But this one I was on my own so its almost like proof somethin was happening you know?

Surya: thank you for your answer I appriciate all comments left:P and don't worry at all about being personal at the end of the day if you can give me a better "answer" by knowing more I'm totally fine telling you. All the violent occourances with the spirit happened after my boyfriend went into the loft we think he must have disturbed something, were not sure what he actually left in there but it waasnt anything that seemed significant you know I think it was like old toys and clothes that needed putting out of the way the hatch was closed soon after the incident but it seems like what ever was let out stayed out you know? Um the dog is really really old now bless her and the cat is a huge great thing funny how tiny and sick he was to start! Um I don't live with either of them now the dog stayed with my parents and the cat I had to give to my friend when I left Newhaven luckily she lives near me so I still see him they are both pretty normal now but then were not in the house anymore lol

If anyone else wants to know any more please feel free to ask anything I don't mind telling you what you need to know:P

Peace and Love to You and Yours
Scarlytt (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-03)
can I start by saying I didn't call me story " attacked by an evil entity" and I'm pretty pissed that it has been changed to that because I'm not so sure it was evil just had bad intentions or had been hurt in a previous life or what ever I'm real angry that has been changed as its misleading 😠 😠 😠
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-03)
I can definitely relate to this story, I can imagine the fear you felt, and all the questions that you ask yourself. You write that the second attack was very violent it broke his wrist, your boyfriend I take it? I will have to ask did this occurr after the items were placed in the attis by your boyfriend? What items were they? Sorry to be personal. Your boyfriend left the hatch open a little, I take it, it has been closed properly now. Your cat and dog, how are they behaving now. Animals are very sensitive to unusla activity.
Kevan (10 stories) (50 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-03)
Hey, I just read your story. Sounds pretty interesting. Sounds like your dealing with a spirit that has malicious intent. Or in other words, something that wants to harm you. Do you still live in the house? If so, has anything happened since the attack? Sorry I'm asking so many questions by the way lol. I would suggest if you still live there to maybe do some research on the house and the property around it, and try and figure out who may be there with you. Take care.

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