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I Think My House Is Haunted, I Don't Know What To Do Anymore Update


So to start off, thank you so much for everyone who replied to my last post. It honestly was extremely helpful.

After I read all the comments I went to my father and asked him about everything you guys said. He helped me pray over my room -etc-

For a while things started to calm down, I wasn't uneasy all of the time anymore and I could actually sleep without something waking me up but...

Some strange things are happening again, I'll give a little background before I go into it.

I have depression and anxiety so I'll go on a walk with my dog (yellow lab) every night and almost every morning to help my mood. Usually around 11pm and 4am. Nothing strange has ever happened. I'm always calm and not frightened at all. (I also live on farm land so basically all my neighbors have chickens or horses.)

But about two or three days ago I went at around 2:30 AM because I couldn't sleep. When I did, I was about half way down my road when all of a sudden my dog went crazy, she was barking at something in the middle of the street whilst I couldn't see anything but the road ahead of me. She has never gone crazy like that unless there are other dogs out.

After that, I decided to just head home. When I turned around and started walking, the horses my neighbors owned started going crazy as well, I looked back and checked on them.

They weren't there.

Once again, I start heading home when I turned around the neighbors dogs started barking and howling. But, not at me. They were all at the other side of the fence as if something was with them?

When I got home I just sat at my desk playing video games as per usual, I left my door cracked open this time though. It was about an hour later when all of a sudden I feel this extreme weight on my chest? I guess that's the right way to put it, but it got hard to breath. I looked over at my door and it was just complete darkness... When just a moment ago the hallway light was on... I stood up, went to my door and once I did, there was no weight on my chest and I could see the hallway light again.

Ever since that night, my dog has not left my side. She comes with me everywhere.

Yesterday I went into the kitchen to get some food (it was around midnight or 1AM) my dog was asleep so she didn't come to the kitchen until I made noise, when she walked down the hall and got into the living room, she wouldn't stop growling. I walked in there and once I did she turned to me and stopped growling.

Do you guys have any advice on this?

Because honestly I don't know if I'm just being paranoid or something is actually there.

I have one more thing before I end this.

About two weeks ago, I was in a call with some friends playing video games (etc) and I randomly just hear this breathing and the right side of my neck got hot like someone was breathing on it.

I also always have a fan on me because of my rooms messed up air conditioning but, every time I'm at my desk, I'll just feel the air stop pointing at me but not like the fan moved or stopped working, it didn't. It was like something was standing in front of it. And once again as soon as I stood up it worked again.

The breathing that I mentioned in my previous post also has gotten worse. I'll wake up to someone just breathing right next to me or I'll be watching a video and I'll hear an extremely loud breathing in my ear.

Okay, sorry this one is so long but, I tried to make it detailed this time.

Thank you

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-06)
It seems as though, whatever this thing is, it is somewhat intimidated by you as every time you stand up, it backs off. This sounds dumb but maybe it doesn't react to what you say because it doesn't understand the words? Maybe try standing up and putting meaning and emphasis into the tone of your voice and believe in your own power and strength when you do.

Definitely look into the history of your family's property. Sounds as though the previous owner was highly motivated to sell - that may have had nothing to do with any trait of the property (i.e. Perhaps they were moving to be near a sick family member and needed to be gone quickly) or maybe a cougar (or other predator) problem or bad memories... Or perhaps it was the property and reasons verging into the paranormal or events that may have left a paranormal imprint. Unfortunately, in a rural setting you don't get the close proximity that allows neighbors to know virtually everything that goes on but my in-laws live in a fairly rural setting and my mother-in-law still knows more than I would have expected about the folks that live around them so it might not be a waste of time to ask around.

Arizona has history enough to have sparked plenty of hauntings - do a few Google searches about your area but don't overlook the recent past. And... I am venturing into dicey territory here but, I have to throw it out there given the region... There is a lot of lore and other mention of alien encounters in the West - so extraterrestrial activity might be an avenue worth consideration.

Maybe an EMF detector might be a worthwhile purchase (you can get them on EBay and Amazon - they don't cost much). If you keep it near you, you could check for spikes when either you, your dog, or any other animal starts to act up. If there is a spike, then you can check around the immediate vicinity for a possible explanation (many common appliances give off considerable electromagnetic fields) or of there is nothing commonplace about, then you may well be dealing with a paranormal issue as both spirits and ETs are said to have an effect on electromagnetic fields. If, however, you and/or the animals begin to react and there is no EMF spike, then you may have a roaming cougar or some such predator causing havoc.

Stay confident in yourself and if you find strength and protection in your faith - keep your belief in that strong as well. Knowledge is power so research is good. Keep us posted, we're here for you ❤
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-05)
Hi KatieOuO, I would like o point out that I think that there might be other rational explanations to the phenomenon that you described, e.g. There might be a cougar / other wild animal that spooked the horses (or were they phantom horses? Sorry I couldn't tell) and your dog when you were out, a hot flash (they're not exclusive to menopausal women) when you felt someone near you.

