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Grandad I Never Met


My grandad died when my nana was pregnant with my dad in late 1959. He was killed in a car accident when he was hit by a drunk driver, he was 44. As children, my older brother and I were always bought up talking about grandad so whenever he was bought up in conversation it wasn't weird. We would often take nana to the cemetery to put flowers on his grave and when my brother and I were little we used to climb all over his headstone and play around, mum was always horrified by our behavior but nana just used to laugh and say "oh don't worry, Bill would love it."

The first time I 'saw' grandad, or was aware that he was around was when I was a little girl, probably no more than 5 or 6. This was when we still lived in New Zealand, it got really cold in the winter so I would have to sleep in my brothers room during June, the coldest month because his room was warmer. He had two single beds in his room and the bed I slept in looked out onto the landing (upstairs the stairs led to the middle of the landing, on the left was my parent's room and on the right was my brother's) with my head nearest the door. I was scared of the dark so the hallway light downstairs was on and the door was ajar.

I woke up in the middle of the night and looked out the door onto the landing and the staircase. A white light figure of a man walked up the stairs and onto the landing between my brother's room and my parent's room. I don't know how I know but it was like this figure turned and looked into mum and dad's room, then looked into my brother's room then walked straight forward out of my vision and I assume out the side of the house or something. I wasn't scared I just rolled over and went to sleep like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Okay, fast forwarding to when I was 13 nearly 14, we moved to Australia. When we moved to our new home in Australia I was always a little scared as I was convinced that our home was haunted. Mum just used to laugh it off and when a friend of the family who was a medium came through the house mum told me that the medium said she didn't feel anything. For the next couple of years I kept telling my mum that something was up with the house I just didn't know what it was. One night I woke up in the middle of the night and could hear the kettle boiling in the kitchen. When I went into the kitchen I saw that the kettle had been switched on to boil and had been going so long the plastic bottom part that contains the element and the kettle had melted altogether. Mum just ignored it, even though it was a mystery as to who would be boiling the kettle in the middle of the night?

Things started to escalate when I was about 17/18. Mum let it slip to my uncle who was visiting from New Zealand that the medium who had been through the house said that it was my grandad who popped in and out of the house and that he was just checking up on us. Since then mum has admitted it and I have finally understood what was going on so it doesn't scare me anymore. Shortly after this grandad made his presence much more known, but only to me, perhaps because I was the most 'open'.

At first it was weird little things like the ceiling fan turning on or off or the TV turning off. Then it was more obvious things like on dad's birthday I had the day off university so I was making him a ridiculously complicated cheesecake for his birthday. I was standing on one side of the kitchen mixing it all together when the kettle on the other side of the kitchen started boiling behind me. I flicked it off and said something like "Hey grandad, I know your just checking in on dad for his birthday."

In my bedroom the ceiling fan and light is operated with a remote control and when you turn the light off and on it makes a 'CCHH' sound. About 8 months ago I was in a pretty nasty relationship and whenever this man would stay at my house the light would turn off but it wouldn't make a sound. Well not so much the light would turn off, you would just suddenly realise that it was dark, like it was a gradual thing. This happened quite a few times and I recognised it for what it was, I think it was grandad's way of letting me know that he was around and didn't like this man. I should have paid attention ha-ha. This used to happen after we broke up when I would be lying in bed feeling a bit down about everything and for about two months I constantly felt that grandad was around its hard to explain.

During this period of time, I was out with a girlfriend of mine just driving around talking about what had happened. I was pretty devastated. This friend of mine has well; I'm not sure some sort of abilities. She has prophetic dreams and she just knows things and sees spirits. She turned around out of nowhere looked at me in the passenger seat and said "Laura has your grandad been hanging around lately because there is just this incredible feeling of calm coming from all around you today." Maybe he was with me during this difficult time.

Eventually I felt better and noticed that grandad hadn't visited for a while I thought it was pretty strange and I was sitting in the lounge talking to mum about it (I finally made her accept it ha-ha). I was sitting on the couch so I could see the front door in my peripheral vision and dad was outside. As we were talking about it I heard footsteps coming across the wooden veranda and just assumed it was dad because it sounded like dads footsteps and I saw a shadow about dad's height poke his head around the door. I looked at the door expecting to see dad but there was nothing there. I asked mum if she saw or heard anything but she didn't. I went out onto the veranda and dad was at the far end of the yard cleaning the pool. Mum was a bit freaked out and wanted to know what was going so I just said "Oh it just grandad come for a visit I suppose." According to my family members dad is the spitting image of grandad, perhaps this would account for why I thought it was him.

Since then things have settled down a lot. I haven't seen him since except for twice. I started dating again and he was over at my house late one night watching a movie, we were joking around and laughing and the light switched off. I turned it back on and shrugged it off. I know it was grandad letting me know he was here to check out this new man. A couple of nights later the same thing happened again, since then he hasn't been back and that was about a month and a half ago.

I think the grandad I never met is like a guardian angel for my whole family who likes to come back and check up on the son he never got to meet. Perhaps he just communicates through me?

Sorry this was bit long!

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lau123 (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-06)
Hi thanks for posting. Well as far as I'm aware no one in my family has experienced it, but I'm not so sure they would admit it haha. Mum is pretty accepting though even though she hasn't experienced anything, and I know that dad has asked mum privately if she really thinks that what I experience is his dad.
raingrl01 (5 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-03)
That is so sweet. Did your dad ever see your grandad? That would've been awesome if he did. Keep us posted of anymore sighting. Good luck! ❤
Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-31)
You have kept your grandfather's memory alive and seems like he is keeping tabs on your family. This is called a visiting spirit. One that isn't caught between worlds but can come and go in both dimensions when they see fit. Nothing to worry about. He's a good spirit with good intentions.

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