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I've never really thought anything of ghosts but that was until this happened. One night, I had my friend over for a sleep over, she goes to the toilet, I'm half way up the stairs looking at the bathroom door when it slammed shut! I assumed it was my friend until she asked "did you shut the door?". And I was even looking at the door when it slammed. Another time, I was sleeping in my mom's bedroom at night and I started to hear heavy breathing. Now, I know what your thinking, it must be me or my imagination right? But I held my breath and this carried on, so I shouted for my mom and when I did this, it stopped like as if it ran away before it got caught. One day I was playing on the game cube and I went upstairs to get something. I came back down and the TV screen became gray and white and fuzzy. I went in the other room to get something else, I came back and the TV was off. I asked my brother if he turned it off but he didn't. I've got another weird story. I was in the front room and I was sitting on the floor. I moved over and it was chilly, I thought nothing of this at first, but when I moved over again it got warm. I moved back to the place where it was chilly and it still was. It was as if there was someone standing there!

What are your thoughts of this?

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JonnyBoy101 (12 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-21)
That's on your mind that heavy breathing is caused from a man who lived in that place years ago when it was built until he died.

It's too bad he never came back to life as a human. Or was it a woman who did the breathing for that man? I think it's both doing that, so you may be covered for it.

Please be careful with ghosts. You are afraid things WILL happen around you and your family including your house. Furniture can be very thin and wooden and can only be convincing as for today and 5 more years until future ends.

Please be careful with my comment as well.

KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
16 years ago (2007-09-06)
it depends on what you think is occuring. Have you had any more experiences since writing this story?

God Bless
Kirby (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-14)
Hmm, well, I can't explain anything except the last. It's like, when your in your bed and turn your pillow over, the other side is cold, or cool. When you move any limb or leg, it is cool. This may be what happened in the last part.

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