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I would like to share some stories experienced by myself and some family members.

When I was 11 or 12 I was sitting in my Grandad's house. He was trying to sell the house, so my dad and him were fixing the drive. The house seemed a bit empty. I can't remember if he had started moving stuff out, or whether it just felt empty since the death of my Nan, but it definitely had an empty feel to it. Anyway I was sitting in the lounge watching Neighbours. I remember it was the lunchtime showing (1.30pm I think) and I was the only person in the house. All of a sudden I had this weird feeling, like I wasn't alone. I looked to my right but there was nothing and no one there. I carried on watching tv, trying to ignore the feeling, but it got so strong and I was completely and utterly sure that someone was standing at the edge of the sofa, by the arm of it. I couldn't see anyone, but I could pin point exactly the spot I was sure someone was standing in.

They were watching me, I know it without a doubt. I sat there as long as I could, until it got too much. I ended up going outside and sitting on the doorstep for the rest of the day. It was so cold but I refused to go back in alone. I think it was my nan. I don't really understand why if it was I was so scared, but I'm thinking that well, firstly, I was the biggest wimp when I was a kid. Also I think it was the fact that I couldn't see what was there. The unseen has always been more frightening to me.

After that I never went anywhere in that house alone. If it was my nan then I feel bad for being such a wimp, but I was only a kid, and a very wimpy one at that. Now I realise that feeling freaked out in an empty house is not unusual, but this is a house I'd practically grown up in. We spent every weekend, every holidays and a lot of nights after school there and not once had I felt uncomfortable, so to feel like that, and for it to be so overwhelming and sudden that I cannot believe it was just me being a silly child.

This next experience involves my dad and Aunt. My dad took her for an interview. It was at a big manor house. He pulled up and he said there was a big wall going all the way around the property with a gate, which was quite a ways away from where they parked. They were early so they sat there for a while. All of a sudden an old man appeared to the side of the car. He walked past the back of the car. They turned round expecting to see him walking away but he was nowhere to be seen, and there was nowhere he could have gone. He simply disappeared.

My Aunt (the one mentioned above) has 3 sons, the youngest was young at the time. I can't remember exactly how old, but he was just babbling in baby talk and could only say a few words. Not having any kids I really have no idea when they start talking. Anyway to the story, my Aunt was taking flowers to my Nan's (mentioned in the first story) grave, she took the 3 boys with her, the littlest was in a pram. They walked through the old part of the grave yard, which is quite creepy and through to the new part, which is where my nan is buried and is nice and bright. As they came into the newer part, my youngest cousin started babbling away in baby talk, and then he started saying the name Ted, which was a bit strange. He waved like he was talking to someone.

My Aunt carried on walking and he stopped. Coming back from my Nan's grave he did exactly the same thing at the same spot. All of a sudden he started babbling away to Ted again and he seemed happy. My 2 other cousins being the biggest wimps on the planet got all scared and wanted to leave, so they went. They went down again about 2 weeks later, and again at exactly the same spot he started talking to Ted, and waving and giggling. My sister was with them this time. She said she was quite freaked out. My Aunt wasn't freaked, just intrigued. It went on for a long time. Over a year I think, in always the same spot and only ever at that spot in the graveyard would my little cousin talk to Ted. When we asked him who Ted was on several occasions he didn't know.

My last story involves my dad again. He started working for a furniture company, so he works in big workshops. In one workshop which he works in fairly often, there is a door where you come in from outside. This door has wood piled up infront of it, so when someone walks into the building, you see the door open, then the top of someone's head as they walk to get round the wood, and then they come round the corner. Well it started when my dad noticed that the door would open, you'd see the top of someone's head as they walked round, but they never came round the corner. The door never opened again, so no one went back out. This happened quite a few times. Eventually he mentioned it to a work mate, who said he'd seen the same. Eventually (and I mean years later) other stuff started to happen. My dad walked into the office to find one of the office chairs spinning round, only my dad had been outside the office for quite some time, and no one had been in there. If anyone walked down the stairs they'd feel like someone was right behind, so most people ran if they had to use the stairs.

