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A Few Experiences In My House


Just to be clear, these are experiences I have heard from my parents, family members, and friends. I have never seen any ghosts in my home, but that doesn't mean I couldn't sense them. This might be a tad bit long so I shall apologize if it is.

First Experience: This was apparently my mother's first encounter and it happened around 12-3 a.m. My mother has insomnia so she can only sleep for 3-4 hours, sometimes shorter. Anyway, she was in the hallway around this time while I was sleeping in my crib (I was one at this time). She told me she felt a sudden presence and she decided to turn around to see what it was. She had seen a black figure an inch or two taller than her dart right through her and into my room. She had thought her eyes were playing tricks on her, but right when the figure came into my room, I started to scream and cry. My mom came in to calm me down, and took me out of the room for a few moments.

Fast forward a few years later, when I was four years old. My friends and I were having a sleepover at my home, and my mom told us to go to sleep. We didn't, and a few hours later, at 10 p.m., my friend's younger sister (let's call her L) had to go to the restroom. It was pitch dark in the hallway and she was scared, but her sister (let's call the older sister K) and I told her to go on her own. She was in there for a long time, and at the time K and I were drifting into sleep, we heard the bathroom door open a little bit, heard a gasp, and the door slammed closed. A few moments later, the door this time slammed open, slammed closed, and L sprinted into my room. We both asked what was wrong, but she was silent and rammed into her sleeping bag. She was silent about it until a year ago, when she said she had seen a girl about her age and a little boy race across the hallway into the living room. That sent me and K chills down our spine, and we decided to drop the subject.

This one is a more shorter experience. My mother, at the time, decided to go hang outside with my dog Toby and just relax. Not even more than five minutes later, she saw Toby growl and bark in front of the bathroom window. She looked his direction and had seen two shadows. One was a tiny a plump person, and the other was slim and tall.

I, personally, since I was a young age, always had my face turned away from the bathroom. I don't remember even once looking into the bathroom, no matter if it was night or day outside. I had always felt a dark and scary presence in there, and the feeling stayed there until the day my parents and I moved out of the house.

Again, I apologize if this was long. I will tell more in the future.

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DarkRose01 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-27)
I've actually tried to look up the history, but it's been almost five years since I've seen that house, and every time I look it up, it shows no history whatsoever of the house. And I knew that they were residual ever since last year when L told me some events that had gone on while she was visiting, but what I meant about the bathroom was that the aura around it just didn't feel right. It was very negative, and had a very eerie and angry feeling. Every time I at least tried to glance over to it, it would feel as if someone is staring at me and was going to hurt me if glanced over.
elnoraemily (guest)
10 years ago (2014-09-24)
I agree with doing some research on the house and the area. It couldn't hurt.
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-23)
I don't think they're evil, I think you have a residential haunting. Meaning that the energy, ghosts, whatever is just going on about their lives as if they are alive. Maybe they don't know they're dead? Do some research of the home/property and let us know what you dig up!

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