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A Few Happenings


Each story of mine is only a brief explanation long so I'm putting them together; I'm wishing for more frequent and longer experiences, though!

The first happened a few years back. My younger sister and I were sitting on our back patio listening to music and relaxing while my parents were at the other end of the house in the garage. In the middle of our house is a long hallway with the laundry room. I should add now, I personally believe each encounter I'm about to share has something to do with my grandfather that passed away five years ago.

While outside, I would make frequent trips into the house to grab something to drink or snack on, and I never saw my parents come inside the house, or anywhere near the laundry room. It was around ten at night and we came inside to get ready for bed; I made a trip into the laundry room to grab my clothes that had finished drying. Pooled on top of the washing machine, dripping down the front of it, was blue soap. I thought nothing of it, just that the soap container had fallen and spilled. Except then I noticed the position in which the container was sitting: upright, on top of the laundry machine, next to the spot the soap was pooling. I picked up the container and went to set it back on the wooden shelf where it stays and noticed there was soap on the self, as well. It looked as though someone had intentionally grabbed the soap container, poured it onto the shelf and the top of the washing machine, then set the container down, standing upright, on top of the machine.

The next happened almost a year ago, on my nineteenth birthday. The night before the official day was a full moon in my sun sign, Sagittarius. I'd wanted to spend it outside under the moonlight, and while doing so I couldn't help but think about my grandfather, and the experience my aunt Amanda said she had regarding his ghost.

I'm not going to try and recite her story word for word because it isn't mine and I didn't see it for myself, but she did mention my grandfather going outside and pointing at the sky after having looked into the telescope we kept close to the backdoor. After some reflection on her story, I chanced a look up at the sky and at that moment saw a shooting star. Nothing paranormal, granted, and this story might not have any paranormal elements at all, but I'll leave that up to you to decide. Personally, I have no relative explanation for what happened.

After the shooting star, I began to make my way inside as it was around midnight. Just then, I began to hear what sounded like cheerful fair music. This is the bit I can't explain. I live in the countryside, my home is completely surrounded by thick forest. The direction in which the sound was coming from, was a particularly dense portion of forest, the only thing on the other side being the home of an old farmer. I walked closer to the sound, but it didn't fade away, or get louder. It went on for about three minutes, then stopped abruptly. I should add my birthday is considerably close to Christmas, which could potentially explain the cheerful music, but doesn't explain the odd time and placing for it.

The final experience I have to share, so far, is something that happened about a month ago. It was around eight in the evening and I was sitting on my couch reading while the tv played in the background. The remote was sitting next to me, on the other cushion, not being touched. Suddenly, the tv went black as it changed channels. I looked at the remote, which was still untouched on the cushion next to me, in plain sight. I watched as the tv switched to a channel that plays music and thought maybe one of my family members was trying to frighten me. I turned around and looked behind the couch, peeked into the hallway, called for them, but there was absolutely no one there. My sister came from inside of her room asking what I needed while we both watched as my parents came inside from the garage. I thought it best not to mention this to anyone, but as I sat back down and grabbed the remote to try and switch it back to the original channel, I became intrigued. I'd wanted to hear what the music was, so I pressed the volume button to turn it up. The volume raised about two notches before the remote stopped working in my hand. I stared at the tv in confusion as the volume bar began decreasing; remote in my hand, no buttons being pressed, tv in front of me, no one manually pressing buttons, all family members accounted for. My sister took notice of what was going on and the volume decreased to zero. Once again, I began to try my luck with the remote, to turn the volume up, or switch the channel, and it still wasn't working. The remote wasn't dead as we soon found out; about five minutes later it began working again as if nothing happened. We were all a bit unsettled so we didn't speak further on the matter and went to bed soon after. A week ago my curiosity got the better of me and I scrolled through our tv guide to track down the music channel. I found it, had a listen, and was further amazed when my grandmother heard the music and stated that it was exactly what my grandfather loved to listen to.

I hope you enjoyed these experiences as I did; they're curious and some even touching to my heart. I hope and look forward to more experiences to share here!

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robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (33 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-02)
Hi Ember,
What a heart warming story. The liquid soap story was most intriguing, I wonder if it could simply fall in the category of 'attention getting'?
RCRuskin (9 stories) (777 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-02)
Greetings, Sparrow.

I just want to focus on the remote for a bit, though I may comment on the other stuff later. A couple of ideas:

1. My dad has gotten skilled at bouncing his remote off many things, even off multiple walls, which makes me wonder if your TV was picking up someone else's remote. I made a similar comment on another story, forget which exactly.

2. I wonder if your remote was malfunctioning, sending commands to the TV because of a short making it detect buttons being pressed even though you're not actually pressing any.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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