One morning one of the guys got in really early. They all start early. My dad leaves at 6am every day, but this guy got in before 5am. Apparently the workshop is usually opened by the lorry drivers, but he got there before they even did. So he opened up, walked across the room to switch the light on, and just as he went to switch the light on someone shouted right in his ear. He quickly turned the light on, spun around and there was no one there. It couldn't have been someone playing a trick because no one could run that fast. It wasn't possible. Plus he would have heard them. Next my dad was in the warehouse. He saw someone walk across the room towards the office. For some reason he decided to follow. He walked into the office to find a work mate in there. He said to him, thank god its you. I thought our friend was visiting again. His work mate said, what do you mean? My dad said, well I saw someone walk towards the office, followed and found you here. His reply was, I've been here for at least 20 minutes mate... So that freaked my dad out a bit.

After that my dad actually saw it. He was again in the Workshop and he was working on something with his back to the room when he had the feeling that someone was behind him. He turned around to find the ghost standing right infront of him, probably about 2 metres away. He said he looked a bit like a fuzzy tv screen. He wasn't clear, but he could see that it was a man, although his features weren't all that clear. I said, what did you do, thinking my brave dad would perhaps try to communicate. HE RAN, yep my fearless, tough strong dad, ran away like a little girl. To be fair though, I think most would. Now his ghostly friend has started calling my dad's name, then after a while started calling another of the guy's names. This still happens now from time to time, although my dad hasn't actually seen him in quite some time.

I really think this ghost likes my dad. He's never been unfriendly and my dad has had the most experiences with it. I think maybe its just taken a liking to my dad. I can't say the feeling is completely mutual, but they are used to it because its been going on for so many years. My dad's had more encounters with it than I have related above, because I honestly can't remember them all. They are the main incidents. I wouldn't say my dad is sensitive, or psychic or anything like that. Apart from the old man, the work ghost and our dead cat, he hasn't seen anything. I do believe that some of us can see these things and some of us can't. I can't and I'm quite happy with that. I have no desire to see anything. He's worked at this company for about 15 years now and has seen this ghost many times. He says months and months can pass and they won't hear or see a thing, then they will have a week or two where they have several incidences.

This leads me to believe that the ghost comes in visitations, and I believe that it's a spirit probably connected to the company that pops back in from time to time to check up on things. The one thing that makes me laugh is that on all the occasions my dad has mentioned this ghost, he's never actually said the word ghost. He's always been a non believer, and so while he will relate to us what he has seen and heard, he will not actually say it's a ghost. Perhaps he thinks admitting to it and really believing in it will open him up to more of the unknown.

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moonshadow (3 stories) (146 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-25)
great story whoever the ghost is must of really liked working there assuming he did work there if he keeps coming back in visitation all the time. He certainley seems to be friendly I wonder if it was someone who died on the premises, Id really love to go there and take some photos and see what would show up or better still see the ghost for real
I enjoyed those stories you explain everything really well take care...
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-31)
Just a thought, but if babies can see ghosts, then perhaps an opthamologist can come up with glasses that reproduce a babies sight in adults.

Perhaps some automatic writing would come in handy if you ever go to your dad's work place.
Sevenwaters (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-29)
Yeh the ghost is still around my dad at work, I think mainly now it likes to call my dads name. Perhaps he's just trying to make friends with him. He definitely doesn't mean them any harm. I would love to go there and see if I hear or see anything, but as my dad says months can go by with no sign of it, so chances are I wouldn't see anything. Still because the haunting has been going on for 15 years, I'm convinced that its a friendly ghost and I don't feel scared at the thought of doing abit of ghost hunting. Perhaps one day my dad will let me go and have a look around.:)
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-28)
wow, interesting story, I really like that story. Your daddy see this ghost wow and your nan I am sorry for your loss, of course your cousin as a child can see things that we can't see same with animals.

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