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I know our house was bought from a widower, I'm not sure what happened to her husband, that might have something to do with these encounters. I often hear noises or feel a chill around me, I thought it must be my imagination until this.

One evening, my friend and her twin brother came around my house. Me and my friend chatted, my younger brother and her twin played pillow fights in the ecleves of my room. Then the boys came out of the door and said the light had gone out. The bulb was not there so we assumed they had knocked it out we could not find it so we got my mum. At first she could not see anything, so we emptied everything out, but nothing. Later when my friend had gone, I opened the door to the ecleves and low and behold, there was the bulb sitting right in front of me. No cracks no marks just like someone or something had gently unscrewed it...

Now on to melon's story, one day I found out that before we lived in our house someone died there. Now I know why I have had some encounters. Here is what happened... One day it was just me and my mom in our house, I was on my computer and I heard a bang upstairs. I thought nothing of it, but then I heard a bang downstairs (where I was). I asked my mom "what was that?" she said I'm not sure, but I then thought it must have been a ghost and I know that sounds weird, but seriously it was!

Now back to bannana. Another night when I was in bed I couldn't sleep, I don't why, it was like something was stopping me. After tossing and turning for what seemed like hours, I finally found a comfortable position, facing the wall, back to the door. I was nearly asleep when suddenly something poked me. Another time I was in the shower. Something knocked on the door, the handle went down like someone was trying to get in. My brother and dad were out and my mum was outside...

Now to Melon. One day I was in my dining room and I was sitting down on the sofa playing a game on the game cube. It was dark outside because this was at night. When all of a sudden, I see a ragged looking old tramp in the corner of my eye for like a second. I looked and it was gone but the strange thing was he was looking at me and he looked very scary and I don't really think it's my imagination because I have had some other encounters.

The last story is from bannana. The safest place in our house was the study, or so I thought. One night when my mum and dad were upstairs putting my brother to bed I was watching the TV. When the adverts came on I put the sound on mute. That's when I heard it tapping on the keyboard like someone was typing. I thought nothing of it until one day my dog went up to the leather chair (were my dad sits when he's working) he jumped on it and licked it, whining for attention, but none was sitting in it. Strange or what?

These stories are all true. If you have any ideas or thoughts please tell us we would appreciate it. Love, bannana and melon.

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jax (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-30)
Well this comment is for banana, if nothing else you can rest easy knowing that whatever was in the study must be harmless. If your dog was trying to get some affection from it then that particular entity can't be too evil. Animals are usually excellent judges of character so if your dog was to start growling and snarling or behaving as though it's afraid that's when you should start worrying. My pets have never steered me wrong on people or anything else.
kathia (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-27)
hey definetly you got a ghost or spirit in your house you should tell your mom or tell her about your expiriexced in your past things and try to search for an explanatoin for all that>

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