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Don't Know What To Think


My experiences with the paranormal are few. I'm not even sure if I could say I am having any. For a while now these "ghost encounter" as I like to call them has been going on. To tell the truth, I do not know if it is a real encounter or just my mind making it all up.

It began in the summer of 2009; I just recently turned 15 and after having surgery from an accident I had, my family and I moved into this cute little yellow house in Newberry. My family only stayed there for a year, not due to any paranormal experiences might I add. Only I seemed to be the one having them. I always loved listening of others paranormal activities and dreamed to be able to have one for myself, dreamed of being psychic or something paranormal. I thought from my first "experience" it was just my overactive imagination. You see, following a few months after I moved in I felt a presence always following me in that house, than I began to have these weird dreams. They were about this girl who something bad happened to by this serial killer who fell in love with her. They guy was her mother's boyfriend or somehow in close contact with her family through her family from what I could tell and he was about in his early thirties while she was in her early teens. The dream quickly sickened me but I was also drawn into it, needed it. It seemed almost familiar to me.

Soon after the dreams started there were weird noises where it seemed like people were walking all around me. Sometimes it looked like someone was standing outside my bedroom window. Then at night I began to sleep with the blankets pulled over my head, for the reason that I shared a room with my older sister who kept the bedroom to below freezing and could only sleep with the blankets over my head. About a week after doing this it felt like someone was standing over my bed, this feeling started regularly when soon enough I was positive I could hear someone breathing. However, as soon as I pulled the covers off, no one was there. The strange situation of these "experiences" was I felt comfortable with them, I was never scared, and also no one else had them. Then the blank outs started.

Soon enough items were turning up missing, quickly being found in my room, or electronic items would turn on by themselves. No one thought anything of it. By then I convinced myself it was all in my imagination and my dreams quickly became my fascination, quickly becoming into an obsessive. I began to write about them, typing them up in a story that was all mine, I became very protective of it. It was never hard for me to plug the missing pieces of my dreams into the book for it already felt like I had lived it. However, as soon as I began to write this "story" I began to have my fits of rage where I ended up screaming or cursing at someone. Only a few times have these fits ever became dangerous. I began to blank out at some of these moments or know exactly what I was doing but feel ashamed after wards. Then I began not to care, about me, about what I do, I seriously just wanted to die. I never told anyone of this and quickly diagnosed myself with depression, my fits of rage I thought were perfectly normal and just a symptom.

I still think this today since I still carry these same thoughts and feelings. I even thought these fits were just my immaturity; I was just some depressed, immature, teen, what else was new! Then I became bored and thought the house may be haunted from all my feelings, I wasn't even two percent sure that I was being haunted. I did a little investigation where ended up showing nothing, I wasn't the least bit surprised. Afterwards I began to have these strange increasing pains where either ended up being pack pains or side pains, the doctors never knew what it was, I really didn't care. To me the pain was bad but helped me feel something other than anger. Then everything just stopped and my family moved, never knowing, still not knowing, what I was going through (if I went through anything).

Now I am 16 and I am living in this small white house. I still miss the yellow one, crazy enough. The presence in that house I believed I was rid of when I moved out of the house and it is what I missed the most. However, I believed it followed me.

For the first few months in this house I tried to work on the story I began at the yellow house but was unable to, this white house was too calm for me and I still was depressed. The fits of rage went away for awhile and everything felt normal. Then everything began again. My writing exploded, the same story running in my head in many different ways. The familiar feeling came and I felt somewhat relieved but still felt emotions that I knew were not mine and only had when I was writing. Soon I thought it might be automatic writing I was "experiencing" or me remembering my past life, I still am not sure.

The "presence" in this house, I am not sure if it is the same as the last house and I still have the same theories of it not even being real. However, this time I am not the only one having them, but they still revolve around me. My sister and I still share a bedroom in the middle of the night we began to wake between 2 - 4 still do that today.

The first time this happened we heard something in the bathroom, like walking or hitting the walls in a gentle rhythmical matter. My sister was immediately terrified, me fascinated. We got up and checked around, nothing was in there. Everyone was sleeping and we knew it was not the animals since the bathroom door was closed and they lay peacefully on the couch. We both went to bed afterwards, my sister sleeping with the TV on being afraid as she was, me going immediately back to sleep.

