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Few Experiences With Animals Ghosts


So, I am 27 years old and I have seen things since I am 11. At least that I am conscious of it. My mother told me, after I reported to her what I have been seen, that I used to play with her brother, my uncle, as a baby, he died before she married my father. She used to see me playing alone, but seemed that someone was playing with me. She said that I knew things that I could not know unless she had told me. She believes my uncle told me.

I always know when it is a ghost, they always looks like shadows and/or disappears in fractions of seconds. Mostly I see animals, rarely people. I see them anywhere, home, college, my father's home, my grandparents' home, friends' home... Here I bring a few of the stories that happened to me, related to animals, that I can recall better.

The first ghost I saw was a dog that I loved a lot and she died almost a year before. I was in the kitchen making a sandwich and the portal to the living room was in the middle of it, so when I crossed from one side to the other of the kitchen, I passed right on the side of the portal and looked to the other room. She was lying down, as sleeping, looking away from me. The next week my sister saw her too when getting out the bathroom after taking a bath.

I have seen many dogs. However, few I could identify the dog. Once I saw a dog walk around the hallway back and forward one afternoon, when I described the dog to my mother, she said it looked like a dog she had as a child, my grandmother showed me a picture of the dog and was very similar to the one I saw. Other time, I saw a dog hiding behind my car in my father's garden, I knew the dog because I met him alive, later my stepmother told me that the spot I saw him was where he died weeks before. Years later, I saw him again with another one running around me, my sister and my baby brother when we were playing in the playground in my father's garden.

There was one time I saw a cat, my sister and me were at her friend home and were telling ghost stories, and then I saw a cat walking in their room next door. I told them and my sister's friend said to her sister "OMG, sis! The cat you had years ago as a kid!". They had a poodle and I had no idea they had a cat once.

The strangest one was when I was working late and saw a white rat running in the room. I told my friend who was there and could see things too. He thought it was strange, but changed his mind when weeks later he saw the white rat too.

Thank you for reading.

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tehblackcat (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-04)
Bibliothecarius, yes, I used to do research work in the zoology department at the university for my master degree and I saw it during a experiment. But it is strange because the labs that use white mouses are in other building, which would be the genetic, cytology, physiology and related areas research building. They do not have mouse dissection lessons in the building I worked.

I used to have a lab mouse that was rescued from a dengue research team there. The project that used her to feed the mosquitoes had finished and she had no more use to them. I cared for her for about 6 months until she died at age 2. But she was alive at the time we saw little ghost.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-31)
Maybe the white rat was someone's pet that escaped and wound up in the building - maybe it was a ghost because it couldn't survive for long out on its own. Or maybe as people often appear looking grayish as apparitions, maybe the rat just looked white.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-30)
Greetings, tehblackcat, and Welcome to YGS.

This is going to sound a little odd, but do you work in a University Science Department, a Medical Research Facility, or something similar? While there are white rats which occur in nature (i.e.: albino rats), the majority of white rats are bred for science and medical research. There are also white rats that people keep/breed as pets.

Rats are highly intelligent rodents, with some amazing physical attributes which enable them to survive under extraordinary circumstances, but albino rats do not usually survive for long in the natural world because they don't blend in with anything. A brown or a black rat has a chance of being unobserved by a predator if it stays very still under a bush, for example, but a white rat will still be visible because of the lack of pigmentation in its skin & fur.

I enjoyed reading about the pets which return to their homes to nap, to wander about, and to play (even with other ghost dogs!). The matter-of-fact snippets of detail do read as absolutely truthful accounts of what you have witnessed, and I believe your ability. However, I'm really stumped about why a **white** rat would be haunting a workspace. If my initial guesses about your employer are correct, just indicate that I'm on the right track WITHOUT naming your employer or providing unnecessary information to strangers over the internet. If, on the other hand, you've got a job doing something else entirely (like "Accountant" or "Police Officer"), was the building used for some other purpose before your employer moved into it?

Thanks for the interesting narrative, and please respond soon.


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