However, in the event that you do have a case of demonic oppression going on, you could, as DeliverDawn suggested, ask it to go away, though I would add "in Jesus' name". Failing which I suggest you seek help from you nearest Christian pastor or priest. If it really is a case of demonic activity, remember never to consent (or give thought) to it, e.g. "Do you want to see me?" "Do you want to know who I am?" "Do you want me to reveal myself to you?" etc. This even if it is bothering / pestering you incessantly or piquing your curiosity.
Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
5 years ago (2018-11-03)
Hello KatieOuO,

As Heaven says, 'continue to do the cleansing and surround yourself with good vibes.'

I know it's difficult. I have a stubburn spirit who visits. I do the celeasing ritual more often now. It seems to be keeping him away.

Persevere with the cleasing, and don't stop telling him to leaving.

Stay safe
😘 ❤ 😘
KatieOuO (2 stories) (10 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-03)
Hi Haven,

I will definitely be sure to keep you guys posted on anything new that happens or if anything stops ^-^
And thank you <3
KatieOuO (2 stories) (10 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-03)
Hi there Twilight,

The only thing I know about my family's property is that the person that was selling the house was selling it for cheat and wanted to sell it quick.
I've never really looked into it though.
KatieOuO (2 stories) (10 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-03)
Hi DeliverDawn,

Yes I have. Whenever I hear or see anything out of the ordinary I will immediately demand it to go away
Whatever t is doesn't listen to me though.

With the shadows I was seeing, I didn't get frightened like that because I thought it was a ghost, I honestly don't know how to completely explain it but, when it walked into my room or down my parents hallway I just will get this extreme weight on my chest
And then once I don't see it anymore
It's like it left an energy or... Something?

Yes, that's correct ^~^
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-02)
Hi, KatieOuO -

So sorry to hear your going through this ordeal. You say you have depression and anxiety, I know first-hand that when you go through this you can attract negative energy. Your profile also says you're a teenager so that adds even more "extra energy". I wonder if what you are experiencing is poltergeist activity? I submitted a story about my own personal ordeal and I was given that advise. I looked into it and it makes a lot of sense, I have two teenagers at home.

I know you were given good advice on the last story you submitted, and you say that things started to calm down which shows it does work. The only advise I can give you is to continue to pray, continue to do the cleansing and surround yourself with good vibes. Try to keep your mind occupied, make plans for your future, for where you want to be. Make sure your house is full of light, play music, sing, dance. I hope you are getting help with your depression and anxiety, I have gone through that and know that it feels like your own personal hell. Just know that you can get through it.

I will keep you in my prayers. Please keep us posted.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (316 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-02)
There's no need to apologize for the length of your story. Personally I like to read longer submissions on here, as it normally means there's more details in it. I have the habit of writing a lot lol and have trouble trying to write what I'm saying, in short details. I read your first experience back when you submitted it, and saw that you got a lot of great advice from our members here, but unfortunately I wasn't able to read what all was said exactly. So I'm not sure if I'm asking something that has already been answered or not, but do you know the history of your place, as well as land, and the surrounding property around your land? I'm curious if there's something that may have happened in the past there. I did see our member Rook bring up the possibility of nature spirits being the issue, but I didn't get into the details that were said on that. I know for me, I stay on my family's property that's very huge, and in the woods, so I've had a good bit of odd experiences that has happened here, that I can't really explain. Unfortunately I don't know how to look into the history of my family's land, but I do know that before my family built here, it was nothing but woods. So as far as anyone ever actually living on our property, I'm not sure how possible that is, unless whoever camped out in our woods. I'm sorry I'm unable to really give you any helpful advice, and hope some other members here can be of better help in your situation. But I did enjoy reading about your experience, and hope that you'll be able to get answers soon, as well as feel comfortable in your home again.
DeliverDawn (5 stories) (45 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-02)
Hi KatieOuO,

This might sound like such a ridiculous question, but I'm going to ask it anyway: have you ever told the spirit/s to leave? Or have you been too scared to try to talk / command anything from them? Trust me, there's no shame in feeling fear here. I *completely* understand. But I'm mentioning this because it's possible that telling them to leave, to go back to where they come from, could work.

Here's an example of an account of how that could work:

Now, in your previous entry's comments you mentioned that you feel like every time a shadow person walks away from you, you feel like you've escaped a murderer. Do you think that fear comes from an internal place--as in, "Oh my gosh, this is a freaking ghost!"? Or do you feel like it comes from an external place--as in, the shadow person was emanating malicious energy?

If you honestly can't tell between the two, don't stress over it. If you can tell the difference, can you share which one you feel it is? It might give a little more insight.

One last thing, because I do want to make certain ^_^ At this point, you're saying that you no longer *see* any shadows / spirit / whatever at your home, but you do hear them, and your animals are acting weirdly. Is that right?

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