Afterwards my mother said she could hear voices outside where there would be no one out there and she would go in the living room to check if her ears deceived her and we were in there. We were not, everyone was sound asleep, still, the previously locked and closed back door was open and the lights were on. We kids were blamed for that. A few weeks later I was in my living room, listening to some music when I looked towards my bookshelf, nothing being over there I felt some presence. I took one step and a book flew off right in front of my feet. I was amazed and quickly tried to reenact it so to debug it so to prove what was happening could not be accidental. I still cannot from this day. My friend came over somewhat later, being like me a ghost fanatic and supposedly living in a haunted house. Her and her younger brother believe themselves to be psychic and told me that I was somewhat gifted in that way also.

I soon thought I could feel and see auras but not exactly sure. That night the two of them spent the night at my place and we played Ouija board. Nothing spectacular or anything at all, happened in my bedroom so we played in the garage since it seemed spookier. Still, nothing happened. So, while they tried I left to get a drink. My friends said as soon as I left they heard something like a man growling or something like a mad man and they became frightened. Then they said the garage door made a banging sound and the key that sits on this box just flew off for no apparent reason. They ran out of that garage terrified.

To this day they believe a spirit, or a demon they believe and my depression symptoms are actually possession symptoms, is following me and wants me for some reason. They usually come back whenever they can so to see if we can catch any evidence.

About a week after this experience my sister spent the night at a friend's house, I was sleeping on her bed when I felt as if someone walked into my room, in fact I heard footsteps, very audible footsteps. Thinking it was my mom I opened my eyes angrily since she did interrupt my sleep and the addicting dreams I've been having every night since the yellow house. Nothing was there. I still heard the footsteps though but this time from outside, I looked out the window, same as before, nothing. I got up, scared now, and went into a kitchen, pulled out a knife, and slept with it under my pillow.

Ever since then nothing had really happened except for me and my sister strangely being awoken at the same exact time by nothing for any apparent reason. I still am not completely sure if these "experiences" are real or just some fantasy a teenage girl has created. Still, I just wanted to say it to someone, I'm tired of keeping it inside. I need to know what other people think.

By the way this IS all true, I can promise you that, everything I say (or type) right now is all my true experiences. Just please, don't think I am crazy and don't judge me too harshly.

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wanderer (6 stories) (71 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-11)
To me this sounds like deppression or maybe bipolar disorder. The manic highs where you are angry and obbseivley writeing and the lows where you don't do anything like that are really glaring symptoms. You really need to go to a doctor. I have bipolar, so these symptoms are all relly familiar.
Quembel (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-07)
To me the obssesive behaviour, fits of anger and odd dreams sound like symptoms of depression.
What really gives it away is the unexplained pains. At 15/16 I suffered from depression and I had awful unexplained pains. These are often seen as a physical manifstation of depression, your body letting you know something isn't right.
It could be that depression made you an easy target for the spirits, or the depression made you believe these things were there when they weren't.
t3h_h0bbitz (4 stories) (18 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-07)
Wow, that's quite a terrifying story. I've sensed a presence before but never heard footsteps.
Missmelanie04 (6 stories) (39 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-05)
The dream obsessions could have set off a chain reaction. It's really not healthy to get so enveloped in something to negative. Are you a Christian? If so I recommend strengthening your faith and also, I don't think it's a possession, more likely symptoms manifested from morbid curiosity and obsession with the macabre. The writing and all of that... It consumed you completely and probably did cause you to go into a state of depresssion, to the contrary, you could have had underlying depression and it took that to make it surface. Perhaps seeking a counselor or therapist to discuss this with would help. I'm not saying you're crazy at all. I just know how dreams can have a very powerful affect on the mind.
reneespring (148 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-05)
Why are you addicted to dreams that originally sickened you? I am not sure, but maybe the dreams/obsessions are a morbid fantasy. I don't know about the other happenings.
hauntedraven (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-05)
Sorry, I actually meant to write 2008 but was in a hurry because of my little brothers pestering.
dd2collin (5 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-05)
Your timeline is off, this is May 09, we have not got to the summer yet, do you mean 08? 😕
zoajet (2 stories) (276 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-05)
ok the feeling of some one following you may have been that girl in your dreams trying to send you messages for help through dreams. By you not paying attantion and writing about it, she may of became angry and filled you with anger also. Your anger, and depression brought the other spirits to you.

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