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Little Nephew And George


This again takes place in my family's 108 year old Victorian mansion. Creepy things have happened through my three year stay in my house. To understand the story, here is a little bit of background.

When the as my mother calls them "the unseen" started to become a annoyance my mom went to the public library to look up who owned our house before us. She came back with a list and some very interesting information.

We are the fifth family to own the house, before us was a newly married couple with two kids, before them was a doctor who turned the two living rooms into a doctors office, before him was daughter and her sister original owners of the house, and finally the original owners.

The owners name was George Lupis. All we know is that he died twelve years after the structure was built and his wife died only six years after the house was built. My two older sisters and I think that the wife died in the house, but my mother is skeptical.

Anyway, when my nephew was almost two he had his own bedroom (because the house is big enough) and he was able to run and talks like a four year old. (Most people ask my sister if he is four, or tell her that he is short for his age)

He would not sleep in his room for the longest time; he would cry or tell my sister that he is scared. He wouldn't tell us what he was scared of. He kept saying "Mean man" or "If I tell he will get me".

Finally my mother had gotten him to tell us what was wrong in his room. She asked him "Who's trying to get you?" He would reply "A mean man"

"What color is he?"


"Do you know his name?"

He stopped and stared at the wall in the kitchen for a minute or two then replied "George"

My mother and sister looked at each other. I didn't get it until my mom shooed my nephew into the living room to go watch SpongeBob while we talked. Then she filled me in that George or George Lupis was the builder and original owner of the house.

After his second birthday he seemed to have no problem with the room, but lately he had been waking up in the middle of the night crying his eyes out saying a monster is going to get him.

I'm a little bit worried for his safety in the room, but my mother refuses to believe that the "Unseen" are going to harm us; they just seem to be an annoyance.

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ghostfox96 (1 stories) (25 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-05)
the same thing happened in my family although we couldn't find any information regarding the history of our house. Our "guests" didn't seem to present a threat to us but it did scare the younger members of my family and friends.

I'm glad your nephew is no longer bothered by them. ❤ ~ ❤
Mercury_Lyn (5 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-29)
Thank you for your advice. My nephew seems to be fine now, I think he doesn't see them anymore.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-28)
I do not believe there is anything to worry about in the room.

We must remember that children are often more susceptable to paranormal activity than adults and I believe that is what is occuring with your nephew. I believe George (or whoever it may be) is there, however the older members of your family can not see them.

You can tell him to leave. Tell him he is not welcome there as he frightens your nephew and he needs to cross over to find his own peace. Tell him to leave in the name of the Lord.

Place a cross in the rooms of the home, especially your nephews bed room and the other bed rooms. Say the Lords prayer and ask him to leave.

The important thing is to akeback the fear. If this individual that your nephew is seeing is dark, the fear may feed his ability to manifest and hang around.

If tese suggestions do not work with your beliefs, seek spritital guidance that does follow your beliefs.

Keep us posted!

God Bless!
banditadi (13 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-28)
I am suprised you still let your nephew sleep in that room... Move him out of that room... The concerned entity does not seen to be friendly in any way... Such encounters can leave a bad mental scar on your nephew... The thing can destroy his childhood... Dealing with the entity is secondary... Your first priority must be moving the kid out of that cursed room... Hope you acknowledge

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